First wedding anniversary congratulation


So the first year of married life flew by. Many believe that it is the most difficult, but also joyful. During this time, the couple arranged their life, life, experienced great joys and went through through hardships and problems together. Having passed this path, they are ready to celebrate their first anniversary - a chintz wedding. Relations are still as simple and not strong as this material. On this day, the newlyweds exchange symbolic gifts, items from chintz, arrange a grand celebration, receive guests - relatives and friends. Going to a celebration, guests prepare congratulations to spouses.

How beautiful to congratulate on your first wedding anniversary

Beautiful words of congratulations on the first wedding anniversary should be heard, first of all, from the spouse to the beloved woman and vice versa. Two loving people who have lived together for a year and celebrate their first wedding date have something to say to each other. On this day it will be the most sincere, warm words that they will hear in their address. Choosing a congratulation, you should definitely learn it so that reading from a piece of paper does not spoil the whole romance of the moment.

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary

Beautiful greeting words for wife

The wife, as the guardian of the family hearth, deserved beautiful congratulations to her. On this day, the man utters the warmest words addressed to the beloved woman. As a rule, these are interesting poems found on the Internet or beautiful wishes expressed in your own words from the bottom of your heart. It is not necessary to pronounce them during the celebration, in the presence of guests. Words spoken in private without unnecessary witnesses will be more sincere and meaningful..

This year of the test of love,
You call him what you want.
For me this year is golden,
Because I'm next to you.
Congratulations my dear,
You and I are spouses, family.

Dear wife!
I congratulate you.
For a fabric gift
Do not scold the prankster.
A piece of lycra or chintz
Let it suddenly turn into a roll,
So that in the future a whole year
Do not know with rags hassle!

A whole year, as we are a family,
But the heart skips a beat:
My dear wife
It's still a mystery to me.
How good it is for me together,
I can be strong, brave with her,
We will always understand each other,
And celebrate the anniversary together!

It’s good that we are with you,
Already a year, how happy we live.
I always cherish you alone,
And I believe in our sincere love.
I want to congratulate you on our wedding anniversary,
And wish you my swan.
Good health, love and happiness,
And make your cherished dream come true.

My beloved, beautiful wife,
This is the year we live together with you,
And every day you discover miracles,
Which I didn’t notice when I was still a bride.
I congratulate dear you,
Happy holiday, our wedding day,
I wish you health, peace and well,
Huge, cloudless happiness.

Saying congratulations, the spouse should focus on how incredibly lucky he is that such a magnificent woman agreed to share her life with him. Express gratitude for the year spent together, for the given minutes of joy and pleasure. Do not forget about the support of your beloved wife in difficult situations. It is necessary to pronounce these words sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, securing wishes with a passionate kiss.

Funny greetings for husband

For a handsome man, a beloved husband, a spouse prepares original congratulations. As a rule, these are funny, funny words. In a comic form, the wife tries to convey to her husband how much she appreciates and values ​​him with love, loyalty, support. Such congratulations, as a rule, in a poetic form are cheerful and are remembered for a long time by a man. See a few examples below..

So the year has already passed,
How are you, honey, together!
Everyone in him found a family,
There was a groom, there was a bride,
And now the wife and husband!
Happy Anniversary!
Together we are not afraid of a cold,
We help each other!

I got sick with you for a year,
Ordinary husband, but was a hero!
He promised me stars from the sky,
Oh how divinely you lied!
I congratulate you on this,
I'm waiting for you candy for tea.

Happy first year to my husband!
My spouse is bestowed upon me by fate.
He is not cold in the winter cold,
With it is cool in the tropical heat.
So we lived with him for a year.
I rubbed against each other - I will not hide.
There were a lot of worries and troubles.,
But we really became a family.
My spouse is a real lump:
Lean firmly against your shoulder.
For your love dear «thank!»
I whisper more than once this night...

I’ll bake you dumplings, watch over cabbage rolls,
Ah, my love, you and I, well done!
Nothing that cloves crooked in the corridor you nailed,
Nothing that you put your sock in the makeup bag.
The first year in family happiness is very important, no doubt,
To make my beloved happy, I boil vinaigrette.
I bring you a scarf from chintz with a pure heart as a gift,
Give me a fur coat, honey? Silver fox il fox.

I’ll bake you dumplings, watch over cabbage rolls,
Ah, my love, you and I, well done!
Nothing that cloves crooked in the corridor you nailed,
Nothing that you put your sock in the makeup bag.
The first year in family happiness is very important, no doubt,
To make my beloved happy, I boil vinaigrette.
I bring you a scarf from chintz with a pure heart as a gift,
Give me a fur coat, honey? Silver fox il fox.

Options for congratulations from family and friends

Preparing for such an important celebration - the first wedding anniversary of your friends, children or relatives, you need to prepare beautiful congratulatory words. Preparing is as important as getting married. As a rule, on a holiday they wish to preserve the love and feelings that passed the test of the first year of life, replenishment of the family, if the spouses did not acquire a small heir or heiress. Congratulations can be in poetic form or prose, or made in the form of a beautiful photo card. Check out an example of a video greeting with a chintz wedding:

Choosing a congratulation, you must take into account its nature. It can be touching, romantic words addressed to both spouses or separate wishes, parting words to each of the couple. Often on this day, funny, funny words are heard in which sincere wishes of happiness, prosperity and prosperity to a young family are hidden behind a humorous text.

Wishes in verses and prose from parents

The most expensive people are parents. Their presence on the first wedding anniversary of children is a must. Wishing to congratulate relatives with such an important event, they carefully choose wishes that would maximize their feelings. They try to convey to the heroes of the occasion their love, support and joy for their happy fate. They want to maintain mutual understanding and warmth for many years. And the main wish-request from the parents is the imminent appearance of grandchildren, if the young family has not yet acquired heirs.

Changing for chintz holiday dresses
The family has grown evenly for a year,
And as it should be for all year-old children,
I got up on my feet and myself went.
And let her go confidently and boldly
Among other diverse families.
And let trust and tenderness help you
One day to meet and centenary!

Know how to cherish love,
To pass many years,
But you were together as before,
And behind a hundred victories!
Love is not for the word,
Not for songs should be,
Cherish her, take care!
And there will be a life of warmth, tender!
Meeting the chintz wedding,
Plan for a century ahead!
Walk the road together!
And may happiness wait on the road

With a cotton print, we congratulate you!
Only live in peace we wish you,
To all troubles, adversities and storms
They didn’t dare to fly into your family!
So that you love each other as before
The first meetings did not forget!
First glances, kisses in the night,
The way they fell asleep in each other's arms!
Remember and cherish treasured
Feeling tender long summers.
Let your laughter sound in your house!
For happiness there will be no barriers and interference!

Chintz will present you now
And the poems are already at the same time,
To live like a fairy tale
Or just like in a movie.
This year was the hardest,
But you did quite well,
No complaints like her husband,
Well, also to my wife.
Printed wedding of many
Checks for love,
And not everyone finds strength
Defend Again and Again.
Preserving the tenderness of feeling
Its freshness, brightness, passion,
Not giving evil to everyday life
To attack your family.
You held steady,
So - do not give up positions!
We are at your hundredth wedding
We can walk too!
Congratulations to you, our family,
Happy First Anniversary - Young,
And we wish to live in the same way.,
Not meeting pain and misfortune.
Let everything be okay and according,
And grandchildren will be born in their turn,
Let love command hourly
And takes each other forever captive!

Moms often choose solemn poems with touching words. Dads prefer prose or utter wishes in their own words. Beautiful greetings can be said during the presentation of the gift or as a toast at the table. It does not matter with what words, in what form wishes from parents will be expressed, they will be the most sincere, dear, spoken from the heart. See below for examples of such congratulations..

Short SMS greetings from friends

The closest and dearest people are invited to the chintz wedding. If you are not on the list of invited guests or there is no way to personally convey congratulations, you can always congratulate using SMS messages. A short, concrete wish will give pleasant feelings to the heroes of the occasion, the joy that you remembered the solemn date. In an SMS message it is possible to send a small rhyme or prosaic text. See examples below..

Happy first year of wedding
We congratulate you!
Live fun and friendly,
In love we wish you!

You are married for a year.
Congratulations! Let him live
Marriage without cracks and nails,
With a bunch of female curlers!

We wish you on your wedding day,
So the kids go quickly,
And of course, every year the wife is more beautiful,
And to make you drunk from love!

Year lived soul to soul,
Refill the glass.
Chintz wedding is cooler,
Than a centenary!
The first pancake in many is lumpy,
Only this is not about you.
Year of family life new
It turned out - in a good hour!

Year lived soul to soul,
Refill the glass.
Chintz wedding is cooler,
Than a centenary!
The first pancake in many is lumpy,
Only this is not about you.
Year of family life new
It turned out - in a good hour!

Cool toasts in your own words

During the festive feast can not do without congratulatory toasts. Serious, touching wishes are the prerogative of parents, but friends, girlfriends can make a comic, funny toast. Such a merry speech will amuse the guests, will raise an already good mood for everyone. There is always the opportunity to find a cool toast in magazines or congratulation books. But the best thing will be the speech delivered in your own words.

- Dear friends! The first year of family life is the most difficult. This is the time when a man re-learns to put his socks back on the shelf, vacuum the apartment and prepare not one but two cups of coffee in the morning. The woman is also not easy. You need to learn how to cook the same delicious borscht as your mom’s spouse, iron shirts without arrows. Well done - you held out, successfully passed all the tests. From now on, no family adversity is not afraid of you, so be happy!

- Congratulations on the chintz wedding! You probably already realized that the worst enemy of love relationships is life. So let's raise our glasses so that the boat of this young family never stumbles upon household pitfalls. Husband, you as a captain - direct the family ship at the right rate, where there are no icebergs. Let there be more romance, adventure, joyful, memorable events on your way. Love each other ever stronger day by day!

Wedding anniversary photo examples

It is possible to issue a beautiful congratulation in the form of a postcard. This is not difficult to do, you just need to pick up a congratulation that expresses your attitude, wish to the spouses celebrating the anniversary as much as possible. In order for the congratulation to be as sincere as possible, conveying all the feelings, you should write it yourself, having a little imagination. Next, you need to choose a beautiful picture or photo of the heroes of the occasion, and using Photoshop to connect the two elements. The result is a beautiful, original greeting card with a cotton print.

First Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

First Anniversary Greeting Picture

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary

If you can’t do it yourself due to the specifics, then standard greeting cards can be used. It is possible to send them by e-mail to spouses celebrating their first anniversary on social networks or print and give as an addition to the main gift. Examples of beautiful, original cards, look at the photos presented below.