28 years of marriage - what a wedding it is


After the wedding festivities do not need to be upset. In a few weeks, wedding anniversaries will begin, to which friends or relatives are invited. Memorable dates from the wedding day are celebrated all over the world. In each country, they are called differently and have their own customs, but an excellent mood is a prerequisite on this day for everyone. It is believed that the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding ceremony was invented in Germany, and subsequently this tradition spread throughout the world..

What is the name of the wedding anniversary of 28 years?

Most wedding anniversaries have a symbolic meaning and are tied to certain items or dates. For different countries, they differ in meaning. For example, 1 year of living together in Germany is called paper, in England - cotton, and in Russia - cotton. The meaning of the names of the first anniversary is the fragility of relations. It is believed that this is only the beginning, and love must be carefully stored, like fragile fabric or paper. For the first anniversary, they open a bottle of champagne, buy a cake, prepare a festive dish.

First wedding anniversary

Married couples usually celebrate round dates. They set the table and take out festive dishes for 5, 10 and 25 years. But there are intermediate holidays that are celebrated in a close home circle. Attitude to these anniversaries shows the unsinkability of the feelings of the spouses. 28 years of marriage are called a nickel wedding, and in other countries - orchids day. Nickel is a metal that does not tarnish over the years. Therefore, such a solemn date symbolizes purity of feelings and resistance to the test of time..

Wedding Anniversary Greetings

There are many options for celebrating a festive anniversary. It is believed that the anniversary is a miniature wedding. You can celebrate it on a grand scale by setting the table at home or by ordering a banquet in a cafe or restaurant. It is more convenient for some couples to invite only close people and mark the date in a close circle. To remember the anniversary, it is better to prepare the holiday in advance and think over all the little things.

Laid banquet table

Family anniversary in a cafe.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary should match the name of the wedding day. Each attribute carries a specific meaning. Choosing a congratulation is necessary taking into account many factors and features of the solemn day. For example, celebrating 28 years of marriage, you need to remember the best qualities of nickel. After all, this metal is a symbol of such a date. There are other options for congratulations on the anniversary. For example, video postcards. An example of such a congratulation is presented in the following video:

Beautiful greeting words in verses.

At the festive round table, I want to say words that are pleasant for anniversaries. Often come up with congratulations in verse. This is a tribute to the passed stages in the life of the spouses. No need to try to make a literal description of the anniversary date. It is advisable to simply put meaning in a poetic form, and be sincere. Congratulatory words are written down, beautifully decorated, and subsequently they will become a reminder of the solemn event. There are many ready-made congratulatory texts and poems. Here are some examples of congratulations.

We congratulate you on your nickel wedding.,
28 years you are together, you two.
And on this day we wish only happiness,
Glasses full for you.
We wish you great success,
Happy life endless days,
May there be a lot of joy and laughter,
And many worthy friends!

Kaby to know, if only to know,
What carries fate?
That's the nickel wedding
Came up through and deadline.
May sulfur not be weekdays!
Keep your original shine
Harmonies and measures,
Believing in the truth of miracles!
And at the friendly table
Remember the past!

On this day, let's get together
We drink wine:
For the beautiful bride
Drink the groom to the bottom!
Let twenty eight years rush,
For your wife, drink, groom, drive fatigue,
You're still young!

There are different metals,
There are a lot of metals on earth.
I respect all metals,
But nickel is somehow sweeter to me.
I don’t know why: understand
Souls of attraction? To
Let's say gold ... I'm nickel,
I sympathize with him.
And to the nickel wedding too
I have a range of special feelings:
She is dear to me all the others.
And from the bottom of my heart I want to say:
Always, everywhere goddess
Nika Pobedny left a mark -
Sounds in the name of the wedding nickel,
As a symbol of life victories!

This wedding is nickel.
This wedding - threw
All the sorrows outside the window.
The morning of joy is full.
Life rushes like a sled
Baby with big mountain.
It is good to sit with us.
And the fire in the furnace burns.
Let the sorrows go away with smoke,
Congratulations will be only.
28 years old, just beautiful.
What you want - return.
Your wedding anniversary
Today we will celebrate.
No better in the world, more beautiful!
And it's time to read poetry.

Short SMS Congratulations

It is possible to remotely congratulate anniversaries on the day of the wedding ceremony. It is not always possible to come to a solemn event and personally to pay respect to the spouses. Often, congratulations are sent in the form of SMS messages. You can invent the content of such a message yourself or take in our selection of SMS congratulations.

I congratulate you on your wedding anniversary
You today my mom,
And I sincerely wish you now,
So that you live this life, loving.

Happy Wedding Anniversary,
We are happy now to congratulate you.
You are beautiful as a woman with a man,
And as a family, you are just a superclass.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Your union grows stronger over the years,
Any difficulties, disagreements
Let love help you decide!

Another year of marriage!
How much and how little!
I congratulate you and wish you to be patient and value each other!

Congratulations on your anniversary and wish you happiness.
Let all bad weather pass by
May your life flow happily
Let a lot of kids be born
Let everything conceived be done
May the cherished dream come true!

Years have passed, how did you get married,
The family has grown in volume a long time ago...
I want you to kiss now!
Let life be like in a colorful movie!

Anniversary imperceptibly arrived,
Before you blink your eye.
We will remember how the wedding sang,
So that for a happy day return!

What to present for the 28th anniversary of marriage?

Gifts for the wedding anniversary are chosen taking into account the items, materials with which this day is associated. For example, for 1 year spent together, it is customary to give bedding or tablecloths. This anniversary is called chintz or gauze. And on the 9th anniversary they give crystal, earthenware dishes, symbolizing the fragility of relations. Do-it-yourself gifts often.

The 28th anniversary of married life is called nickel or orchid day. Gifts for such a holiday choose appropriate. There are not so many nickel-plated products that give anniversaries, but there is something to choose from. A variant of such a congratulation can be a photograph or a picture in a frame of silver-white material. Nickel is used in the manufacture of electronic equipment. An interesting gift can be collection coins with a congratulatory engraving, or a beautiful grandfather clock with a nickel-plated dial.

Nickel hearts

This metal is also used for decorating household items. Nickel decorates kitchen utensils, dishes, cutlery. An original gift for the 28th wedding anniversary for a man can be a weapon with nickel elements. It is simply impossible to refuse a collection saber with a hilt made of silver metal. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

We must not forget about traditional gifts. A bouquet of flowers, souvenirs, rare brands of wines, beautifully packed sweets - this is a standard set of details for the congratulations of the spouses. By mutual agreement, guests give porcelain, crystal objects, vouchers or other useful little things. The main thing is that everything should be sincere and from the heart. Even a simple handmade postcard will bring joy to the anniversaries.

Nickel-plated photo frame

Gift Ideas for Parents

Parents are the closest people on earth, so gifts for the anniversary of their wedding need to be chosen taking into account the characteristics of the relationship and the nature of the spouses. For a nickel wedding, presents are made of silver light material, items are selected that symbolize this solemn day. An original present can be a plate with a congratulatory inscription, a commemorative photo in a nickel frame. Given the wishes of the parents, they give certificates for a variety of services, travel or tickets to the cinema, theater, where they will be together.

Why it's not customary to celebrate a nickel wedding?

In our country, it is customary to celebrate round dates magnificently. All relatives gather for a silver and gold wedding, and intermediate dates are usually not celebrated. The 28th anniversary of living together is a time worthy of respect, so there is nothing reprehensible if you want to celebrate such an anniversary. A couple should meet a nickel wedding, orchid day together. It is believed that this period is difficult for the husband and wife, therefore it is better to devote a nickel anniversary to the implementation of their endeavors.