Wedding Copper Gifts


Time flew by imperceptibly, and now a wonderful couple celebrates the seventh anniversary of the marriage. This is not an anniversary, but a significant date. Over the years lived together, the husband and wife studied each other, successfully overcome the first family crises, their marriage was strong, like metal. It is not for nothing that the seven-year wedding anniversary is associated with copper. And holiday gifts should be special, include copper in their composition. Soft, pliable metal allows you to make a wide variety of things.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Copper products have long been popular among the people, because copper is a beautiful and healing metal. It has a beneficial effect on the psyche, improves metabolic processes in the body. Even in antiquity, it was noticed that during epidemics of plague or cholera, people who wore such jewelry survived. Bracelets with copper content (see photo) are recommended by modern medicine to be worn as wellness accessories. In addition, this metal is considered magical, bringing luck to the owner..

Wedding Bracelet

The people decided on the seventh wedding anniversary to exchange copper coins. This custom expresses the wishes of the spouses of material well-being to each other. According to tradition, a copper wedding obliges the husband and wife to exchange the corresponding rings as a sign of love, mutual affection. Over the years, these rings will be replaced by more durable ones - silver and gold, but for now the married couple has something to strive for.

Wedding rings for the seventh wedding anniversary

Gift Options for Husband

On the day of the seventh wedding anniversary, I want to give my beloved spouse something unusual. If it’s easy to guess for a wife with a gift, then picking up a gift from copper to her husband is a problem for many women. A copper gift should reflect the theme of the holiday, recalling it many years later, plus be necessary to use, because men do not tolerate useless things. How to be practical and extraordinary at the same time? Take our recommendations seriously and you will succeed.

  • The husband is the head of the family, no one is going to challenge this truth. Copper helmet on which is written «To the chief firefighter of the Ivanov family», will allow the spouse to feel like a real man, the defender of the family hearth.
  • Once again, confirm your love and devotion to your husband with a copper ring engraved with your names.
  • Create a romantic evening atmosphere by giving your spouse a symbolic candlestick. Dinner by candlelight will help to restore the novelty of feelings, the romance of relationships.
  • Do you like to drink tea on quiet family evenings? Then get copper cup holders - your favorite drink will retain heat and taste longer.
  • For coffee lovers, a good gift will be the Turk for its preparation.
  • Does the head of the family wear a belt? Get a special belt with a copper buckle for him.
  • A copper wedding has a bottom name - woolen. Tie socks with your own hands to your husband, his joy will have no limit.

Gifts to her husband for a copper wedding

Unusual presents for wife

Beloved wife deserves the best surprises. She has been with you all these years, in sadness and joy, gave you her love and wonderful children. Therefore, it is quite natural to thank your spouse for everything with some kind of original, expensive gift. It's no secret that all women love jewelry and jewelry, want to be irresistible. Take this into service.

  • The wife will be happy to receive from you an exclusive designer set of copper jewelry - earrings, necklaces and a ring.
  • Can't get the kit? Then limit yourself to one ring. The best option would be a ring with a pomegranate - this blood-red stone is a symbol of love, passion.
  • To relieve your beloved of headaches and high blood pressure, buy her a copper bracelet. He will not only decorate her elegant pen, but will also significantly improve health.

Exclusive gifts for his wife on the seventh wedding anniversary

How beautiful copper jewelry can be, see the video..

What to give a married couple for 7 years of wedding?

Since the seventh anniversary of marriage is called a copper wedding, it is customary to give spouses souvenirs made of copper. The heroes of the occasion are extremely dear to you, and you want to give them something amazing, memorable, unusual on this day? There is huge scope for imagination, but you will make the final choice yourself, based on experience and knowledge of the preferences of the married couple.

  • Order the master a copper gift medal. Let him depict a family portrait of the spouses on one side, and sincere wishes on the other. A couple will keep such a commemorative medal in memory of a significant event, and in their hearts you will remain forever as a person who presented an unexpected but very beautiful gift.
  • A box made of copper, ivory, malachite, or other material will also be a good present for your friends..
  • To «give spouses happiness», get a copper horseshoe for them, because this item has long been symbolizing luck, luck.
  • Copper utensils have always been valued by good housewives, and in the old days was present in every home. And without a copper samovar, it’s generally difficult to imagine a truly Russian family. Therefore, copper utensils will be the best gift for a married couple. It’s not necessary to buy a samovar, any kitchen utensils are suitable: a large mug, a copper basin in which delicious jam is cooked, a copper pot used for cooking on camping trips.
  • A thin copper rod, according to popular belief, protects the house from lightning.
  • Copper or cupronickel cutlery, vases for flowers and fruits are sure to come in handy for your friends in the household.
  • Interior items, figurines will decorate the spouses' home, recalling the holiday.

Presents from friends for a copper wedding

It is not easy to find the appropriate gift, but if the guests are well aware of the couple, their tastes and needs, then the choice will not be difficult. The main thing is not the value of the thing, but the love with which it is presented. Do not forget to prepare in advance the warmest words for the heroes of the occasion, they will be pleased to hear once again how dear they are to you.