Wedding signs and superstitions: for the groom, bride, relatives

Unable to find a reasonable scientific explanation for any events, a man tried to somehow systematize the accumulated life experience, to predict the future, thereby making his life easier. So wedding signs and superstitions were invented.

Signs for the bride and groom.

  • Old shoes on the bride - to luck.
  • The bride sneezes in the morning on the wedding day - to be a happy family life.
  • The bride should not be allowed to stand in front of herself in front of the mirror - the groom will be beaten off. The groom should also not allow friends to stand in front of himself..
  • On the threshold of the registry office the groom stumbled - not sure of the right choice.
  • The bride stumbled - the same thing - not sure what she’s doing right.
  • During the ceremony, the bride combed her palm: left - to prosperity, right - to hospitality and fun.
  • There are many relatives at the wedding - for money and generous gifts.
  • Money Gifts - Honeymoon Honeymoon Trip.

A few more not very good wedding signs and superstitions.

  • In front of the bride's house, the groom sets foot in a puddle - live with a drunkard.
  • To hear the ringing of bells on the way to the registry office - unfortunately.
  • The groom and the bride look at each other during the wedding - for treason, love will pass quickly.
  • The bride broke the wedding dress - the mother-in-law will be bad.
  • From the wedding loaf bride pinched more than the groom - hunger to be.
  • Among the guests there are many unmarried friends - the bride can choose another.
  • A cat ran between the newlyweds - to abuse in the family.
  • At the wedding, the bride fell decoration - a bad sign.
  • The bride pricked her finger - they will quarrel.
  • During the feast, the bride will spill something - the husband will be a drunkard.
  • Invited a lot of guests - to the chores.
  • Not to invite all relatives - to swear.

Wedding signs and superstitions for the groom.

  • Make a haircut, styling, shave - it's nice to surprise the bride.
  • To spare no money for the ransom of the bride - to a quick ransom.
  • Drinking a lot at a wedding is the power to lose.
  • There is a lot at the wedding - not good night.

Forgotten Wedding Signs and Superstition.

  • In order for family life to be successful, the bride would dress: something new, something old, something taken from friends, something blue.
  • Young people should not meet on the wedding day before the ceremony.
  • Before the feast, the groom and the bride walk around the table three times.
  • While the young are not married, no one between them becomes, does not pass, does not straighten clothes.
  • Friends and relatives surround the couple in a tight circle and protect from evil spirits.
  • At the wedding, whoever held the candle above, he will rule.
  • Parents did not go to the registry office.
  • The bride wore the ring to the base of her finger to tie the groom to herself.
  • Wearing a wedding dress over your legs is a bad sign.
  • Walk to the mural - bad sign.
  • Cry before the wedding - to a happy life.
  • Do not wear rings for a wedding, only a wedding ring.
  • Taking the bride out of the house, the groom should not look back.
  • Afternoon Wedding - Fortunately, Good Luck.

She made the bride and groom a young matchmaker or other confidant, such were wedding omens and superstitions in the old days. An egg was placed on the bed, souvenir or boiled - there will be many children. Three nights later the wife pulled out an egg and crumbled a chicken, or (souvenir) hid it among its belongings and gifts. Chicken - a symbol of fertility and indispensable food for the wedding for the newlyweds.

  • January Wedding - Early Widowhood.
  • February Wedding - Family Scene.
  • In March - to live in a new place.
  • In April - adversity and joy await
  • May Wedding - Marry Married.
  • June Wedding - Strong Love for Life.
  • In July - regret the mistake.
  • In August - devotion to consent at home.
  • September Wedding - Quiet Family Life.
  • October wedding - happiness with difficulty.
  • In November - a luxurious life.
  • In December - long love.

No wedding signs and superstitions will prevent you from being happy if there is love!