26 years of marriage - what a wedding it is


Having lived together for a considerable number of years, spouses, as a rule, celebrate only round dates of life together: 10 years, 20, 25, etc. However, this does not mean at all that the rest of the holidays will not have their significance in each year of family life. A vivid example of this is the 26th wedding anniversary, which once again gives spouses the opportunity to show attention, care and tenderness to each other, as well as demonstrate their mutual love. This is a wonderful occasion to once again recall the wonderful time of youth, love and carefree.

What is the name of the wedding anniversary of 26 years?

If you are interested in 26 years together, what kind of wedding, contact your parents. They probably know, having lived as much time together, that this is the jade wedding anniversary. This day is not so named, because jade is a strong natural mineral. Its strength is so high that it is impossible to break even with a sledgehammer. It is believed that the inextricable relations of spouses that have developed over the years should also have such characteristics..

Jade Wedding Symbol

With the advent of the jade wedding, the frontier of married life passes into the phase of a self-sufficient period: the family has already formed, children are adults, a career has been realized, recognition has been received. A favorable time of stability and confidence is coming - this is just the hour to create a romantic atmosphere in the matrimonial home, to fill the love relationship with happiness and tenderness.

Original wedding anniversary greetings

Are you invited to a jade wedding? Prepare your congratulatory text in advance. Use it at the festive table to deliver a beautiful speech. Congratulation can be in the form of an unusual toast, using colorful prose or poetry. If you are looking for original jade wedding greetings, check out a few examples below. They can be used successfully for such a wonderful occasion..

Jade wedding greetings

  • Jade wedding greetings from friends

Not a single precious metal or stone is capable of embodying true love, priceless fidelity, infinite desire to be together. Let these values ​​in your family be unchanged after more than a dozen years. Strengthen joint relationships, keep the family hearth, love, value every minute spent together, and respect each other! Happy anniversary of the jade wedding of you, our dear friends!

Having known you for many years, I see that this alliance has been going on for the 26th year in a row. As a witness, I can definitely say that your matured children are just gold, the atmosphere of abundance, love, comfort and friendship always reigns in the house, both of you have reached the desired positions on the career ladder, have gained recognition. All this is due to the fact that you are together. So why then do people call it marriage? Such a life is top notch and a wonderful role model! Let it be so further! Happy jade wedding, dear! Bitterly!

To be inspired by good thoughts on how to originally congratulate friends on a jade wedding, see the video below in addition. Another unusual idea is presented there, how to create a modern wedding greetings to friends, designed in the form of a presentation. This is an original and interesting option that can impress anyone who receives such a congratulation..

  • Congratulatory words of children - to parents

Our dear, mom and dad! We heartily congratulate you on your jade wedding! We wish that such holidays take place, at least for the next 60 years, and become a wonderful tradition in every year lived. And we, as your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, will each year congratulate you on such a triumph more and more. Therefore, stock up to the maximum with patience, love, health, in order to withstand us! We love you dearly!

  • Congratulations from husband to wife

My clear ray of light! If you only knew how brightly you shone for me these years! We have been together for 26 years! Time flew by, and you're still as beautiful. And not without reason today's wedding is called jade - after all, our relationship with you has become so strong that not a single person in the world can destroy them. Thank you for all these years of endless happiness! Let it be so, you just remember that I love you very much!

Congratulations husband to his beloved wife with a jade wedding

  • Wishes for a Jade Wedding

Exactly 26 such anniversaries ago, I, without a single shadow of doubt, went down the crown with you. Then I did not know what lay ahead. You and I experienced a lot. From this, our relationship has only become stronger, like jade. I have never regretted my chosen life path, so I want to thank you very much for love, loyalty, tenderness, understanding. This is our holiday of life with you, which we skillfully fill with happiness. With a jade wedding, lover!

Beautiful greeting words in verses.

To beautifully congratulate a jade wedding, speech can be framed in poetic form. It’s not necessary to come up with colorful poems, pick up original phrases. There are many ready-made poems, the theme of which is the 26th anniversary of the wedding. Check out some of them below..

jade wedding poems

jade wedding poems

jade wedding poems

jade wedding poems

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Jade Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

On the 26th wedding anniversary, you need to prepare a gift from jade. It will be a very valuable and good gift, because this mineral has healing properties. For such a presentation of options there can be a mass, for example, a variety of massagers for joints of the legs, universal wellness devices for the whole body, car seat covers with jade inserts.

Different sizes of this mineral figurines, beautiful dishes, and a personalized medal will be a pleasant gift on the day of the wedding. An alternative option for a jade wedding will be traditional gifts that are always appropriate for any occasion. For example, small or large household appliances, expensive linens, various paintings, grandfather clocks, items for room decor.

Jade Wedding Gifts

Gift Ideas for Parents

When parents celebrate such a wonderful wedding anniversary, I want to make a special gift that will cause pleasant feelings for my beloved relatives. The choice must necessarily fall on jade products: it can be either decorative souvenirs (figurines, table clocks, medallions), or useful healing things (jade bracelet, massager, back belt with jade plates).

If you have considerable financial resources, consider options and more valuable gifts for a jade wedding. A tourist trip or a round-the-world tour, a gold chain with a pendant and a jade stone for mom and a similar signet ring for dad, other precious jewelry, large household items, a subscription for a joint day of spa treatments, a certificate for a certain amount in a perfume shop.

Gifts to parents for a jade wedding

For parents, the value of your gift does not lie in its high cost, but in the attention you give them, therefore, to present a souvenir it is absolutely not necessary to lay out large amounts of money. Focus on a few simple conditions: the gift should be desired, appropriate, presented to parents with special tenderness and love.

How to celebrate the 26th anniversary of marriage?

This holiday is not considered a round anniversary date, for the celebration of which a wide scope is needed for a huge number of people. It is quite possible to get by with a narrow circle of people close and dear to the heart. Prepare a couple of family specialties, set the table for a few people and modestly celebrate your 26th anniversary of living together in a pleasant company.

If the family is well off, you can solemnly celebrate your holiday in the restaurant by inviting all your friends, relatives and friends. Order a beautiful cake with the symbols of a 26-year wedding, organize a small buffet with light snacks, ask to include your favorite music and have fun celebrating another wonderful year of family life.

Jade Wedding Celebration

Each year, lived together, has an impact on spouses. Their relationship is becoming like a perennial cognac, which over the years is gaining more consistency, strength, aroma and taste of a unique bouquet. What could be more beautiful than a happy husband and wife, who have a considerable number of years lived behind them, successfully raised children, rich life experience and a festive mood. Celebrate the jade anniversary as if it was your very first wedding, with enthusiastic faces of happiness, hearts full of love and tenderness for each other.