Funny wedding signs

As you know, on the wedding day, everything is of particular importance, and almost every step of the young is watched, no matter how many signs happen. Wedding omens are often more alarming than pleasing. But the wedding is a day of celebration and fun, so we offer funny signs:

  • See the bride in a wedding dress before the ceremony - to the loss of the speechless groom.
  • If the groom comes dirty on the wedding day, there will be no master in the house.
  • If a cat runs between the newlyweds, their life will be like that of a cat and dog, so start a dog so that the cat does not run anywhere.
  • Bride getting married in old shoes - good luck and easy wedding without calluses.
  • If on the eve of the wedding, in the morning the bride sneezes to a happy life in marriage, if she sneezes sooner or later to a hospital bed.
  • Shaved groom with a new haircut - to the loss of the bride's speechlessness.
  • Thick groom's wallet - to the bride's ransom soon.
  • Groom late for a wedding - quick and easy ransom.
  • Groom stumbled on the threshold of the registry office - to the untied lace.
  • Bride stumbling on the threshold of the registry office - to a broken heel or too long dress.
  • If during the wedding ceremony the bride combed her left hand - to a rich married life, her right - to the abundance of guests and fun in the house. (Preliminary for two to three days do not give the bride to wash her hands).
  • The bride in a veil and with a burning candle in her hands - to a burnt hole in a veil.
  • Forget the rings in the registry office - late.
  • Drinking a lot at a wedding - to a morning headache.
  • A lot of things eaten at the wedding - to the constantly occupied bathroom.
  • The bride who spilled a drink at the wedding - to a lot of drunk.
  • Many young unmarried guests - to choose the best candidate for the groom.
  • Bride loving to eat tight - to a complete wife.
  • Beautiful newlyweds - beautiful children.
  • Smoking and drinking bride - to a meager family budget.
  • Non-drinking bride - to a difficult understanding.
  • A wedding in the rain - to a dirty dress, leaked makeup, wet feet.

Remember your happiness in your hands, and whether or not to take signs into account is your business. It is only better that there are funny signs, then the wedding will be cheerful and no one can ruin the mood.