4 years linen or rope wedding


The four-year anniversary of married life is called «linen wedding». This date is also called wax or rope. Flax symbolizes wealth, prosperity, because linen was always considered top-notch. The thing is that linen linen is strong and strong. They compare with him a couple who lived together for four years. The period of grinding in, quarrels has passed, family life has become more quiet, stable. This time is considered beneficial for the spouses. How to celebrate this anniversary?

Tradition of celebration

In the old days, our ancestors magnificently celebrated a rope wedding. The celebration was held in the house, which was carefully cleaned before the event. The hosts sought to prepare a rich table for the guests. The feast was held in a friendly circle of close people of the spouses by candlelight. It is worth saying that the candles were installed on pieces of linen fabric or on a special platform.

Table decoration for the holiday

There is an interesting wedding ceremony: at the celebration, guests tightly tied the spouses with ropes to the chairs. If they could not free themselves from them, this is a sign that the bonds of marriage were lasting. Also, on a rope anniversary, the wife was to sew a linen sheet. Subsequently, the sheet was decorated with embroidery or lace. As a rule, such bedding was passed on to each generation as a relic..

Flaxen wedding: how to celebrate?

The fourth anniversary of married life is desirable to celebrate according to tradition. So, a linen traditional wedding is celebrated in a fun company. The party will certainly be interesting, so do not forget to take a photo, as well as a video from the holiday. Arrange an unforgettable celebration with friends, relatives, loved ones!

Rope Wedding Celebration

Who to invite

The 4th wedding anniversary is a family holiday to which a small circle of people should be invited. It is advisable that these be the common friends of the couple, who are able to share the happiness of the spouses. If the husband and wife have a child, he must also be present at the celebration. A rope wedding will not do without witnesses of the couple's marriage. Invite only welcome guests. Then you will be able to celebrate the anniversary on «Hooray»!

What to dress spouses

Linen traditional wedding provides linen for both spouses. Flax products are not only beautiful, but also extremely reliable. Therefore, before the celebration, please yourself with a new thing. The wife will look great in a dress or sundress, which will emphasize a lovely figure. Coloring, as well as decorative ornaments on clothes are not important, the main thing is that the outfit was made using natural linen. A white linen suit, complemented by a contrasting shirt, is suitable for the spouse..

Outfits for the anniversary

How and what to set the table

Wax wedding is celebrated with a rich festive table. The hostess sets the table with a linen tablecloth, napkins should also be linen. It is advisable to place a wax candle next to each table parting. Table decoration is considered the figures of husband and wife, made from real stalks of flax. These figures need to be burned at the next anniversary. A traditional linen wedding is characterized by treats such as honey, cakes, sweets, sweets, holiday cake.

Treats for guests

Celebration script

Premature scripting is the key to a successful event. Indeed, if the course of the celebration is thought out in advance, the possibility of force majeure circumstances is practically excluded. A linen wedding script will help you get the most out of a rope wedding.

In the West, it is customary to celebrate a rope wedding in the same way as four years ago. That is, spouses with witnesses and with other guests who were present at the wedding, again sent to the registry office. It should be agreed in advance that the spouses should be remarried. This is allowed to someone from the couple’s close friends. Then the procession sets off on the same road as four years ago. End the evening should be in a restaurant where the newlyweds celebrated the wedding.

Such a rope wedding will strengthen the relationship of the spouses, renew the love for each other. Indeed, over four years of marriage together, feelings have changed significantly, have become calmer. But fond memories will warm the soul of the husband and wife, so it makes sense to celebrate the anniversary in this way. So a linen cheerful wedding will make the relationship of spouses strong and passionate.

What to give for a linen wedding

If you were invited to a rope anniversary, and you do not know what to give to the spouses, pay attention to things from flax. But for the holiday is allowed to give not only material things. Consider which presents are suitable as a gift:

Gifts for Anniversaries

  • Linen linen, towels, curtains;
  • Linen clothes - shirts, t-shirts, dresses;
  • Cool playcasts or postcards will be appropriate if you have good friendships with your husband and wife;
  • Macrame weaving kits;
  • Movie or theater tickets;
  • Book with romantic poems;

Spouses can please each other with rings that will give the relationship a new status. Also suitable presentations are linen clothes, collages with joint photos, color pictures, candles, candlesticks.

Congratulations on a linen wedding

In addition to the usual wishes of happiness, health, prosperity, it is necessary to come up with something original. More unusual greetings look here:

If you want to impress your spouses and prepare extraordinary wishes for the event, watch this video:

An interesting linen wedding will leave a lot of impressions and memories. In addition, this event will refresh the relationship of the spouses. Think over all the details of the rope celebration, and the evening will be great!

Did you organize the rope wedding yourself? Leave a few words about your experience in the comments to the article.!