Stereotypes and prejudices in organizing a wedding


The modern world does not stand still. No one forces you to send letters through the post office if electronic correspondence is much more convenient and efficient. No one forbids you to board a plane and get to the desired point faster than on a ship. Nobody tells you to wear dresses to the floor instead of trousers, if women did so two centuries ago. So why, contrary to all arguments of reason, we continue to follow wedding stereotypes and prejudices?

Bride and groom are key figures

Who should pay for the wedding??

In ancient Russia, it was believed that the parents of the groom pay for the wedding, and the parents of the bride provide a dowry. Later, the bride’s family paid for the events, and the groom’s relatives took care of the ransom. Today, both parties can make an equal contribution to the organization of a joyous holiday. Moreover, no one forbids young people to pay expenses themselves, especially if both work. The only thing that needs to be remembered: whoever pays, he orders the music. Do not be surprised when the groom’s parents or your own hinder the organization of a wedding, say, in a marine style, if they pay bills.

Do I need to invite all relatives and friends?

It used to be polite to invite all the villagers to the wedding, if it was about the poor, or all the subjects, if it was about the nobility. Currently, the website, when compiling a guest list, advises to be guided by common sense, financial situation and one's own desire. However, do not forget about the rules of etiquette when it is impolite to invite only one of the spouses to the wedding.

Give guests a gift choice?

In ancient times, young people were usually given those things that in the future would be useful to them in the household: kitchen utensils, bedding, towels, etc. In the modern world, it’s customary to give money for a wedding. On the other hand, why not make a wish list? Perhaps you want to get a gift for your honeymoon or a fitness machine for sports? You can place more fully «a wish list» on your web page and let guests make you happy.

Order Gifts

The bride must wear an exclusively white dress and veil?

This was far from always the case even in the course of history. The bride can choose any outfit that she wants, whether it be white, red, orange or any other dress, with or without a veil, a long or short or even a pantsuit. The only limitation: you should not shock the future spouse and guests appearance.

The painting should take place in the registry office?

In fact, you can organize a wedding in any style that interests you, whether it is marine, traditional, natural, glamorous, etc. Accordingly, why not order an exit painting in the castle, on the river bank or even on the roof? It is your day and you can make it truly unforgettable..

Painting on the seashore

Be sure to organize a banquet for many people?

If you do not want, you can not organize a banquet as such at all. You can even limit yourself to a modest painting with the presence of witnesses. In fact, you are free to invite 500 people to a banquet, or to celebrate a wedding in the circle of your closest and dearest people. If desired, no one forbids arranging a wedding dinner just for you two.

Lunch in the circle of loved ones

Be sure to comply with all existing traditions and superstitions?

For the first time on the day of the wedding, the groom sees the bride during the painting. Seating guests at a banquet should be divided by the side of the groom and the side of the bride. In May to get married - toil all my life. To break a heel at a wedding - family life is lame ... There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of them. Sometimes they not only interfere with the logical planning of the organization of the wedding, but also spoil the mood in order. But in life there are a variety of situations. Our wedding portal recommends looking at life with optimism and not taking signs too seriously.

Down with superstition

As you can see, it is not at all necessary to spoil one’s life, trying to observe all wedding traditions, no matter how absurd they may seem. Try to organize a wedding, following the voice of reason, making the celebration well thought out, logical and enjoyable for both you and the guests. In addition, no one says to abandon traditions, it is only reasonable to follow them or to modernize them as necessary. After all, a wedding should be a joyful and happy celebration of connecting two loving people.