Pearl wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 30th Anniversary


30 years of marriage are an important date for spouses. How much has been experienced, but the couple overcame all hardships, enjoying love, fouling with happiness, family warmth, like a pearl. Wedding anniversary 30 years a pearl wedding got its name, symbolizing how family relationships like a pearl, were built gradually, collecting only the good, folding the marriage into a strong union of lovers' hearts. How to celebrate 30 years of wedding?

Traditions and customs for 30 years of wedding

The thirtieth wedding anniversary is a serious anniversary, testifying to strong love, mutual feelings of a married couple. This wedding is rich in traditions that spouses must follow in order to maintain family warmth..

According to tradition, on the day of the anniversary, the couple go to the pond early in the morning, taking with them a pearl. It is better to choose the sea as a reservoir, but if there is no opportunity to go to the sea coast, a river, lake or spring flowing near the house is quite suitable. Going to the pond, the couple throws pearls into the water with the hope that as pearls live for more than 50 years, so they will live together until the golden wedding anniversary.

Pearls are not only white, pearlescent, but also in different shades, symbolizing something specific. Going to the pond, you can take multi-colored beads. When there is no white pearl at hand, replace it with ordinary coins. The main thing is to believe that coins lowered into the water will preserve your strong family union for many years..

Colorful pearls for the 30th wedding anniversary

Having visited the reservoir, the couple return home, stand at the mirror, take an oath to each other to remain faithful, love. Why at the mirror? It’s just that the mirror doesn’t lie, it always displays what it really is, and the couple will not be able to lie to each other, giving false promises.

Often a married couple went to church to put three candles:

  • First Virgin, for the health of the second half.
  • The second was placed at the Crucifixion of Christ for the fact that all thirty years of family life, he protected the marriage.
  • Third Blessed Virgin Mary, for the preservation of marriage.

According to the following custom, pre-holiday anniversaries present pearls to each other, which they put under a pillow. In the morning, looking at the pearls, the husband and wife determined what their further life together would be:

  • The pearls did not darken, did not change color. The next ten years of family life will be marked by harmony and love..
  • The bead has darkened or small spots have appeared. You should pay attention to your health..
  • The pearl has changed its shade, it costs more time to devote to a loved one, you need to reconsider your attitude, behavior.

Such a rite is possible in the cold season, when there is no way to go to the reservoir.

Fortune telling for the 30th wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary 30 years date, rich in customs, traditions, following which you will maintain a warm family relationship, increase your love.

Pearl wedding: how to celebrate an anniversary?

A wedding anniversary of 30 years must be noted, because this is an important date, the birthday of your family. How to mark whom to invite, what to cook on a festive table? questions asked by couples before the celebration.

Choosing a venue for the celebration

A pearl wedding is an event that is best held near the sea or a pond, as pearls grew, grew stronger in the depths of the sea. The ideal option for the celebration is a cafe or restaurant on the coast of the sea or near the river. If the spouses have the opportunity, it would be nice to go on a trip, sea cruise.

30th wedding anniversary in a cafe by the sea

What to wear for spouses

Wedding anniversary is a memorable event, a big celebration, because you need to look decent, in accordance with the theme of the holiday. So, for a holiday, a woman is best to choose: a dress or suit made of light, free materials of marine color, for example, azure, blue, blue, turquoise, green.

Outfit for the wife on the 30th wedding anniversary

The husband will look beautiful, harmoniously next to his wife in a light suit and shirt. Better to buy a light beige outfit, ivory or cream.

Who to invite

Wedding anniversary is a family holiday, where the most dear, close people, parents, children and grandchildren are invited to visit. Parents share with the younger generation the experience of maintaining a warm family relationship, talk about the difficulties they have experienced, how they have overcome all together, helping, supporting each other all the way, thirty years long.

Guests on the thirtieth anniversary of family life

What should be on the table

The wedding anniversary is a real holiday, because the table should be truly festive. At the festive table should be present seafood dishes, such as shellfish, fish. There should also be a pie, it can be sweet, with fish or meat filling. An elegant cake decorated with beads, for example, from mastic, will help to finish the festive evening..

Pearl Wedding Cake

Celebration script

For a celebration called Pearl Wedding, a script is required. A well-thought-out scenario will diversify, complement the celebration, will not allow it to turn into a regular feast, but will help organize a real holiday.

Scenario of a pearl wedding at home. What to do, how to entertain guests at home if you can’t go to a restaurant or out of town? There are many options, choose the one that suits you best:

  • Make a wish tree by decorating it with beads with ribbons, flowers.

Wish Tree for 30th Wedding Anniversary

  • Arrange the viewing of photos, so that it does not seem boring to the guests by formatting the photo in a presentation or video, choosing or remaking a beautiful song.
  • Hold contests, for example, for the best joke, ditty, congratulations, funny portrait of heroes of the occasion. Have a little quiz with questions, like a pearl wedding, how old is it? , traditions of a pearl wedding, questions about spouses and other things that are enough for your imagination.

Competition funny portrait of young people at a pearl wedding

If you can’t think of anything on your own, or you just don’t have time to do it, there is always the opportunity to hire a toastmaster who will arrange a fun holiday for you, using the already developed script.

What to present for a pearl wedding

There is no holiday without gifts. A pearl, green anniversary is no exception. Many people ask questions: What to present to friends on a pearl anniversary? , What to make a gift for 30 years of wedding, How to congratulate the anniversaries with the thirtieth anniversary of marriage? .

And if the anniversary is your mom and dad, but you do not know what to present to your parents at a pearl wedding? A win-win idea is a beautiful collage of photos as a reminder of a happy family life. Include here pictures, high-quality photos, which capture important moments in the life of parents: a wedding, the birth of a child, significant dates, previous wedding anniversaries. It is possible to attach a beautiful card with a funny congratulation. Such a gift will not be completely ignored and will touch the heart of a couple in love.

Painting-portrait for the pearl wedding

Great idea to make a video congratulation with photos of the heroes of the occasion. See an example of such a video gift:

Good gifts for a pearl anniversary are items, items decorated with pearls or mother-of-pearl caskets, dishes (cups, plates, glasses), candle holders, other souvenirs.

The perfect gift for the wife will be a necklace of thirty pearls, each of which means one happily lived day together.

Wedding Anniversary Pearl Necklace

A ring with pearls and small, beautiful stones is also suitable..

Ring with pearls for the 30th wedding anniversary

Do not forget about the bouquet that the husband traditionally presents the beloved to the wedding anniversary. Present an original bouquet with a rare flower.

Pearl cufflinks are perfect for a spouse. If the husband is fond of fishing, then a spinning rod or fishing rod will be a wonderful gift, and you will definitely bring him joy.

Mother of Pearl Wedding Anniversary Cufflinks

Do not rely on the high cost when choosing a gift, the main attention, care, respect.

Pearl Wedding Greetings

How to do without beautiful congratulations? The anniversary wedding is a big celebration, the heroes of the occasion earned the beautiful words of congratulations set out in verse, prose or SMS. If you are visiting and are afraid to forget the invented words of congratulations, write them down on a piece of paper.

As a greeting, beloved spouses can express their gratitude to each other for the wonderful years spent together..

Particular attention should be paid to the congratulation on the pearl wedding in verse, it is always original and will surely please the heroes of the occasion.

Pearl Anniversary Greetings

The thirtieth wedding anniversary is an important stage in the life of spouses, having gone through the difficulties of living together, maintaining a warm relationship, you definitely deserve a holiday, gifts, congratulations. Organize a celebration so that you get the most out of your life. The arrival of the anniversary symbolizes the value of family relationships, the hope of celebrating a golden wedding together!