Twenty will take before the wedding

Kind wedding signs before the holiday.

  • Everyone wants a light and folding life.
  • The bride and groom go to the registry office separately, in different cars, so that the last time to consider their choice.
  • Wedding rings lucky groom - the bride has a "girl's memory".
  • The cat crossed the road - move around. Longer road - more fun wedding.
  • For the groom, a car with a bell - for a fun holiday, for the bride - for a not boring life.
  • On the way to the wedding, a flock of pigeons was frightened off - to cheerful cares.
  • To come to the registry office ahead of time - a long family life.
  • Rain during the wedding - to the wealth of a new family.
  • A copper coin in a shoe - fortunately.

Bad omens before the wedding.

  • The bride loses her shoe on the way to the registry office - to a troublesome family life and hectic.
  • On the wedding car on the way to the registry office, a ball burst, a doll collapsed - to the upcoming surprises, surprises.
  • Cross the bridge on the way to the registry office - a bumpy road.
  • Brought a handkerchief - cry to the bride.
  • Fell wedding ring during the ceremony - to divorce.
  • In the car, a wheel went down the road - family life goes wrong.

Defining and predictive.

  • The first stepped on the mat during the wedding and will be the leader in the house.
  • See how young people hold hands, whose hand is from above, that will be the master of the family.
  • The bride has a wider ring - the groom will not be scythe.
  • What would a husband love more strongly - the groom needs to wear a ring to the base of the finger.
  • Guests and relatives, do not cross the road to young people who come from the registry office - to family disagreement.