Leather wedding


It is customary to celebrate a leather wedding after three years of marriage together. This wedding anniversary is called so because the couple should by this time feel good each other, figuratively speaking, the skin itself.

The family for this wedding anniversary has become stronger, but still subject to change, the relationship is still not settled and flexible, like skin. Leather - the material is already much stronger than paper and chintz, is not it? So your family relationships are becoming stronger, stronger. You become more flexible (like skin) - you do not react so sharply to each other's wishes, respect the choice of your beloved or beloved. And it is beautiful!

Leather wedding

Skin can be dyed in any color. Also, the color of family relationships depends on how you color them yourself. Also in life - if your relationship is painted only in bright and pleasant colors, then you will live a happy family life, and so that it lasts as long as possible, do not forget to “polish” your feelings to shine!

Leather Wedding Traditions

Before the wedding anniversary, it’s better to pay all debts, throw away all the broken dishes and just ask each other for forgiveness for everything that the husband and wife could offend each other over the past year.

According to tradition, a couple should put on leather clothes that day. A wife can wear a leather skirt or pants, and a husband can wear a vest. Leather accessories are also suitable: bags, bracelets, wallets, etc..

Couple in leather clothes

As usual, on the day of the leather wedding, a loaf of rye bread was necessarily put on the table, from which the couple had to break a small piece and eat it in front of everyone present.

The huge importance of rye bread as the main, main element of the ritual is found not only among Christians, but also among many peoples of the North, Argentina and among the peoples of Central and Southeast Europe. The very first treat at the celebration of a leather wedding is the “bread soup”, which is prepared quite simply: rye bread crumbles into the meat broth. This soup symbolized, according to ancient beliefs, the close relationship of spouses with friends and relatives.

Instead of "bread soup" on this wedding anniversary a married couple can eat a red apple or any other red fruit in the presence of guests and all relatives.

Leather Wedding Greetings

On this anniversary, guests congratulate the couple, wish them happiness, health and success. How to please a married couple for a leather wedding - verses or prose - you decide. You can find many beautiful and original congratulations here:

What to present for a leather wedding?

A wife on a leather wedding anniversary can give her husband a leather belt, boots or wallet, and a husband can give a leather shoes, gloves or bag to his wife.

Leather wallet

In olden times, wealthy parents gave their children leather sofas and armchairs for their three-year wedding anniversary..

On such a wedding anniversary should go to visit with gifts made of genuine leather:

  • belts,
  • gloves,
  • bags,
  • wallets,
  • leather slippers as a symbol of home comfort,
  • a picture of pieces of leather,
  • a suitcase hinting at a romantic trip.

Leather cake

Such gifts for a leather wedding will delight a married couple, the main thing is to know their preferences in advance.

Leather photo album

A leather wedding is a wonderful wedding anniversary. A year will pass, and after the leather wedding you will already celebrate linen (wax) wedding.