Green Wedding - Wedding in green


Wedding Day - Green Wedding. Celebrate it every month for the first year after the wedding. Some young spouses congratulate each other on a green wedding, even every week. Green Wedding is the day of marriage and the starting point of new wedding anniversaries.

Green wedding

The symbol of this wedding anniversary is the myrtle wreath, as a sign of youth and life. A green wedding is a symbol of greenery, renewal, life and development. The newly-minted family enters a new road, where the couple will share in two joys and sorrows.

Wreaths for honeymooners

The green color symbolizes the youth and inexperience of the newly-made spouses. A green wedding is the very beginning of family life. Young people have a long way to go in harmony and understanding, building a strong family filled with love and respect.

Green wedding traditions

By tradition, the bride’s parents should plant a myrtle tree on the bride’s birthday and present it to the groom on the wedding day. Although this tradition has already become a thing of the past, its echoes can still be found at some wedding ceremonies..

Myrtle tree

According to European tradition, a myrtle tree must be present at the wedding, and the bride must wear a myrtle wreath. However, you can simply use the myrtle in the bride’s bouquet or groom’s boutonniere.

Green symbols should be present in everything, first of all, in the design of a green wedding. The room and cars must be decorated with greens, flowers and aromatic herbs. On this day, newlyweds are surrounded by flowers and greens, which symbolize the beauty and tenderness of their feelings.

Green wedding decoration

Green Wedding Greetings

Wedding Day is a great opportunity to congratulate the young couple on their first anniversary, from which begins their happy family life. You will find many kind and sweet congratulations in the section “Congratulations on the wedding”.

What to give for a green wedding?

Usually flowers are given for this wedding anniversary, but you can give a tree or houseplant for this wedding anniversary that will grow and grow with your family.

Flowers as a gift

Myrtle tree as a gift

Hyacinth as a gift

One year after the green wedding comes the first wedding anniversary - chintz wedding.