What do the signs say about the wedding date

The wedding is scheduled for winter - to unforeseen expenses.

  • It’s good to have a wedding on Shrovetide. People say: "Life is like clockwork ..."
  • It snows on the wedding day - to prosperity and happiness.
  • Wedding in December - love is stronger every year.
  • January Wedding - Early Widowhood.
  • Wedding in February - for a good life and harmony.

The wedding is scheduled for spring - a fun life ahead, strong love.

  • Rain on the wedding day - to a prosperous and rich life.
  • Wedding in March - live a life far from home.
  • April Wedding - Catching Happiness By The Tail.
  • May wedding - life is overshot, to treason in the house.
  • Before the wedding, they kiss the groom three times so that the wedding sign does not come true.

Wedding in summer - to warm caring relationships in the family.

  • Marry on the feast of Ivan Kupala - to a comfortable life, "swim in abundance".
  • On the Apple Savior - salvation from ruin.
  • June weddings - all life as a honeymoon.
  • July weddings - life is like a berry, sweet and sour.
  • August weddings - love and friendship for many years.

Wedding in autumn - reliable, strong marriage.

  • September marriage - to a calm and quiet family life.
  • October marriage - difficulties in life.
  • November marriage - to prosperity and happiness in the family.

Days of the week and numbers in traditional folk superstitions were also of great importance in choosing the date of the wedding. So, Wednesday and Friday were considered unfavorable days for the wedding, and weddings were not scheduled for these days of the week..

  • 13th no one married, avoiding impending troubles.
  • 3,5,7,9 - these odd numbers were considered lucky, they were given special preference when appointing a wedding day.
  • For a reliable and happy marriage, the wedding was scheduled on the 7th or 12th day..
  • The birth of the boy was foreshadowed by the wedding, scheduled for an even day of the month.
  • The birth of a girl - on the odd.