Wedding signs and beliefs

Signs for the bride and groom

Remembering her youth, every girl can boast that she at least once guessed at the narrowed one. We are all striving to find out what lies ahead, and each girl, long before the wedding and meeting her beloved in different ways and methods, is trying to wind the ribbon of life forward. Many are looking for various wedding signs and beliefs for the bride, carefully monitoring their implementation. Even now, sometimes just for fun, the girls on the eve of Christmas and Kupala night wonder.

Fortune-telling about the groom exists: the shoe was thrown out of the gate, the logs were pulled out, the rings in the groats were searched for, pebbles were taken out of the hole, the wreaths were let through the water, the comb was placed under the pillow and much, much more. In whatever form fortune-telling took place, their whole essence was only in one thing - marriage.

Signs for the bride and groom originate from time immemorial, when people cautiously looked at almost everything. But do not get hung up on signs, because you are the creators of fate and your family happiness.

Time is changing, people are changing, attitudes towards omens and beliefs are also changing. Many wedding signs are forgotten, lost in time, but “a holy place, never happens”, so new signs for the bride and groom.

Signs for the bride and groom are the most diverse, associated with various situations, ranging from:

  • a groom who loves cats will be an affectionate husband;
  • a groom who loves dogs will be faithful and committed;
  • the groom, introducing the bride to his friends, will trust her in many ways;
  • the chocolate-loving bridegroom will kiss sweetly;
  • the groom who did not sleep the night - a headache in the morning;
  • late date bride, late dinner husband;
  • a ticklish bride will be a jealous wife;
  • bride loving expensive cars - imminent ruin.

Finishing signs for the bride and groom related to specific actions:

  • wedding date selection (day, month, season):
    - happy will be the wedding played on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, unhappy - 13;
    - a marriage concluded in the afternoon will be successful;
    - unfavorable days for marriage are Wednesday and Friday;
    - so as not to toil all your life, do not marry in May;
  • choice of wedding dresses and dresses:
    - a wedding dress must be sewn or bought, one cannot take someone else's, all life will be in debt;
    - a wedding dress cannot be shown to the groom, so that there are no quarrels over trifles in the house;
    - no wedding supplies and parts of the wardrobe (dress, veil, rings, etc.) can be given to anyone for fitting, there will be quarrels in the family;
  • choice of wedding rings:
    - you need to choose the rings together, but the groom pays, then there will be consent in the family;
    - wedding rings must be made of white or yellow gold;
    - it is believed that the ring should be smooth, without nicks, patterns, recesses, so that the life of young people was smooth;
    - if you prefer rings with stones, choose the appropriate stones (amethyst - sincerity, carnelian - happiness, agate - longevity, garnet and topaz - fidelity);
    - in no case should you drop a ring at a wedding ceremony, for soon separation.

There are also many signs and beliefs for the bride and groom during and after the wedding ceremony:

  • the one who first becomes the wedding rushnyk will be the master in the house;
  • the bride must first step on the carpet for signature, the husband must step on his foot, then the future husband will obey you all his life;
  • which of the young, without the help of hands, will bite off the largest piece from the wedding loaf, that will be the head of the family.

The wedding will accept countless numbers for the bride and groom, whether or not you believe in them is up to you. But there is one most important sign that everyone should fulfill - to marry for love.