Chintz wedding


One year after wedding day (green wedding) a chintz (gauze) wedding is celebrated. This name came to us from antiquity, it is associated with certain traditions associated with marriage and family life..

As you know, chintz is a very thin fabric. So, married life one year after the wedding was associated with this material. The first year will live, the young people get to know each other better, overcome the first family difficulties, encounter everyday life and the difficult life of family relationships.

Chintz wedding

Love has not cooled down yet and has not lost its bright colors, but the relationship is very fragile and shaky. Even the smallest storm in the ocean of conjugal passions can break, destroy, extinguish this weak, flaring light of the family hearth of a young family. This first wedding anniversary of marriage is celebrated a year after the green wedding. This wedding anniversary is called so because it marks the transition from bright colors of the honeymoon to the everyday life of family life, so to speak, chintz simplicity.

First wedding anniversary

A year after the wedding, it is customary to open one of the two bundled bottles of champagne that were presented to the young on their wedding day (the second bottle, as usual, opens for birth in the first-born family). Witnesses and best friends, as well as parents, are required to attend the chintz wedding..

For a banquet dedicated to the first anniversary, be sure to use chintz elements - tablecloths, scarves, napkins, etc. Previously, the young wife herself embroidered stunning color patterns on chintz tablecloths, now you can simply decorate the table with fresh flowers.

Printed Cotton Celebration

Calico Wedding Traditions

On this day, the couple should tie knots on a cotton scarf, saying: “As the knots we tied are strong, so are our words. Like the wind, a reveler in a field will wake a cornfield, so joy and happiness will forever be with us. ” Tie knots should be diagonally opposite each other. It is believed that these words hold together the feelings of the spouses for their entire subsequent life. After such a rite, the handkerchief must be hidden in a secluded place where it should be kept all life together.

Calico Wedding Traditions

This shawl contains magical power that holds the young family together, makes it strong and strong, fills the spouses with feelings.

Calico Wedding: Congratulations

On the chintz wedding day, guests congratulate the young on their first anniversary. The emphasis in congratulations should be on the fact that the first year has passed, and a happy family life awaits them. You will find many interesting and original congratulations here:

Chintz wedding: what to give?

For a chintz wedding, a young couple should be presented with all kinds of chintz (in extreme cases, cotton) items and items:

  • dresses and shirts,
  • the curtains,
  • hooks and towels,
  • linens,
  • napkins,
  • handkerchiefs,
  • crafts toys, etc..

Iryushki as a gift

Parents of spouses usually give diapers and sliders, hinting at continuation of a sort. Spouses have long since given chintz handkerchiefs to each other on this wedding anniversary. Especially touching and beautiful is the handkerchief that the bride herself embroidered. You can also give each other gifts that symbolize their love - paired toys (e.g. bunnies, hearts, etc.), or even give your husband a cotton shirt, and a sundress for your wife.

Embroidery as a gift to the groom
Reader's Wedding Present

A cotton print - the first wedding anniversary - is a wonderful celebration for a young couple who is ready to keep the fire of their love for many, many more years. And a year after the chintz wedding, they will celebrate their paper wedding!