Porcelain wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 20 Years


Together lived twenty years of life received the name - porcelain wedding. Porcelain is a thin, delicate, fragile material, so it must be protected, protecting from falls. Also, spouses who have traveled a long family path together should value and protect their relations from inclement weather. Twenty years is an impressive date, but do not forget that even an expensive Chinese service can break with any careless movement. Whether the union will be happy further depends only on the spouses themselves.

Ancient traditions and customs for 20 years of wedding

The traditions of the celebration of the day when the couple have been together for twenty years are rooted in antiquity. And since porcelain is the symbol of this holiday, and it comes from the East, traditions are also associated with the Oriental. A festive table served by elegant porcelain dishes must contain, among others, at least one oriental dish. The presence of the original dishes on the table will not allow anyone to make a mistake, answering the question «20 years of marriage - what a wedding?».

Porcelain dinnerware

Another long-standing unusual tradition is the production of clay figures by guests right during the celebration. There is an opportunity to hold a competition, which figure from clay material is better, only then you need to celebrate not at home, but in the pottery workshop.

So no one wonders: «Porcelain wedding is how old?», a great idea would be to put a porcelain figurine, decorated with an engraved number twenty, near the heroes themselves at the table. It can be a pair of pigeons, personifying the world and mutual understanding, or a beautiful heart, conveying an already mature, but still the same tender love.

Porcelain figurines for the celebration of 20 years of wedding.

Porcelain wedding: how to celebrate the anniversary?

Traditionally, the twentieth china anniversary of living together is celebrated in a warm family circle, at home. Among the invited guests are only the closest friends and relatives. And how to celebrate it will tell the fantasy.

A joint anniversary of twenty years - a beautiful porcelain anniversary - is a round date, therefore, it is worth preparing well for the reception of guests, setting the table only with delicious treats. It will be interesting if the children hold interesting contests for parents, their friends, guests, among which the beloved by many whipping old dishes as a symbol of getting rid of troubles.

Celebration script

Porcelain anniversary should be remembered by spouses for its unusualness, and it must be celebrated unforgettably. The main condition is that no one is bored. Twenty years of wedding: the celebration script will help to take into account all family stories, because the party will turn out well, surprising in the good sense of the word with an obligatory program, treats and entertainment.

The scenarios are varied, but everyone has something in common:

  • Better to start by telling a married couple's love story or giving a word to congratulate the children.
  • Then it is worth giving the jubilee a song for the celebration - a joyful china wedding.
  • After that, toasts / wishes follow, followed by contests..

Spouses will be happy if during the porcelain holiday medals decorated with cool inscriptions or diplomas with marks for such disciplines will be awarded: «Making money», «Early walk to mother-in-law for pancakes», «Parenting» etc.

An example of a china anniversary, see the video:

It will also be interesting if the celebration begins with interesting stories about the origin of china or various wedding anniversaries..

Competitions, in turn, should be interesting, original, with relevant topics:

  • «Who will say more kind words»
  • «Questions and answers»
  • «How well do the spouses know each other»
  • «Swaddling baby»
  • «Reading each other's thoughts»

Walking such a long journey together is a merit of both, so guests are interested in watching how the couple cope with the assignments.

It is good if a pleasant surprise is prepared, the presence of which will be a secret until the very end of the evening. For example, a great option is a beautiful multi-tiered cake with porcelain figurines decorating it.

Cake for 20 years of wedding

What to give for 20 years of wedding?

Since this round date is called a porcelain anniversary, gifts should be chosen that contain at least a fraction of porcelain or are directly related to it..
These include:

  • Porcelain vases.
  • Original tea sets, which include many items or just two cups and saucers.
  • Pictures or figurines with anniversaries.
  • Other dishes.

Wedding Anniversary Porcelain

But the spouses themselves can present not only figurines to each other: the husband can give his wife a china box, and she can give him an ashtray if the husband smokes. Examples of gifts, see the photo below:

Twentieth Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on a china wedding

Congratulations on the twentieth anniversary of the union, which is called the porcelain wedding, are possible ordinary, original, funny or classic, in prose, and better in poetry. But the main thing is that they should be from the heart, not contain hints or midtones - then the heroes of the day will perceive them correctly. If you were not able to visit the couple on this holiday, then you can congratulate them by phone, send SMS, an electronic postcard.

It’s great if the congratulation on the china gala anniversary is prepared in advance and becomes a mini-performance during the celebration.

Medals for spouses for 20 years of wedding

Let this wonderful holiday - the porcelain anniversary anniversary - truly delight the anniversaries. Their strong bonds are real wealth, and the years lived in love and harmony are an example to follow. May their happiness and love be preserved for many years, so that the wedding glistens with silver, gold, and then diamonds.

Do you have any experience celebrating your 20th anniversary? Have you been to such a celebration? Share your impressions in the comments!