Tin wedding - 8 years from the wedding


The eighth wedding anniversary is a tin wedding. Years go by checking the spouses for strength. It is assumed that the life of the spouses should normalize completely by this wedding anniversary, be filled with warmth and mutual understanding..

The symbol of metal as such, first of all, strength, durability. And also it is an association with the house, family hearth and common household. Time also tests your marriage for strength. And family relationships grow stronger, without losing their trembling feelings: love, passion and devotion!

Tin wedding

Tin wedding traditions

In Russia, for this holiday, the wife put on jewelry from tin plates with intricate patterns similar to coinage. On the night before this anniversary, the couple left a tin plate on the floor in the stable. If the horse steps on the plate, leaving an imprint in the form of a horseshoe, then the life of the spouses will be happy and long. This tin plate with a horseshoe was then stored in the house as a symbol of happiness and prosperity..

There was another custom regarding tin weddings. A bucket filled with alcohol was put out of the gate, a bucket and a tin mug were left nearby. All the people passing by drank from the ladle for the spouses' health and happiness, and threw copper coins into the mug - symbols of wealth in the house.

In the old days, guests brought a bucket of kvass as a gift to their spouses. This gift can be explained as follows: 8-year-old spouses “swear” in family everyday life and problems, and now it's time to drink this leaven, so that life together does not “turn sour” at all.

Tin wedding

Greetings from a tin wedding

A cast-iron wedding is an excellent occasion to wish the spouses happiness, health and longevity. You will find many beautiful congratulations on your cast-iron wedding in the article: “Congratulations on your wedding anniversary (6-10 years) ".

What to give for a tin wedding?

Tin is a refractory metal needed in the household. Therefore a gift to the eighth wedding anniversary - tin wedding - can be:

  • kitchen utensils (dishes, cake pans, trays, baking sheets),
  • Appliances,
  • souvenirs and figurines,
  • tea, sweets and sweets in tin boxes.

Gift cans
Unusual anniversary gift
Casket as a gift

A spouse can present a cute ring made in the old style or unusual earrings made of tin elements as a gift to his wife.

Earrings as a gift

You can also prefer more creative gifts - a cake made of cans with drinks, a bouquet of cans or an annual supply of stewed meat. The main thing is that the couple appreciate this gift.

Cake of cans

In addition, since this anniversary is also called poppy seeds, a bouquet of red poppies that any woman will appreciate will be appropriate.

One year after the tin wedding, you will already celebrate faience (chamomile) wedding.