Our wedding procession

Choosing a decent car for a wedding is another of the tasks that must be solved in preparation for the celebration. In our age of high speeds and long distances, it is no longer possible, perhaps, to imagine a procession of guests who are marching in a march towards the nearest church. At the mention of the phrase "wedding procession", the fantasy begins to paint a breathtaking picture of how a whole string (the longer it is, of course, the better) of luxury cars, buzzing with horns and dashingly rustling tires, sweeps around the city, escorted by the envious glances of passers-by. Therefore, not paying enough attention to choosing a car for a wedding means to make an unforgivable mistake. We hope that the tips below will help you avoid it..

First of all, you should thoroughly think over the road and do not forget about the route of a walk to the wedding. And here

Several pitfalls await you at once. First of all, these are the notorious traffic jams. To be late for the main event in your life for an hour or two is, of course, unpleasant, but it will be doubly unpleasant to stand all this time in a traffic jam, cursing the city authorities. And do not rely especially on the fact that they will take pity on your motorcade and, as custom prescribes, let it go forward: even if the good will of other drivers is good, it may just be impossible to carry out this act of mercy. Therefore, in order to avoid all sorts of complications, it is better to calculate how much time and what you need, and then do the same route with the clock in hand beforehand. And of course, do not forget to throw 20-30 minutes, taking into account all sorts of surprises that can always happen along the way. And then you will definitely have time to do everything that is supposed to in such cases: not only to sign and get married, but also to visit all the memorable places of your settlement.

But getting to even the not the best registry office or church is only half the battle. It is also important where to get. And when it comes to choosing a car for a wedding, then this, of course, is a matter of taste ... and the thickness of the wallet. The possibilities today are truly endless. For romantics, a beautiful old car is ideal, preferably with an open top, so that everyone can appreciate the outfits of the guests and, above all, the beautiful wedding dress of the bride (weeks of trips to wedding salons, doubts and painful choices were not wasted).

Your motorcade will look even more romantic if you completely abandon the car for a wedding and prefer a real horse-drawn carriage on which there will be “footmen” dressed in luxurious livery and they are part-time witnesses. However, for the beauty and unusual appearance will have to pay a lot of inconvenience, and the slowness of movement is still far from the main among them ...

If you are a modern, practical person and want to emphasize this, then a limousine or other smart car is the best choice for you as a means of transportation. Young people also often choose powerful sports cars of bright colors when choosing a car for a wedding, but remember that they are more suitable for high-speed ones. suburban highways, rather than for a calm and solemn walk around the city.

And another important point is the selection of the color of the car for the wedding. In the ceremonial motorcade it is customary to include cars of calm light colors. As for the cars that will deliver the bride and groom to the registry office (according to tradition, they usually get there separately), it is best if they are cars of the same brand, harmonizing with each other in color and only slightly rosy shade.