Wedding - Stereotypes and Prejudices

Young people who are preparing to get married should also be prepared for the fact that there are lots of people who will try to spoil the festive mood. It is possible that it’s not specifically, but a passion for prejudice and prejudice is very strong in society..

And people who will whisper all signs will not necessarily be old grandmothers, most likely not. Therefore, they can be calculated in advance only by knowing their relatives well. Neighbors, of course, no comment.

So, while you are interested in custom-made cakes, the neighbors are waiting for the solemn day to appreciate everything from the outside. And then what you didn’t even see clearly could turn into crushing signs of a forever missing person.

The bride in sandals - divorced and will be poor, like a church mouse, in the invited guests they found a man with squint - the end to family happiness, life will go awry. Well, and if someone else steps on the carpet along with the bride and groom - be frequent cheating.

This is already very unpleasant, even if you do not believe in signs, it still upsets when this happens. Therefore, invited guests need to follow traditions so as not to upset future spouses.

Of course, such conversations can even lead to balanced people, especially on the day of registration, nerves and emotions do not belong to a person, they exist by themselves. And even if a rational approach to each misunderstanding arises, at some point you can break.

Cases when brides cry on their wedding day, and not only from happiness, are not uncommon. To prevent this from happening and wedding cakes, flowers and a sea of ​​happiness were the main memories, you need to tune in advance. A festive day should be remembered only for a good mood and positive. Yes, and perhaps the crying bride can be comforted by the belief that tears on the eve of the wedding mean a successful married life.

Remember that all signs were invented by people, and initially had a different meaning. Why should the groom not see the bride in a wedding dress? Not because they will quickly divorce after that, but because on a solemn day he should marvel at the amazing beauty of his chosen one, and carry this image of purity and tenderness through his whole life, cherishing them as a valuable treasure.

Why, then, the innocent fitting of the bride’s wedding ring also causes horror among many admirers of prejudice? Superstition about the engagement ring is due to the fact that in the past they generally tried to hide jewelry from prying eyes so that the thing would not be stolen, envying such wealth.

Well, now, it’s better not to give the thing that was given to the bride, to strangers. This is ugly in relation to the future spouse. Therefore, real friends do not even ask for such a ring.

Whatever happens on the wedding day, do not attach importance to signs. Because this day is special and it should be remembered only by positive impressions.