Agate wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 14 Years


The fourteenth wedding anniversary marks a period in the life of the couple, when they probably already had a child: the younger generation requires a lot of attention, patience. Agate wedding is designed to remind the husband and wife that it is necessary to pay attention to each other, to give their half a care, love. In the fourteenth year, a married couple needs to revitalize their relationship, add warmth, joy, new sensations to them.

Traditions and customs for 14 years of wedding

The agate wedding anniversary has many traditions, rites, and beliefs associated with the main symbol of this holiday - the semi-precious agate stone, in honor of which the anniversary is named. It looks mysterious, has an unusual structure, which is a color mixture in stripes, ornate patterns, drawings. One of the traditions of an agate wedding is a kind of spouse check, which determines how well the partners know each other:

  • The husband and wife should pick up agate and try to make out the image in the intricate pattern. It will be good if they write what they saw on a piece of paper. If the vision coincided, then the spouses understand each other well, their characters are perfectly combined.

Agates for a 14 Year Wedding

It also matters what the couple will specifically see when reading fortune-telling on an agate, the image can become prophetic: a path means a quick interesting journey, a flower - good news, a heart, a butterfly - the resumption of the romantic period after the wedding anniversary.

Watch the video on which a selection of agate stones is presented:

Agate has become a symbol of this wedding anniversary for a reason. The stone itself is considered a talisman that is able to protect its carrier from danger, and throughout the anniversary year - to protect the family and common life. In addition, agate stone has other secret meanings: it helps to alleviate anger, resentment, anger, making the family hearth warmer. The owner of this magic talisman maintains good health for a long time. Agate has the ability to bring wealth to the family.

  • At the beginning of the agate wedding, the spouses should conduct such a ceremony: the husband must wear an agate jewelry on the neck of his beloved, and the wife should fasten the cufflinks with the same stone on the husband’s cuffs or attach a clip to the tie. This will be a great start to the day, which will inaugurate the anniversary celebration..

Agate Glasses for Anniversaries

There is another tradition:

  • On the eve of the agate anniversary, the husband and wife need to buy glasses of material symbolizing the holiday, and when the cherished date comes, they should drink several sips of wine in private from them. After that, the husband and wife should say the words of congratulations and kiss: this kiss means that the hot fire of love still burns in the hearts of partners.
  • The game with the search for agate hidden in the room will help to recall childhood., «Cold hot»: the closer the player gets to the agate, the «hotter». After the item is found, the couple should also give each other a kiss..

Agate wedding: how to celebrate an anniversary?

To celebrate the fourteenth agate anniversary will turn out in different ways - it all depends on the personal preferences of the heroes of the occasion. Spouses can make a big feast by inviting relatives, friends, acquaintances there, it can’t do without children, and they can celebrate together, indulging in memories that awaken the agate wedding: how many years the couple has been together, but the couple love each other, are faithful.

Surely a lot of things have accumulated that I want to share in private, because this is rarely possible with households and children. Joint rest will help to forget for a short time about parental debt, the hardships of marriage, will make it possible to repeat the honeymoon, dive into a new depth of relationships, see them from the bright side. How to celebrate the agate wedding must be decided by the anniversaries themselves, the main thing is to do it merrily, joyfully and together. At the celebration, a couple can put on each other medals:

Agate Wedding Medal

Choosing a venue for the celebration

An agate wedding is held a year before a beautiful date, so it is often not celebrated in full force. Quite often a cozy apartment becomes a place of celebration. However, this type of agate event does not oblige everyone to do the same: the heroes of the occasion can call a small circle of guests and visit their favorite cafe or rent a restaurant banquet hall with delicious cuisine. A great option to arrange an anniversary is a fun agate wedding, in nature, if the date is celebrated in the summer.

What to wear for spouses

To make the agate wedding perfect, the couple should wear festive costumes, and their image must be supplemented with jewelry with this semiprecious stone. A woman will use a necklace, earrings or a bracelet with agate as decoration; a man will have enough neat cufflinks or a neat tie clip. The choice of outfits depends entirely on the personal preferences of the anniversaries.

Agate Wedding Accessories

Who to invite

The list of invitees depends on the scale of the agate holiday - it can only be parents, close relatives, beloved friends, or, if you are planning a gorgeous banquet, there are options for inviting other couples, good friends. It will not do without a child’s fun at the celebration if the couple decided not to retire. It will be good to invite other couples with children so that the children are not bored, and they allow adults to chat.

What should be on the table

The standard menu is great when an agate fun wedding is celebrated. This includes light snacks, salads, slices, a main meat or fish dish, one or two types of side dish, bread.

Cakes for the agate anniversary of marriage

The main decoration of the table should be a delicious cake that the hostess will bake on her own or order in a candy store. It is good if it is decorated with a thematic inscription. As for the decor, agate candlesticks, figurines, glasses can decorate the table.

Agate Wedding Table Decorations

Celebration script

The couple has already celebrated fourteen anniversaries, 14 years of marriage have passed: what kind of wedding this time will turn out depends on their mood, preferences and on the scenario, without which an important celebration can not do. You can start the morning, observing the traditions of an agate wedding, continue the day with a delicious dinner with guests, and in the evening hold original unusual contests that will please those present. See the agate anniversary scenario below:

What to give for an agate wedding

Gifts for the agate wedding anniversary of 14 years can be varied - beautiful, useful, just pleasant. Giving the culprits gifts, do not forget to say nice words of congratulations. A small list of what will be appropriate to give anniversaries:

  • One of the best gifts is agate jewelry: beads, rings, cufflinks, earrings.
  • Name glasses, caskets, figurines.
  • Postcards.
  • Spouses will be pleased to receive colorful drawings from children.
  • Paintings.
  • Body care products: high-quality natural soaps, shampoos.

Agate anniversary: ​​beautiful gifts and congratulations

Agate Wedding Greetings

An interesting agate wedding is not complete without original congratulations. Congratulations to the anniversaries can be funny, poetic, touching words. Choose congratulations on this anniversary:

A beautiful agate wedding is a gala event marking the fourteen-year frontier of family relationships. This day will help spouses to re-look at each other, arouse the former fire of passion, take a deeper look at their relationship.

Tell us, how would you like the agate wedding to take place at your place - with your family, friends or in solitude? Leave a comment.