Paper wedding


Second wedding anniversary - A paper wedding is a terrific holiday, embodying love and devotion to each other. Two years of marriage have passed, although there were quarrels and disagreements, the young couple managed to maintain warm feelings for each other.

Paper wedding

This anniversary is associated with paper - a thin and fragile material that is easy to tear, crinkle, and stain. This material as if symbolizes love - fragile, touching and tender, which should be protected, says the portal

Paper Wedding Traditions

The traditions and rituals associated with paper weddings are interesting and unusual. So in some countries it is customary to wear a married couple in paper outfits. For example, on the 2nd wedding anniversary in Bulgaria, the wife puts on a paper skirt and the groom puts on a shirt.

In Hungary, there is such a funny tradition associated with a paper wedding: at the anniversary celebration, the wife takes off her shoes and dances. And anyone who wants to join her must put a banknote in her shoe.

The festive table, of course, should be covered with paper tablecloths, decorate the space with all kinds of paper elements. Do not do here without paper napkins!

Paper table decor

You can realize such an interesting idea for a paper wedding: give each guest a leaf and a pen, let everyone write their congratulations on the leaf. Then hang all the leaves with congratulations on an impromptu or real tree - this will turn out to be a kind of "tree of happiness and love." Sweet isn't it? !

Wish tree

Paper Wedding Greetings

A paper wedding is a great occasion to pay attention to a married couple, to say the kindest words to them. You will find many interesting and unusual congratulations here:

What to give for a paper wedding?

For a paper wedding, a couple is presented with all kinds of paper objects and products:

  • Books and magazines,
  • photo albums,
  • paintings,
  • calendars,
  • tickets (to the cinema, theater, etc.),
  • banknotes, etc..

Books as a gift
Gift photo album

In addition, spouses can please each other with the following cute gifts:

  • touching love letters;
  • collages from joint photos;
  • origami (hearts, cupids, etc.);
  • cute posters;
  • funny notes pasted around the house.

A husband can make or buy a bouquet of paper roses for his wife. The wife will be delighted, according to the portal

Gift photo collage
Paper Wedding Card

Paper wedding - the second wedding anniversary - an amazing holiday, symbolizing love and devotion to each other. And a year after the paper wedding, a young couple will celebrate their next holiday - leather wedding!