Chintz wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 1 Year


Expressions «golden wedding», «silver wedding» we could hear more from our grandparents. Gradually forming an idea of ​​what these anniversaries signify and after what time they marry. But what constitutes a chintz wedding is how many years of a couple’s life together it is customary to celebrate?

Chintsevskaya is the first anniversary of the married life of a young couple, when after living together for only 1 year, they already have something to celebrate. I want to make the first family holiday bright, impressive, because there will be many more ahead, but the first will be remembered forever.

How to celebrate a chintz wedding

So he passed, difficult or insanely happy, unforgettable first year of marriage. There comes a romantic family holiday - chintz wedding. Need to invite witnesses, close relatives, best friends. To celebrate the wedding anniversary beautifully, you should thoroughly prepare. First of all, you need to decide on the venue of the event and figure out how to decorate it.

A suitable cozy, quiet venue for the celebration would be a country house. Decorate trees, bushes with cotton accessories - multi-colored pieces of fabric, scarves, lace, helium balloons, soft fabric toys.

Want to party in the apartment? Decorate the curtain with bows, buttons, hang handkerchiefs, flags on the ropes, bright lace.

Instead of a regular tablecloth, it’s good to take a section of chintz and decorate it with bright lace, braid, beads, buttons.

Decor for a chintz wedding


A chintz wedding is in most cases celebrated at home, here you can always prove to be a real mistress, show off your culinary skills.

A good option is to hold a holiday in a narrow circle in nature, with barbecue, a walk through the woods or swimming in a river. There is an opportunity to launch a kite or a Chinese lantern, attaching various wishes to them.

Decoration of the festive picnic on the chintz anniversary

So that the party is not boring, develop a scenario of a cotton print in advance together with your best friends, prepare the necessary props. It is better to make the entertainment program varied so that guests barely have time to switch from one competition to another - then time will fly by quickly and you will take a lot of successful photos. And most importantly - your memory will keep vivid memories of the wedding anniversary for a long time.

If you do not have enough time and energy to prepare the event yourself, then you can use the services of the host, make a small banquet in the restaurant.

For couples who do not want to invite many guests to the holiday, there are other options - rent a hotel room or go travel. Each family chooses for themselves how they want to see their holiday..

Watch the video of the couple celebrating the first wedding anniversary on the roof of the house.

Traditions of the first wedding anniversary

In Ancient Russia, the mistress-needlewoman always embroidered beautiful outfits for herself and her husband on the occasion of the chintz anniversary, as well as a bright chintz tablecloth. According to tradition, all day until sunset, my wife wore a cotton dress.

Ancient Russian chintz wedding attributes

According to the old Russian rite, on the day of the first anniversary, the couple give each other, as a sign of great love, chintz handkerchiefs. Taking the ends opposite on the diagonal, as shown in the photo, they are tied in a knot, which symbolize fidelity, the strength of family relationships. The probationary period for the newlyweds has ended, they already quite consciously, having tested their feelings with time, can take an oath to love each other.

Traditional chintz wedding ceremony of knotting

Husband and wife join hands, pronounce an ancient conspiracy: «Just as the knots tied by us are strong, so are our words. Like the wind, a reveler in a field will wake a cornfield, so happiness and joy will forever be with us». After the ceremony, chintz handkerchiefs are stored in a special box.

It is believed that if this touching ceremony is completed correctly, the young couple will live in one happy family for a long time and happily, as was promised in the promise.

According to another rite, on this day the mother-in-law gave the daughter-in-law a chintz dress, as a wish for an easy, successful relationship with her husband.

How to arrange a holiday table for chintz wedding

Although you are a wonderful housewife, do not be too zealous, relieve yourself of the obligation to cook too much food for the festive table. Let the motto be simplicity in everything. Chintz anniversary is associated with modest but healthy dishes.

  • Salads. Bet on raw vegetables and fruits, believe me, this is always in demand. Original recipes and interesting design of salads will definitely make a pleasant impression on guests..

Appetizing salads - the best treat for a calico holiday

  • Sandwiches. They do not require much time for cooking, but they need to be decorated, or canapes are interesting.

Sandwiches and canapes - table decoration on a chintz anniversary

  • Snacks Remember what snacks you know. Choose not very sharp, without a pungent odor.

Calico Anniversary Light Menu

  • The drinks. It would be nice to make aromatic tea in a beautiful Russian samovar the main drink at the festival. But if you think that you can’t do without alcohol, buy a few bottles of champagne or dry wine, try to avoid stronger drinks. Do not forget about cold soda, juices.

Holiday drinks for chintz wedding

  • Cake. He will be the highlight of the program. Order a cake decorated with the appropriate decor and wishes for the heroes of the occasion to celebrate the anniversary. And it will be even more beautiful if you make it yourself.

Chintz Wedding Theme Cake

  • For especially hungry guests. Do you think all of the above will not be enough? Then remember which snacks your guests prefer. A few mouth-watering dishes will not be superfluous for lovers of a hearty meal. In addition to them, you can still put a plate with pies and pastries, sweets. After that, you can be absolutely calm, guests will not leave hungry wedding anniversary.

Chintz Wedding Gifts

If you are thinking about what to give for a chintz wedding, let's turn to the old traditions. Once upon a time, the invitees presented the young spouses with cloth on the diaper, because at that time many couples were expecting the first-born. So do modern guests.

You can present any textile products for the wedding - a new warm blanket under which the couple will bask on cold winter evenings, elegant curtains, a soft bath towel, an embroidered tablecloth, beautiful handmade napkins, an original pillow.

Textile products as a gift for chintz anniversary

A good gift would be a set of bed linen, but it is important to please with size. It is preferable to give bed linen from coarse calico, chintz - a thin, short-lived fabric.

Bed linens are a great gift for chintz wedding

It is also customary to give clothes, and from any material. For a guy, a short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt would be a great gift; for a girl, a fashionable dress or tunic, an apron.

Such clothes are presented for a chintz anniversary

Are you a fan of creative gifts? Then purchase an embroidery kit: a fabric with a pattern, threads and a manual. Your loved ones will be very happy to receive a unique gift on their first anniversary, which has become a wonderful decoration of their home for many years. Can you paint beautifully? Take a piece of white fabric and draw a watercolor drawing on it. Insert your work in a frame and leave a message for friends. A new element of the interior will delight them for a long time.

It happens that young people want to receive as a gift something specific, planned. Then it would be advisable to go around all the above recommendations and buy what they now need most at home. You can give anything you want, there are no restrictions, the main thing is to remember to wrap the gift with symbolic chintz cloth with a colorful ribbon.

The only exception is toys. According to an ancient belief, they cannot be given on a chintz anniversary to couples expecting a baby.

For traditions, gifts and how a chintz wedding is celebrated, see the video.

Chintz wedding photo

Chintz anniversary: ​​decor ideas and photography accessories


And how did the chintz wedding go with you? Share with us your experience of how you prepared for the holiday, what happened best. Your advice will come in handy for young families who have yet to celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage..