Copper wedding


The seventh wedding anniversary is a copper wedding, a serious wedding anniversary, although this date is not round. Copper is a soft, ductile, malleable metal, an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, second only to silver. Therefore, it is assumed that the spouses who lived together before the seventh wedding anniversary have already gotten used to each other.

Copper Wedding Anniversary

The name of this wedding anniversary also has its secret meaning: copper is a valuable, durable material, of course, it is far from precious metals, therefore such a wedding is a hint that the spouses are still ahead. A copper wedding is no longer paper, not chintz, or even cast iron wedding. Copper can no longer be torn like a cloth, and can not be broken like a tree. It can only be melted and given it a different shape, image. Therefore, the important task of the spouses is to melt their relations into ever stronger and stronger, so that they eventually turn into precious metals - silver and gold, and then into the strongest gem on earth - into a diamond.

Copper wedding

Traditions of copper wedding

Copper is a symbol of wealth in the family. Previously, the couple for this wedding anniversary exchanged copper coins as a sign of material prosperity in the house. Although this interesting custom has lost its relevance, no one bothers you to resume it again!

Congratulations on a copper wedding

A copper wedding is an excellent occasion to congratulate the spouses and wish them happiness, health and great love. You will find many interesting congratulations on a copper wedding here:

What to present for a copper wedding?

On this wedding anniversary, it is customary to give spouses copper products:

  • candlesticks;
  • dishes;
  • vases for flowers or fruits;
  • cutlery;
  • ancient coins;
  • interior items;
  • caskets etc.

Copper Wedding Gifts
Copper candlestick

A husband can be presented with a belt with a copper buckle as a gift, and wife with copper jewelry (earrings, bracelet, etc.).

Copper rings
Copper pendant

A very suitable gift for the seventh wedding anniversary - a copper horseshoe - a symbol of happiness and prosperity.


Do not forget that this holiday is also called a woolen wedding, because you can also please your spouses with all kinds of woolen products:

  • plaids;
  • bedspreads;
  • scarves;
  • toys, etc.

Spouses can give each other mittens and hats that form a pair. Sweet isn't it? !

Woolen Plaid

Another year of family life will run, and after the copper wedding you will celebrate a new anniversary - tin wedding.