Signs and superstitions associated with the wedding attire

A wedding is an unusually significant event that marks the transition of the bride and groom to a completely different social status. That is why in the culture of any nation, many signs and superstitions are associated with this holiday. The lion's share of such signs is associated with a wedding outfit. Indeed, for an ancient person, clothing was not only a means of protection from the vagaries of the weather - it also performed a symbolically sacred function, served as a talisman and reflected the situation in society. So the traditions and signs regarding wedding attire are one of the most ancient and important, transmitted from generation to generation. Neglecting them means neglecting the experience gained over centuries..

Before you go to a beauty salon or a wedding dress shop, you need to read the slogan "My angel, a golden crown, cover with a clean veil. Not for a month, not for a year, how long the slave (name) will live. Amen. Amen. Amen" and leave the apartment (house) with your back forward.

When choosing your wedding dress and trying on it in front of the mirror, do not forget about a very old omen: before the wedding, the bride should not fully try on the wedding dress, otherwise the wedding will not take place. The ancients explained it this way: since the girl put on a wedding dress, it is believed that she had already married, and looking at herself in the mirror, she fixed her status. The real groom in her life is no longer left. To avoid this situation, do not wear one of the gloves, take off your veil or measure your wedding outfit barefoot.

When deciding on the style of a wedding dress, exclude too deep neckline and bare shoulders. Firstly, such a dress will be elementary uncomfortable, and yet at your own wedding you want to feel as comfortable as possible. Secondly, opening, although not completely, the breast, the bride leaves her unprotected before the evil eye of envious people, who are many at weddings. The evil eye of such a delicate part of the body is fraught with an inexplicable lack of breast milk after childbirth. Why take risks when it comes to such important things as giving birth and feeding a baby?

The most favorable day for buying a wedding dress is Wednesday, but it’s worth going to the store for wedding shoes on Friday. By the way, keep in mind: omens recommend that wedding shoes be just shoes, and not, for example, sandals. In addition, according to popular belief, wedding shoes without fasteners are a guarantee of an easy birth in the future..

If after buying some part of the wedding attire - dresses, shoes or veils - you received the change, it is better to remove it away and make sure that for at least three months a stranger does not touch it. The longer you don’t spend this money, the better.

On the wedding day, young people - both the groom and the bride - are encouraged to pin a pin to the inside of the wedding attire or attach two small pieces of a red ribbon crosswise. This will protect the couple from the evil eye and make the married life happier. If there are already three of you walking down the aisle - a young, young and their unborn child - the bride should protect her belly under the wedding outfit with a wide red cloth or belt. The nascent life is very fragile and sensitive in an envious look..

Why is protection against evil eye carried out using red? In all folk cultures, this color is a symbol of life, therefore it is precisely it that is actively used in various charms. One more sign is connected with this circumstance. The outfit worn by the young wife the next day should be at least partially (or better, completely) red: after the wedding night, she could become pregnant. Dressing in red, a woman protects not only the unborn child, but also the future of her family as a whole.

To protect the young family from the evil eye, you should pre-purchase small icons of the Virgin Mary (for the bride) and Jesus Christ (for the groom) or personalized images. On the wedding day, these icons must be hidden in the outfits of the young and left there until the end of the wedding celebration.

Finally, the bride’s bridal veil should never be sold, handed over to someone or taken to the thrift store, because it is the most reliable and powerful amulet not only for young people, but also for their unborn children.