20 years from the wedding


Porcelain wedding marks twenty years lived together. The name of this wedding anniversary is associated with the quality characteristics of porcelain. Porcelain material is more valuable than glass, but no less fragile..

Family relationships can still be called quite fragile - they must be cherished and valued, like expensive porcelain.

China wedding

It is believed that the secret of real Chinese porcelain spouses have not been able to disclose until now. Therefore, the couple, who lived together for twenty years, should rejoice in such a long and wonderful union, while one should not forget that happiness is a fragile little thing; it is in their hands, therefore it depends only on them whether their union will be truly happy.

China wedding traditions

The main tradition that is followed when celebrating the anniversary of a china wedding is table setting with china. It is customary to serve guests for this wedding anniversary on new china, as it is believed that there is no trace of the old services left. In addition, at the festival you can beat old dishes, as if renewing your love with it.

Porcelain tableware

Since the East is the historical homeland of porcelain and its products, at least one oriental dish must be present on the festive table.

Usually this wedding anniversary is celebrated at home, as a family holiday, in which relatives and closest friends of the anniversaries take part. But this is not a dogma, so do it at your own discretion.

There was an interesting tradition for a porcelain wedding: on the day of this anniversary, guests had to mold clay figures directly during the celebration. After that, the result was fired in an oven and painted manually. Maybe you will like the idea of ​​celebrating the anniversary in the form of a theme party in the pottery workshop.? !


Congratulations on a china wedding

Porcelain wedding is an amazing anniversary, marking the 20-year frontier of family life. Relatives and friends hurry to congratulate the spouses. You can find many beautiful congratulations here:

What to present for a china wedding?

As gifts for spouses on the twentieth wedding anniversary, porcelain products are usually presented:

  • the dishes,
  • vases,
  • tea or coffee sets,
  • two porcelain cups,
  • dessert bowls,
  • salt shakers and pepper shakers,
  • piggy banks,
  • figurines.

Porcelain set
Porcelain vase
Porcelain figurine

Husband and wife can exchange beautiful figurines, the husband can also give his beloved a porcelain souvenir doll or a porcelain jewelry box. If the husband smokes, the wife can give him a porcelain ashtray, if she loves coffee - an author's porcelain cup.

Porcelain chest
Porcelain ashtray

A trip to China, the birthplace of china, will be a non-standard gift!

A china wedding follows silver wedding - 25 years of marriage!