What is the name of the wedding 27 years of marriage


The wedding anniversary will once again remind the spouses that in addition to everyday life, there is another, romantic side of the relationship. The heroes of the day should spend this day together or invite close friends and relatives to visit. Having lived together for twenty-seven years, the couple probably already completely got used to the characteristics of each other, conflicts disappeared from their relationship. Anniversaries raised children, perhaps waiting for the appearance of grandchildren, and by the day of this wedding anniversary, their marriage was unusually strong.

What is the name of the wedding anniversary of 27 years?

The name of the twenty-seventh anniversary of the marriage came from Europe, where it has long been called a mahogany wedding. This wood has not in vain become a symbol of the holiday in honor of the 27th anniversary of family life. Mahogany - high-quality, strong, noble material. Products created using such wood are especially appreciated by people. The material is used in the manufacture of furniture, interior items, for the decor of accessories, even musical instruments are made of it. As a rule, mahogany products are expensive, hinting at the high status of their owner.

Manufacturers of furniture and other things appreciate this wood for ease of processing, ease of polishing, and high density. As a rule, the so-called material from red sandalwood trees, Malay paduk, mahogany tree, walnut, yew berry, alder, Siberian turf, sequoia. Depending on the rarity of growth, useful qualities of a tree - the price varies, how to use it. Some materials are suitable for the manufacture of large products, others are more suitable for parts.

Expensive and strong material - mahogany

Due to its features, wood has become a symbol of the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Mahogany speaks of the strength of marriage, the nobility of the relationship of the spouses, who were able to go through many adversities, and made the relationship more durable. The heroes of the occasion, having lived together for almost thirty years, are unlikely to part. For such a long period of time, living together, it became clear that the couple are perfect for each other. Like a mahogany, their family is almost impossible to break, the main thing is to take time «polished» relationship, do not forget to take care of the beauty of feelings.

Wedding Anniversary Greetings

Friends, relatives, acquaintances can congratulate anniversaries in different ways on the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. If «newlyweds» decided to arrange a holiday and invited guests, you need to come with a prepared congratulation, wish the family happiness, prosperity and prosperity. If the spouses are not going to celebrate the mahogany wedding, but just want to spend time together, congratulate them on the phone, sincerely express respect for the long life of their happy marriage.

Congratulations on the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary

Beautiful greeting words in verses.

Poetic congratulations sound especially solemn; they are perfect for a feast where many guests gathered. Touching wishes in verses will please mahogany wedding anniversaries and make them remember pleasant moments of life together. Invited guests can write a poetic speech on their own. This gift will be appreciated by spouses. Here are some examples of beautiful congratulations in verse:

Fly swallow of the year,
and you all walked next to each other.
May it always be so with you,
because more is no longer necessary!
There are children, there is a cozy house,
there is a red tree today.
I wish you to live together
years before the red wedding - a hundred!
You are destined for each other,
let everything now go well with you:
the house will be beautifully, festively,
so that you really like everything around.
I congratulate you with the mahogany
and I wish to be so strong,
may love, care and trust
grow fabulous branches!
Your noble, joyful union
twenty seven years warms our souls,
and the fortress of your strong marriage bonds
for a long time already does not surprise anyone.
Love must be experienced,
to live together until this anniversary:
like a tree, your family grew,
and became carefree, strong, strong.
I sincerely wish you warmth,
fire in the soul and happiness on the doorstep.
To make your family bloom like a tree,
so that not a single alarm would be scary to her.
Let the sun light the way,
let the tree branches reach the sky!
I wish you through life so pass,
to remember everything only with joy and laughter.

Short SMS Congratulations

If the heroes of the occasion decided not to arrange a festive lunch or dinner, their friends, colleagues or friends can send original SMS congratulations to the anniversaries. It is desirable that the wishes be associated with the symbol of the wedding - mahogany, but these can also be simple congratulatory words. Check out examples of short, interesting, and enjoyable SMS greetings:

Short wedding anniversary SMS message

  • Your family has been growing like a tree for twenty-seven years. So let it grow into a century-old oak!
  • Mahogany is a beautiful, strong and noble material. So I see your family. happy Anniversary!
  • Mahogany - a symbol of a happy family. They say that it should grow up healthy, strong, strong, you need to constantly look after it. You are real gardeners! Happy anniversary!
  • Twenty-seven years is a long time. To spend so much time together, you need to sincerely love each other, it causes respect and admiration. With a mahogany wedding!
  • Your family has gone through many transformations over the years: it has been fragile paper, black cast iron, steel, porcelain, silver, and on this day - like mahogany. So let it turn into pure gold and a precious diamond!

What to present on a wedding anniversary mahogany?

Each guest invited to the celebration of the wedding anniversary thinks about what to present to the anniversaries. Usually, the name of the jubilee tells the congratulator what kind of present the couple will make. On the twenty-seventh anniversary you can present «newlyweds» a variety of mahogany products (furniture, home furnishings, a writing pen with this wood decor). But given that the date is not round, and accessories made of this material are expensive, guests can give something else. Gift Examples:

  • Small household appliances. A coffee maker, an electric kettle or a new high-quality iron will never be redundant, especially if the couple does not have one or more of these items.
  • Crockery, tea sets, sets. To support the theme of the holiday, guests can choose these presents in shades of mahogany.
  • Jewelry. Stylish watch with a mahogany strap, wooden jewelry will be an excellent gift option for spouses.
  • Caskets, figurines, candlesticks. These and other decor details will always remind spouses of the day of the twenty-seventh anniversary of marriage..
  • Bedding, other textiles. A new set of satin linen or an original tablecloth, reminiscent of a holiday symbol in color, will be perfectly in place.

Mahogany Anniversary Gift Options

Gift Ideas for Parents

Children must congratulate the heroes of the occasion with a red wedding, give a symbolic, touching or useful gift. It is advisable to come up with an accompanying speech, tell parents about pride in their pure feelings, love, care for each other, sign a beautiful memorial card. Here are examples of gifts that children can give their mom and dad on their twenty-seventh anniversary:

  • Video or photo presentation. This type of gift has gained great popularity due to the fact that it helps to remind anniversaries of the happy days of their youth. Children can collect old photos and videos of their parents, make a beautiful movie, and then present during a holiday dinner on the projector. Watch a video showing a similar presentation:
  • Holiday cake. In honor of the mahogany wedding, children can order delicious treats in the patisserie that will decorate the table and will delight all participants in a small lunch.
  • Painting or certificate from the artist. Order a portrait from a photograph from a professional in your field. A great present for parents can be a certificate that allows you to come to the artist, discuss the production and then get a beautiful picture drawn from nature.
  • Anniversary lunch. If the heroes of the day decided not to arrange a feast, the children can prepare some delicious dishes and invite their parents to celebrate the mahogany wedding.

How to Celebrate the 27th Anniversary of Living Together?

By tradition, the twenty-seventh anniversary is not celebrated, but the heroes of the occasion need not follow generally accepted rules. If you want to arrange a holiday, spend time with friends, children, parents and other relatives - you must definitely organize an event. Usually, the day of the 27th family anniversary of mahogany begins with the anniversaries giving gifts to each other: the wife can give her husband wooden cufflinks, a watch, something related to his hobby, and the husband can give his wife a bouquet of flowers, beautiful jewelry, a box, wooden hair comb.

Then mahogany wedding anniversaries can go to nature to perform a ceremony: cut their names on the plant trunk. If you do not want to injure the bark of a living tree, there is a more humane option - the spouses will need to buy a wooden plate made of red wood, and then carve their names with the date of the holiday. This item will be a wonderful decoration of the interior, will evoke pleasant memories of the wedding anniversary day. After the ritual «newlyweds» can spend a pleasant day with invited guests.

Wedding anniversary rite: inscription on the bark of a tree

Mahogany - a symbol of a family that went through a lot, managed to survive everyday troubles and serious hardships. By the twenty-seventh year of marriage, the couple had already learned to understand each other perfectly, their relationship had proved its strength and strength. A mahogany wedding will be a pleasant, memorable event for anniversaries who decide to celebrate the holiday alone or with guests.