100 years red wedding


Among all the wedding anniversaries, the most incredible and amazing is considered red wedding centenary of marriage. It is hard to imagine that the couple lived together for a century! Until recently, there was no official evidence of the celebration of a hundred-year-old wedding: the Agaev family from the high-mountainous Azerbaijani village became the first. They, as pioneers of a century-old marriage, gave the name to the 100th anniversary. On this day, the couple celebrates a wonderful event, the age of true strong love..

Ancient traditions and customs for 100 years of wedding

So far, there is information about only one couple, who, due to good health and good ecology, have managed to live together for so many years, so there are still few traditions and customs of this anniversary. At the time of the event, the Azerbaijani spouses Agaev were 116 and 126 years old. Even for modern people who receive good medical care, living up to this age is a rarity, with the exception of some centenarians who meet such an advanced age without a couple.

Spouses Agaeva for 100 years of wedding

Earlier, in the time of Russia, the word red meant not only color. Red was called everything beautiful, solid, so wonderful things should surround the anniversaries that day. You can decorate the whole celebration with attributes in shades of red, use this color in textile materials on tablecloths, napkins, curtains, draperies on chairs. It is better to put red roses, chrysanthemums or peonies on the table, also use other table accessories of this color, candlesticks, figurines. The perfect final chord of the holiday will be a stylish delicious red cake..

Red cake for the 100th wedding anniversary

Spouses on this day should give each other red jewelry, flowers. They can also perform a second wedding ceremony with the exchange of rings, and jewelry should be with rubies or other red stones. This ritual will be a great way to celebrate the centenary, it will emphasize the couple’s unremitting feelings for each other, eternal fidelity, incredible power of love.

Rings with rubies for 100 years of wedding

How many things the couple experienced from the wedding itself: after the birth of the child, the anniversaries probably twice or thrice watched the continuation of a kind of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren. It is the grandchildren or great-grandchildren who are organizing the event, because the children of the jubilees themselves are elderly.

Red wedding: how to celebrate an anniversary?

On this day, close relatives of the heroes of the occasion need to get together, give all their attention to the anniversaries. It will be a big holiday, because it will bring together several generations with their families from young to old. The organizers will be engaged in decorating the premises, cooking, inventing an interesting scenario. As for a gala lunch or dinner, it should be light, without complex and fatty dishes, so that the whole society of guests feels comfortable.

Hall decoration for the centenary of the wedding

Despite the obstacles, two people at the time of the red wedding lived together for a hundred years. This is worthy of the deepest respect that those present must show. The participants of the celebration will have to surround their favorite anniversaries with care, and to keep this date forever in memory, you should take some common memorable photos, shoot a video.

Celebration script

The scenario of the red wedding will include a delicious dinner or dinner party, congratulations to the couple, and presenting gifts. Children and grandchildren can prepare a beautiful performance: to collect photos, videos of the heroes of the occasion, to mount a clip and show guests on the big screen the anniversaries will certainly be pleased to see the days of their youth. The final stage of the evening can be playing songs that the couple loved, being newlyweds, and their touching joint dance.

What to present for a red wedding

A married couple, having lived together for a hundred years, has experienced various poverty, wealth, hostility and happiness. After such a long period of life, material gifts cease to be valued, because truly the main gift is the attention of people to whom the heroes of the occasion dedicated the lives of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. In addition, those present at the 100-year-old wedding can give memorabilia to the heroes of the occasion:

Cookware Set for a 100 Year Old Couple

  • personalized jewelry decorated with red precious, semiprecious stones;
  • souvenirs figurines, caskets, candlesticks;
  • quality service in red;
  • cooking utensils;
  • postcards, paintings, drawings;
  • woman a beautiful scarf, red or decorated with red elements,
  • handsome scarlet tie.

Red Wedding Greetings

Guests can congratulate red anniversaries in different ways: come up with their own poem, remember funny, and just interesting moments from their lives. Below you can select the ready-made congratulations for the celebration on the links:

An example of an anniversary video that grandchildren can prepare for a couple:

Red anniversary is a rare event. If your relatives managed to celebrate the centenary together, try to please them on this day, surround them with universal attention and care. Old people will be pleased to see around them loving descendants.

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