Signs and wedding rings at your wedding

There are many signs about wedding rings. Some sources say that the tradition of exchanging wedding rings originated in ancient Rome, others that in ancient Greece. But is that really important? It remains undeniable that rings, as an indispensable attribute of weddings, still exist today, and a great many have gathered about wedding rings over these centuries. In which of them to believe - to judge the newlyweds themselves, we’ll just tell about the signs about wedding rings.

Wedding rings are made in the classical style, they should be of the same metal, smooth, without stones and engraving. According to signs - then the life of the newlyweds will be smooth, without a single pebble on their way.

Gold rings are obvious favorites among wedding rings, but this is by no means a postulate - if both newlyweds prefer silver or another metal (for example, platinum), no one and nothing can stop them from fastening their love with just such rings. Although there is a more interesting option - titanium wedding rings.

As you belong to each other, making one whole, so the rings with which you will fasten your love belong only to you. Wedding rings keep loving spouses from life's adversity, stress, illness, envy. That is why, according to signs about wedding rings, it is customary to wear them without taking off. It is not customary to give wedding rings to anyone to measure, so that together with the ring they do not lose their conjugal happiness and love of a loved one.

There are several "taboos" in the signs of wedding rings:

  • In no case should you use wedding rings made from sawn or melted, even if these are the rings of your parents;
  • to marry a widow's ring is also impossible;
  • if the family divorces, do not wear wedding rings as simple jewelry.

If the spouse is widowed, the ring should be retained, but it must be worn on the left hand. It, like the sun, will warm you on your life path and will remain a bright memory of past days..

If this is your second marriage, then you need to remove the ring from your first marriage, it’s a direct road to the velvet box and home archive, you can’t use this ring again in the wedding ceremony or pass it on to children or grandchildren.

According to signs about wedding rings, the ring attracts, and, therefore, there is a high probability that your children will repeat your life path ...

Perhaps that is why it is believed that if you inherit the rings from your parents or grandparents (provided that they have already marked at least a silver wedding), the more these rings will protect your happiness when you started a family. Of particular value are the rings that went young from gold anniversaries. The happier and longer life your grandmother and grandfather have lived together, the greater the positive charge of their energy is carried in their rings.

A bad omen is to drop the engagement ring. If this nevertheless happened, the witness must pass a thread through the ringlet, which, according to the sign, will take upon itself all the bad omens. The sign about wedding rings says that such a thread must be burned after the wedding, so that all troubles and sorrows burn with it and the one who dropped the ring should do it.

Also a bad sign is the loss of the ring: this portends health problems, and even a complete break with your soulmate. Remember, the rings connected you into one, and you lost the ring - half of this whole.

All signs, whether signs about wedding rings, or other wedding accessories, are built on symbols. The unity of the rings symbolizes you as a whole. Therefore, all sorts of losses during the wedding promise unkind. Try not to drop either the wedding crown, candles, or rings during the wedding - it’s better to cook the dishes for this according to tradition - and then beat it with all your heart!

Some people think that the bride and groom should buy the rings. However, since you decide to spend life together, to connect your fate, then do it with your beloved. Together you can make the best choice, try on rings, feel them. And after all, this will become not only your first serious joint purchase, but also the basis of your marriage. It is these rings that you choose with your beloved that will bind you two for life.

From here, another sign about wedding rings comes from: rings should be bought in one place and on the same day - this is a good reserve for a happy married life. When buying rings, think about the good, so that the rings symbolize only a good future, a faithful family.

Become the owner and even the greedy while preparing for the wedding: do not let any sisters or friends measure any of the wedding accessories - do not let anyone and anything become between you before the wedding.

If your outfit is supplemented with gloves, you first need to remove them, and then put on the ring. The engagement ring decorating the finger of your other half is not just an accessory - it is a sign of your heartfelt love, take care of it.

Keep the wedding rings together until the wedding, you can even fill them with water and freeze them, hold them together and your marriage.

Be happy, dear grooms and brides, and let the signs remain just signs, the main thing is to love and respect each other.