11 years - steel wedding


The eleventh wedding anniversary is a steel wedding. By this wedding holiday, family ties should be so strong that they can’t be broken by anything, and spouses should have a good house, household and children.

Having lived together for eleven years, you not only understand and value each other, you have proved that this marriage became like steel, became strong, like this durable material.

Steel is ferrous metal, but with a certain treatment it becomes brilliant, mirror-like. So is your family, having lived until the eleventh wedding anniversaries, passing through the thunderstorms of life's problems, joy, love and time, became like steel, sparkling and shiny.

Invite to this wedding anniversary those who are truly dear to you, with whom you are ready to share your happiness and problems. Their presence will make the celebration of the eleventh wedding anniversary a real celebration of love. And, of course, children must certainly be present at this wedding anniversary, because they are an update, the transfer of experience from one generation to another.

Steel wedding

Steel Wedding Traditions

According to tradition, an apartment (house) should be renovated for a steel wedding in order to cross this important 11-year milestone already in a renewed housing, where you will spend many more years together. If you do not plan to repair, then you can just make a small change or buy new furniture and home decoration.

An interesting tradition for a steel wedding is the following: husband and wife exchange valuable things as a sign of immense trust in each other.

There was also such a ceremony of initiation of spouses. Early in the morning, the couple went out to the lake or river and plunged into the water (if it was warm outside). They should have been in water for at least 10 minutes, as a sign that they are already entering the second decade of their life together. After that, the couple put on clean white clothes. If the celebration of the anniversary falls on winter or autumn, then they simply carried out the ritual bathing.

There was another beautiful ritual for a steel wedding. Over the door of their house, the couple hung a steel horseshoe. Early in the morning they got up, carried the horseshoe into the street and held it together in the sun, asking the sun to give them light and warmth. After that, the couple nailed the horseshoe to the wall of their house, as a symbol and preserved their love and happiness.

Horseshoe for good luck

Steel Wedding Greetings

A steel wedding is an excellent occasion to wish the spouses happiness, health and longevity. You will find many beautiful congratulations on your steel wedding here:

What to give for a steel wedding?

As a gift for this wedding anniversary, it is best to give spouses steel products:

  • decoration,
  • candle holders,
  • the dishes,
  • frames and paintings,
  • interior items.

Gift for a steel wedding
Steel candlestick
Steel photo frame

You can also make an original gift, the color of which will contain a steel shade, such as a tea or coffee service, a set of glasses or pans, a tray. You can also give equipment. And do not forget about colorful packaging, because packaging is half the present.

Coffee maker as a gift

A flask or a hookah (if he is a lover of this oriental attribute) will become an original gift for her husband on his anniversary. You can present jewelry and beautiful little things (earrings, pendants, rings, caskets, etc.) to your wife. A bouquet of steel roses looks cute and touching.

Flask to husband
Damask rings
Steel flower

And a new wedding anniversary follows the steel wedding - nickel wedding.