60 years wedding anniversary - diamond wedding


A diamond wedding is truly one of the most record wedding anniversaries of married life, and accordingly, the most beautiful gem - a diamond should be a symbol of this wedding anniversary.

Diamond wedding

The sixty-year anniversary is celebrated in the interval between the golden and the iron wedding, therefore, the features of both anniversaries are guessed during the celebration. Occasionally, this wedding anniversary is also called the first diamond wedding..

In addition to the fact that a diamond is a valuable, expensive and very beautiful stone, it is impossible not to take into account its strength and strength. Such is the life of spouses who managed to maintain their feelings until this wedding anniversary, despite all the problems and difficulties that are inevitable in any family relationship.


Diamond Wedding Traditions

When conducting a diamond wedding, the organizers should try to combine intimacy and solemnity on this day. It can be a purely family holiday, when children and grandchildren present gifts to parents. The form of the sixtieth wedding anniversary is a cross between the solemn celebration of anniversaries and a fun concert for them. Anniversaries themselves do not take part in organizing this wedding anniversary; younger relatives, in particular, children and grandchildren, do everything.

It will be very good if the holiday is decorated in the style of the time at which the wedding of the anniversaries took place. Or you can focus on the thematic table setting, indicating the reason for meeting, the common hobby of spouses, etc. On the table must be their favorite dishes.

Table setting

You can even play a certain theater number specially for the spouses or show them a mounted film about their life.

Diamond Wedding Greetings

A diamond wedding is an excellent occasion to wish the anniversaries good health, great happiness and only pleasant surprises in their future life. You will find many beautiful congratulations in the article: “Congratulations on a diamond wedding (60 years)”.

What to present for a diamond wedding?

The biggest gift for anniversaries will be the very holding of their diamond wedding: if relatives remember the day of their anniversary, then they are loved and respected. If your parents or grandparents live in another locality, then bring them to your home, and if they don’t want or cannot, arrange a holiday with them.

On the day of the diamond wedding, children and grandchildren give diamond rings as a token of gratitude, because they owe them their life and all that they have achieved in their life!

Diamond rings

Guests can give spouses any gifts, it is desirable that the bias in them be made on a noble splendor and radiance, because the diamond is a symbol of this anniversary. It can be beautiful vases, figurines, candlesticks, etc. The main thing is that gifts bring joy and pleasure to anniversaries. After all, people at this age are often more happy to pay attention to them and their memorable dates than to expensive things.

Souvenir vase


Of course, it would be nice if the guests gave the spouses diamond products, however, these are very expensive gifts that not everyone can afford. You can choose jewelry with cubic zirconias as artificial gifts - artificial diamonds that shine as beautifully in the sunshine as real diamonds.

Pendant as a gift

Gift brooch

The next anniversary, which is celebrated 5 years after the diamond wedding, is iron wedding.