Wedding signs and ceremonies for a happy marriage

The happy future life of the newlyweds depends on many formalities, including the observance of wedding signs and customs. For example, there are many beliefs associated with the girl’s wedding outfit. One of them is the fact that if there are buttons on the bride’s dress, then their number should be even

Many wedding signs and customs indicate that an odd number of guests should invite a bride and groom to the wedding. Then the life of the bride and groom will be long and happy. And so that their new family path is soft and easier in life, the path of the bride and groom in the registry office is covered with beautiful carpets.

There is one interesting custom, which is that after the wedding ceremony the bride gives people all the little things, then in the married life of the newlyweds there will always be a monetary income and there will be no family failures. Often newlyweds showered with grain. This custom also exists so that there will always be prosperity in a newly-made family. Even a young couple is showered with sweets so that their life is sweet and carefree. The same life can be achieved if the bride and groom before the registry office eat a chocolate bar for two so that no one sees it. Among wedding omens and customs, such is common when coins are put in glasses of newlyweds. After the wedding, these coins must be stored under the tablecloth in their home. Then in this family there will also be a constant monetary income.

There are also many signs and customs associated with the parents of the newlyweds. So, for example, at a wedding, mothers of the newlyweds should be in dresses, and not in separate suits, so that the children’s life is smooth and smooth. And before the wedding feast, but already after the marriage ceremony, the young must, for good luck, look together in the mirror. According to tradition, the young people break the first glass after the wedding ceremony for happiness. There is also a belief that in order to avoid unnecessary quarrels in the newlywed family, you cannot give sets of forks and knives to the wedding.

There is one tradition that every wedding adheres to today. This is when the parents of the bride and groom meet them near the registry office and bring the young cake. The bride and groom in turn should bite off a piece of the pie, without touching their hands. Who can bite off a larger piece, he will become the head of the family. For that, at a wedding feast, the newlyweds can not eat from one cutlery.

Many people believe in the belief that you can’t let anyone measure a wedding ring, as well as a wedding dress and veil, because a girl trying on one of the above can take away your happiness.

In any case, do not be alarmed if you accidentally miss one wedding sign and custom, because the most important thing to achieve happiness in marriage is to be married to the person you love and love you.