15 years since the wedding - crystal wedding, glass wedding


Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary - Crystal Wedding. This wedding anniversary is the personification of purity and clarity of family relationships, the cloudless happiness of two loving people.

Why the symbolic material of the fifteenth wedding anniversaries glass and crystal were chosen? They are beautiful, transparent and, unfortunately, as fragile as love and marital understanding..

Crystal wedding

Family happiness is very easy to break, like a glass goblet. Therefore, it should be protected, take care of the preservation of heat, purity and tenderness of the relationship. Spouses should always remember that breaking a marriage with a rash act or just a rude word is as easy as breaking an expensive family vase with a careless move!

Crystal is a transparent, clean and surprisingly sonorous material, it is much stronger than glass, so spouses who lived together before the fifteenth wedding anniversary can boast of their strong family and love. Spouses learned to value and protect each other, together solve any problems and enjoy their success!

But still, do not forget that the crystal is breaking, so you need to handle family happiness, as before, carefully and gently, trying to constantly strengthen family relationships.

Crystal Wedding Traditions

Fifteen years is a significant date that requires an appropriate celebration in honor of which guests are invited. These are the witnesses of the marriage, and the best friends, and relatives. Children should certainly be present on the anniversary of the fifteenth anniversary of marriage - as a symbol of continuing life, joy and family happiness.

When setting the festive table, try to use glassware, crystal glasses should be an obligatory attribute of this wedding anniversary (it is desirable that these be your wedding glasses). It’s great if you can decorate the room with glass decorative elements - candlesticks, figurines, vases, etc..

Festive table decor
Candlesticks in the decor

Crystal Wedding Greetings

A crystal (glass) wedding is a wonderful anniversary in which guests wish the spouses only the best. You will find many beautiful and original congratulations in verses and prose here:

What to present for a crystal wedding?

Gifts for this wedding anniversary will be various crystal items that are presented as a sign that the relationship between spouses should be transparent and clean, like crystal. It can be:

  • wine glasses,
  • crystal vases,
  • wine glasses,
  • tea sets,
  • salad bowls,
  • serving dishes,
  • vases for sweets and fruits.

Gift set
Crystal glasses
Round flower vase

Glass figurines depicting human figures, animals and flowers, as well as other glass souvenirs, are also excellent gifts for the fifteenth wedding anniversary. They are given as a sign that relations between spouses should be clean, like a glass. Glass gifts with individual engraving will look very original: wishes in verses or just warm words. This will give gifts a special exclusivity and originality..

Crystal Souvenirs
Crystal Wedding Souvenirs

A husband can give his wife beautiful decorative elements (a vase, a figurine, a casket) made of glass or crystal, and a wife can give her husband a frame for a joint photo or an original figurine. In addition, spouses can give each other a gift of perfume in a glass package or an expensive elite drink in a beautiful glass bottle.

Crystal box to his wife
Gift photo frame

After a crystal wedding, usually only round dates are celebrated. And the next holiday is china wedding.