Turquoise wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 18th Anniversary


Turquoise wedding is called the eighteen-year union of marriage. This is a kind of adulthood of love, when children grow up, many worries fade into the background. By this period, the couple learned to live together, stopped quarreling over trifles. The family that has gone through so many years has overcome many things - the birth and upbringing of the first-born, possibly several more children, and the difficulties of everyday life. The spiritual strength and love of such a married couple is admirable - the turquoise wedding is designed to remind about this.

Ancient customs and traditions for 18 years of wedding

A turquoise wedding came: how many years the husband and wife spent together and still remain with each other. Turquoise has long been considered a stone-amulet, which symbolizes wealth, success, brings happiness. On the day of the eighteenth anniversary, the stone takes on a different meaning: it protects the family hearth, urges the spouses to preserve the important that they built all these years. This anniversary reminds the couple that they should continue to take care of each other, make the marriage happier.

For more information about the symbol of this stone, the beliefs associated with it, see the video:

18 years of marriage: what kind of wedding? It takes place using some old customs. On the night before the holiday, the husband and wife should wear turquoise linen - the stone itself has many shades from greenish to bright blue, so the choice is huge. As on the day of the first wedding, during the celebration of the anniversary, the couple should exchange rings with this stone. The whole celebration should be held in blue, blue, turquoise shades..

Turquoise Anniversary Rings

Turquoise wedding: how to celebrate an anniversary?

The turquoise wedding anniversary of 18 years should be held according to the wishes of the spouses. They can invite only the closest relatives (parents, sisters, brothers), friends, child / children, or they can arrange a chic feast in the restaurant. You can also have fun outdoors if the turquoise fun wedding is held in the summer. Celebrating the eighteenth anniversary is not widespread among senior couples, but this is a great way to distract yourself, immerse yourself in the light atmosphere of the holiday.

Hall decoration for the eighteenth anniversary of the wedding

An important part of making an ideal turquoise wedding is decoration. It should be airy, light, executed in blue, blue, blue-green tones. Bright shades of turquoise, original interior decorations will make the atmosphere of the holiday fabulous. On the table, you can put bouquets of plants in shades of turquoise, decorate tables and chairs with an appropriate cloth, make a scattering of pebbles on a tablecloth, and paint autumn leaves with an appropriate color.

18th Wedding Anniversary Decor Elements

Celebration script

To celebrate the turquoise beautiful wedding took place on «Hooray», It is necessary to pay attention to the scenario - its main component. The script will allow you to have fun on the holiday. If finances allow, the couple can hire a host, who will become the leader of the celebration, hold original cool contests, read out funny, beautiful, touching congratulations. The celebration scenario may include:

  • Costumes. If the turquoise beautiful wedding is completely themed, let the guests dress appropriately so that everyone comes in a single color scheme. This will support the mood of the holiday, different shades of turquoise all evening will delight the eye. Or vice versa - all guests can come in white, and the heroes of the occasion will wear turquoise holiday clothes.

Color schemes of suits for a turquoise wedding

  • Themed food. It is difficult to find turquoise shades in natural food, but the cake - the final dish of the holiday should be selected in this gamut: let the couple cut it together, as they once cut their first wedding cake. A beautiful treat looks delicious and unusual, see the photo for more details:

Eighteen Year Wedding Cake

The scenario of the wedding of 18 years will help not to get lost during the holiday, to conduct a good game or competition program.

What to present for a turquoise wedding

All kinds of accessories, jewelry of the corresponding color presented by the husband to his wife and vice versa will become a logical gift for the day of such an anniversary. Spouse can give her beloved earrings, bracelet, necklace made of this stone. Many product options are presented in various jewelry stores. Everyone who wants to make a purchase of products from turquoise will surely find a suitable option for the cost. Cufflinks with a turquoise stone will be a wonderful gift for her husband.

Jewelry with turquoise: gifts for 18 years of wedding

Other anniversary gift ideas:

  • souvenirs - all kinds of figurines; a tree that brings happiness, wealth, with turquoise stones on the branches; caskets, paintings;
  • useful things: wallets, clothes, interior details (candlesticks, a service of a suitable shade);
  • expensive bedding, which will be pleasant to look and touch;
  • personalized jewelry for both spouses;
  • tickets for sea vacations, where the couple can plunge into the deep waters of the azure-turquoise sea.

Useful advice: in order to follow the tradition, presenting a gift that is not associated with the main symbol of the holiday, just wrap it in paper of the corresponding shade.

Turquoise Wedding Greetings

There are many suitable congratulations for this anniversary - these are humorous verses, lovely, touching toasts. A wonderful congratulation will be the bright memories of loved ones about those days when the couple just connected their hearts and lives. Stories about funny old cases are also suitable, it will be especially interesting to listen to them to children. Look for greetings with a turquoise wedding here:

Turquoise wedding photo

Turquoise Wedding



Turquoise fairytale wedding - a beautiful celebration. This anniversary marks the beginning of a new life for spouses - the children grow up and will soon leave the family nest, it is time to live for themselves again, to pay attention to each other. Celebrating this anniversary will remind the couple of the hot love that bound them together many years ago..

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