Tin wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 8 Years


After eight years of married life, the couple celebrates the anniversary, which is called «tin wedding». According to psychologists, after eight years of marriage, the couple are immersed in everyday life. Therefore, it becomes difficult to keep love for each other, more often quarrels occur on household mail. But during this period of time, the marriage became more durable, and the couple acquired the status of strong. Tin is a durable metal, so a tin traditional wedding symbolizes reliability. How to celebrate a tin anniversary?

8th anniversary tradition

Even our ancestors realized the significance of this date, so they invariably celebrated the eight years of married life. Previously, such a wedding was celebrated in a circle of close people. The owner and the hostess carefully cleaned the house, set a rich table. By tradition, the heroes of the occasion put a tin bucket filled with vodka at the doors or gates of their house. A tin can was placed next to it. Each guest at the entrance to the house drank vodka, and also threw a shiny coin into the can.

Wedding tin utensils

Even the couple were wondering about their future. On the eve of the holiday, the husband carried a tin plate to the stable. In the morning, the couple checked to see if there was a trace of a horseshoe on her. The people believed that if a horse stepped on a plate, then the couple will live together happily ever after.

Tin wedding: how to celebrate?

As a rule, the wedding anniversary is 8 years, or, as it is popularly called, the poppy wedding, is modestly celebrated, but the wealth acquired over eight years is demonstrated. Spouses invite only close relatives and friends who are able to share the joy of the couple to the celebration. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the culprits and guests try delicious dishes and have fun. So goes the usual tin fun wedding. Let's consider in more detail how to organize such a holiday.

Choosing a venue for the celebration

Most people prefer to celebrate such a wedding at home. But a good place to celebrate is also considered a cozy restaurant or cafe. To beautifully decorate the room, use horseshoes, beautiful vases filled with decorative multi-colored stones and coins, poppy flowers. After all, as you know, this significant date is also called «poppy wedding». It is advisable to hang bright pictures with symbolic flowers everywhere.

Hall decoration for tin wedding

What to wear for spouses

A tin traditional wedding provides simple outfits for the heroes of the occasion. The wife is advised to wear a modest dress embroidered with gold threads, beads, decorated with rhinestones. The husband will look great in a neat suit and shirt. As for jewelry, tin engagement rings, a variety of steel jewelry are considered the invariable attributes of such a wedding. After all, tin is a symbol of the eighth wedding anniversary.

Outfits for spouses for a tin wedding

Who to invite

As a rule, this wedding is celebrated in a circle of close people, relatives of the spouses who were witnesses to the beginning of their relationship, quarrels and reconciliations. Be sure to invite witnesses who attended the wedding eight years ago. But not invited guests have a place at the celebration. To do this, a couple of young people should dress up, put on tin rings and congratulate the spouses on a holiday. They are seated at a table opposite the heroes of the day..

What should be on the table

Guests should be treated to poppy seed cakes, which the hostess must bake on her own. In addition, canned goods in cans will be appropriate for the holiday. Choose sardines, sprats, and other types of canned food that are suitable for a celebration. Do not forget about sweets - they symbolize the relationship of the spouses. Therefore, sweets and a birthday cake must be present on the table.

Dishes for a tin wedding

As for drinks, a tin traditional wedding involves hot drinks, whether tea or vodka. It is believed that such drinks warm the cold relations of spouses who have already managed to bother each other for eight years of marriage. Therefore, do not forget to stock up with enough alcohol, tea, coffee.

If you have ever wondered: «Tin wedding how old?», now you can not only answer it, but also indicate the main organizational aspects of such a wedding.

Celebration script

In order for the long-awaited tin wedding to take place without force majeure, every detail of the celebration should be carefully considered. It is advisable to use a predefined script. He describes the entire course of the holiday. An important anniversary in the life of the spouses is considered to be 8 years of marriage, a ready-made script for a tin wedding is easy to find. The following describes the approximate course of events during the celebration.

The wedding begins with a traditional feast, after which the guests congratulate the couple, give the spouses symbolic gifts. But the meal begins only after the owner of the house heats a little kvass from the tin bucket. Then, he must pass it on to the mistress. This symbolic rite means the unity of the spouses, the willingness to share food in joy and in grief.

Then begins the entertainment program of the evening, that is, dances, competitions, songs. For tin weddings, such contests as creating stylish clothes from clean empty tin cans, such games related to tin material, are suitable. Active pastime should be diluted by reading poetry, telling interesting stories from the family life of spouses.

A feast and pastime at a tin wedding

It is advisable to capture the moments of this event in a photo or video, so that at any moment there is an opportunity to refresh bright memories of the evening.

What to give on the 8th anniversary of married life

The eighth anniversary of family life is a serious date, because the couple are close for a long period of time. Relations can be called real work. Therefore, gifts for this anniversary should be luxurious and match the name of the holiday. Let's consider what presentations the spouses' soul will enjoy:

  • The medal on which the names of the husband and wife will be struck will be a real surprise for the couple.
  • Kitchen utensils, as well as tin dishes, will be an excellent present for the home of spouses. In addition, tin does not rust for a long time, so the hostess will be delighted with such dishes.
  • Miro essential oil is a real treasure for beauty and health. It has calming and relaxing properties..
  • Funny SMS with congratulations before the start of the celebration will amuse the couple. A regular postcard with sincere wishes, cheerful inscriptions is also suitable..

Gifts for the 8th anniversary of married life

A couple should choose a present, focusing on their personal preferences. Then the gift will delight them for a long time, and remind you.

Greetings from a tin wedding

Traditionally, on the anniversary of the couple wish happiness, a river of love, a bag of money, prosperity. But so that your congratulations sound original, it is worth looking at unusual wishes for spouses for a tin wedding.

You will find worthy wishes for such an event in this video. Check it out so that the couple will remember your congratulations for a long time:

Having well marked this significant date, the spouses will feel the renewal of feelings, and the guests will have a great rest and will be happy for a couple. In addition, it is not at all difficult to organize a tin wedding, if you follow the traditions and customs.

Have you celebrated such a wedding with your other half? Leave your impressions in the comments to the article!