Paper wedding. Second wedding anniversary


After two years of family life, the couple celebrate an anniversary called a paper wedding. The paper symbolizes the unreliability of the couple’s relationship: the first carefree year has passed, after which differences between the partners begin on household grounds. But if the spouses understand that their relationship is priceless, then the marriage will be lasting. The grinding-in period in the first years of married life is considered dangerous, therefore it is worth diversifying life by celebrating this anniversary. How is a paper wedding celebrated?

Traditions and customs of paper wedding

Wedding anniversary 2 years is celebrated differently in all countries of the world. For example, in Greece, a couple dances the so-called «dance of money» at the celebration. It is called like that because during the dance, guests attach the husband of the bill to the clothes. During this part of the holiday, it is customary to take photos as well as videos so that an interesting process is captured. Such a ritual helps a newly-minted family save up money for their own needs, because in the first years of family life there are few means of subsistence.

Celebrating 2 wedding anniversaries in different countries

Bulgaria is also famous for its interesting paper anniversary tradition. So, the spouses at the celebration should be dressed in paper clothes. As a rule, it is glued from large pieces of colored paper. A skirt is considered a mandatory paper wardrobe item for a wife, and a shirt for a husband. Such original outfits are simple: you just need to cut the blanks for clothes, then glue them.

The Chinese rarely wonder: «2 years of life, what a wedding?». After all, they first began to celebrate this date magnificently. In China, there are many traditions related to the second anniversary. A paper wedding is celebrated with a dance that is performed in red paper clothes. This color symbolizes love, understanding. As a rule, the image of poultry is present on the clothes: the husband puts on clothes with the image of a rooster, and the wife - hens.

How to celebrate a paper wedding?

A traditional paper wedding is modestly celebrated, because the couple have not yet lived together a large amount of time. So far, the couple has not received the status of strong, but the endless flame of love will correct the situation. A merry celebration of the second wedding anniversary will allow spouses to relax from everyday life, frequent quarrels. Consider how to organize an anniversary celebration.

Ideas for decorating a paper anniversary hall

Choosing a venue for the celebration

The venue of the celebration depends on the family budget, but many couples prefer to celebrate at home, and a cafe is also suitable. The main thing is the correct design of the room. Decorate the hall for the celebration must be fakes from paper: origami, balls, fans. Unusual pictures hanging on the walls will add a twist to the design of the room. Try to fill the room with a lot of paper products. Then the paper wedding will take place on «Hooray».

You do not know how to beautifully design the hall for the event? Watch this video, then you will have no questions about the decoration of the room:

What to wear for spouses

Traditionally, husband and wife create paper wardrobe items on the eve of the holiday, and put them on for the celebration. Meet guests must be in this outfit, then it is allowed to take off. A wife should choose a modest dress that emphasizes all the advantages of her figure, hiding flaws: a dress with a bright floral print or ornament is perfect. The husband will look worthy, wearing an elegant suit. A paper wedding is a good occasion to wear your best outfits..

Who to invite?

As a rule, a paper traditional wedding is celebrated among friends and relatives who are able to share the happiness of the couple. The list of guests must be witnesses. Spouses should only invite good mutual friends, because in this case the party will be fun and you will be able to have fun.

What should be on the table

There are no special restrictions regarding the holiday menu. The hostess should prepare pies, cold and hot dishes of meat, fish, and other dishes on her own. The festive table should become a symbol of wealth and wealth of the family, but most importantly - so that guests do not have a feeling of hunger. Do not forget about the original cake. As for drinks, there should be wine or champagne on the table. The first glass of this light drink is traditionally drunk by the owner, after it is the hostess, and then all the guests. Then you can start your meal.

Cake for the celebration of 2 wedding anniversaries

Celebration script

So that unforeseen problems or misunderstandings do not interrupt the course of the holiday, a script should be prepared in advance. Then you will perfectly celebrate such an anniversary as a paper wedding, the script for which should be prepared independently or use the finished one. Consider a universal paper anniversary scenario.

  • The celebration should begin with a useful rite - the presentation of the so-called «family letters». In this letter, each spouse will write flaws in the nature of his soulmate, something that he would like to change. Writing a family letter is necessary on the eve of the celebration. This ritual helps to maintain the relationship of a young couple, because in time corrected shortcomings and oversights exclude the possibility of parting.

Paper anniversary wish trees

  • Then the couple meet relatives, as well as friends in paper clothes. Each person must leave their congratulations and wishes to the heroes of the occasion on the tree of happiness. To do this, put a decorative tree on the table, put a pencil and leaves nearby. Allowed to write not only wishes, but also wise advice. Then the notes are hung on a tree and protect the newly made family from evil spirits.
  • A paper wedding will not do without an entertainment program that should begin after a feast. It consists of dances, competitions, games. Do not forget that the symbol of this wedding is paper, so this material should appear in most competitions. So, an excellent competition is the creation of paper garlands or pompons. The winner is the participant who created the best paper product..

Making pompoms on paper anniversary

As a rule, a paper wedding ends with a ritual dance of the spouses, during which guests attach notes to their clothes. There is also a second version of the final dance: the wife puts her shoes in the middle of the hall, and every man who wants to dance with her must put money in the shoes. Enjoying a beautiful evening, guests go home.

What to present for a paper wedding?

Paper wedding involves presenting paper products to the heroes of the occasion. Consider what souvenirs should be given for the biennium of married life:

  • Books with prose or poetry, prints.
  • Beautifully designed photo albums.
  • Cool playcasts.
  • Decorative dolls.
  • Paper bills.

Gifts for spouses on paper anniversary

In order for the present to impress, one should focus on the tastes, as well as the preferences of the spouses. So you show respect and sympathy for the couple.

Often wives ask themselves what to present to a husband for a paper wedding. And men, in turn, also care about this issue. Spouses should show love and care with the following presents:

  • Collage of joint photos.
  • Hand-made drawing.
  • Sweets.
  • Love letter.
  • Tickets for a joint trip or going to the theater, for a concert.

Gift for your soulmate on paper anniversary

A paper wedding will become brighter and more fun when spouses receive unexpected gifts. It is worth taking a responsible approach to choosing a present so that the couple is sincerely surprised and delighted with the surprise.

2 Year Wedding Anniversary

As a rule, guests wish the husband and wife to gain experience, wisdom, because they lived together for only two years. You should also wish them that their connection does not break as easily as paper. You can find more original greetings here:

A paper wedding is an unusual holiday that allows spouses to celebrate two years of marriage. Interesting traditions and a fun company will allow you to gain new experiences, as well as relax souls.

Have you organized an event dedicated to two years of married life? Leave a few words about your experience in the comments!