Chintz wedding script


A chintz wedding is an anniversary that is celebrated after the first year of married life. Family psychologists unanimously recognize this period of time as one of the most difficult in a couple’s relationship. This date is recommended to celebrate cheerfully so that the couple can forget about the daily chores. How to organize a celebration of chintz wedding?

Celebration preparation

To chintz wedding took place on «Hooray», Be attentive to the preparation process. Find a suitable room, decorate it, then select the musical accompaniment. Find or make your own scenario of a cotton print - prepared in advance, it will help to avoid force majeure. And cool contests that will be present in the script will amuse all guests at the chintz wedding.

Decoration of the venue

Chintz is a symbol of the first anniversary, stock up with light calico curtains, tablecloths, napkins. Modern textile shops offer a variety of printed items made in a festive style. The general color scheme should be white or other pastel shades, so you should choose light decorating elements from chintz. A lot of rites are associated with chintz fabric, so get a few pieces of chintz in reserve.

Ideas for decorating a chintz anniversary

Arrange pots or floor vases with green flowers around the room. Greenery symbolizes the relationship of young people. Tie flower containers with chintz colored ribbons.

To get a chintz wedding at the highest level, check out this good video example that clearly demonstrates how to decorate a holiday:

Warn guests about the celebration of chintz wedding, and about the relevant theme of clothing. Inform guests that chintz dresses are welcome. What they will be, bright or modest - guests themselves choose.

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

During the chintz wedding, various musical compositions of domestic performers will be used. So, at the beginning of a chintz wedding, you need to include the well-known «Oh full, full box». When young people enter the hall, it sounds «Waltz of the Flowers» Tchaikovsky. Such pleasant songs should sound all evening, then guests will feel relaxed throughout the wedding, willingly participate in competitions.

A scenario of a chintz wedding

A chintz is held by a host who is allowed to choose from his friends or use the services of an agency. He should entertain the guests with remarks, as well as monitor the progress of the chintz wedding, which cannot be done without a well-composed script. It can be in the form of poems, or in prose. Create a script yourself or use our option.

A chintz wedding begins with a monologue by the host. Only guests are present in the hall, spouses should come up after the host’s speech.

Presenter: Ladies and gentlemen! We gathered here for a reason. We have a special occasion - our dear friends (Name of the wife) and (Name of the husband) celebrate the first year of married life. This is a difficult time for young people, because now the foundation is laid for strong and strong relations. But the love of spouses will triumph over everything - we are convinced of this by the example of the heroes of the occasion. We will call here (Name of the wife) and (Name of the husband) to rejoice with them this significant date!

A couple comes out, a cotton shirt is put on her husband, and a cotton dress is on her wife.

Dress of husband and wife on a chintz anniversary

Presenter: A year ago, she was a bride, and he is the groom. Today we are faced with an already formed family that is growing stronger every day despite all quarrels and disagreements. But to make love even stronger, I propose to perform the Old Russian rite, symbolizing the strength of the relationship. Spouses, give your halves cotton scarves! (husband and wife exchange handkerchiefs). Tie knots on them.

Husband and wife: How strong are these nodules, so strong is our love!

Guests: Gorky!

Handkerchiefs for 1 year of married life

The couple kiss each other, after which the guests present them with their gifts. By tradition, they give chintz clothes, diapers for the unborn child, couples, underwear, tablecloths. All participants sit at a table where close spouses tell them all wishes and congratulations. The wife's mother (mother-in-law) pronounces the words:

My children! If you only knew how happy my maternal heart is when I look at you! I am glad that I entrusted my beloved daughter to you, (Name of husband). She is behind you, like a stone wall. Although you have lived quite a bit together, the year of marital happiness is an impressive time to talk about the strength of your relationship. So let love never fade away in your couple, it is becoming stronger with every minute. Bitterly!

After a kiss, the young toast will be told by a good friend of the couple who traced most of their relationship.

Familiar: Dear (Name of the wife), as well as (Name of the husband), knowing you for a long time, I can say you are a wonderful couple. I envy you kindly, because you cannot live without each other, as if our land were without sun rays. One day, luck smiled, connecting your hearts into one. I believe that you will be faithful to your soulmate until the end of earthly days. Let’s raise our glasses for love (Name of wife), (Name of husband)!

Guests on the chintz anniversary

Guests drink, the next toast sounds. It should be pronounced to the sister of one of the young or the mother of the groom.

Sister: Marriage is a fragile thing if the couple does not bind anything. If there are connecting strings, then the likelihood that young people will live happily for many years is increasing. The main support for spouses, even in difficult times, is a common child. Let’s drink to our young people to delight us with the news of the imminent appearance of the firstborn in the family!

Everyone can say their wishes and congratulations during the feast. After all the guests are full of dishes and chatted with the young, the entertainment program of the chintz wedding begins.

Presenter: Ladies and gentlemen! I guess that you all have already stopped looking enough for our young people. It's time to start more active entertainment! I suggest you take part in interesting games, contests, take a break from the feast (the recommended contests can be found in the next section of the article).

At the end of the competitions, the solemn part of the evening takes place - the dance of the young.

Dance of the couple at the end of the chintz anniversary}

Host: What could be more exciting than a beautiful dance of spouses? Young - like two wildflowers in a huge field. Let's enjoy this action right now!

After the final dance, the young together with the guests launch sky lanterns. If the weather does not allow this, a cotton wedding should be finished with a tea party. After that, the chintz wedding celebration ends.

Competitions for 1 year of married life

  • «Handkerchief». The leader becomes the center, and, dancing, passes the handkerchief to the next player. He repeats the movement and passes the handkerchief further. Suddenly, the music turns off, and the one with the handkerchief in his hand should scream «Ku-ka-re-ku!».
  • «Lady's legs». Women stand behind the screen, alternately sticking out their right or left leg. Cavaliers should guess the girl only on the leg. Guessful man will win.
  • «What do I call my wife». The husband is invited to call his wife affectionate words that end in -ok (hare, fox, kitten). For each adjective - a kiss from the wife.
  • «Name for baby». Guests come up with a name for the unborn child couples - male and female. Spouses determine the winner and give him a symbolic prize - a bottle of champagne, socks, a T-shirt with a funny inscription.

Gingerbread Cake

A chintz wedding is a significant date in the life of young people, requiring a responsible attitude to preparation. Think over each course of the holiday, add or delete some points from the existing scenario of cotton print, show your imagination and ingenuity - you are guaranteed a wonderful holiday!