45 years since the wedding - sapphire wedding


After forty-five years of family life, the couple celebrate the wedding anniversary - sapphire wedding. To live together for so many years without losing love and tenderness is a truly precious thing. This is largely due to the name of this wedding anniversary.

Sapphire wedding

Sapphire is a stone with the ability to eliminate the effects of stress. Of course, for people of advanced age it will not be superfluous. In addition, star sapphire brings good luck in all endeavors. It was previously believed that sapphire can free a person from imprisonment by opening the doors of dungeons. Most likely, this belief was based on the fact that this stone has really huge positive energy.

How did this wedding anniversary get such a beautiful name? Perhaps people, calling the day of the forty-fifth anniversary of marriage together a sapphire wedding, wanted to emphasize that living together for 45 years is as valuable as forty, but this is something completely different, the relationship between the spouses is painted in a different, more relaxed color. They become sky-clear like sapphire. It’s just as pleasant to look at them as at this magnificent stone.

Sapphire wedding

Guests at this wedding anniversary are most often especially close and dear people and relatives. The reason for this is largely because people who have lived together for forty-five years usually already have children and grandchildren. And for them, family and children become the most important thing in the world. In addition, a circle of truly true friends is identified with whom it is pleasant to celebrate such an important celebration.

Sapphire wedding traditions

The main tradition that is followed on this wedding anniversary is the decoration of wedding rings with sapphire or the replacement of wedding rings with rings with this delightful stone..

Sapphire ring

The decoration of the festive premises is usually maintained in blue and its shades. Blue and blue should prevail not only in the outfits of the heroes of the occasion, but also in the decoration of tables and the hall: tablecloths, dishes, napkins, curtains on windows - all elements must correspond to the sapphire theme.

Sapphire Wedding Decor

Sapphire Wedding Greetings

On the day of the sapphire wedding, relatives and friends of spouses are in a hurry to congratulate them on this amazing anniversary. Do not know what to wish to spouses, and most importantly, how to present it beautifully? Look for good congratulations and wishes in the article: “Congratulations on a sapphire wedding (45 years)”.

What to give for a sapphire wedding?

When choosing a gift for spouses in honor of a sapphire wedding, focus on products with sapphire. The choice is wide enough: from jewelry and key rings to boxes and souvenirs.

Sapphire bracelet

Brooch with sapphire

Sapphire souvenir

The husband can give his wife any jewelry with sapphire - a ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace. Unusual will look like a bouquet of blue or purple flowers - cornflowers, roses, lilacs, etc. You can also give a pot of blue orchid or hyacinth. You can even present a pot with a blue hyacinth bulb as a gift, and let your wife wonder what will grow out of this bulb later.

Ring for wife

Pendant for wife

Bouquet with blue roses

Blue hyacinth

A wife can give her husband beautiful cufflinks, a lighter with sapphire or another blue stone. A fishing rod or tackle can also be a good gift if the husband is fond of fishing..

Five years after this anniversary should golden wedding.