Cycling is a fashionable wedding trend


Many have already become bored of holding monotonous weddings, in which everything goes exactly the same as everyone else. The time has come to radically change something in your wedding celebration. And you need to start with a wedding procession.

Wedding Cycling

Bike motorcade: where to start?

First of all, the bride and groom should discuss this with each other. If your couple has always been particularly mobile and could never sit still, then such a move from home to the registry office and from the registry office to the festive table is what suits you. Do not worry about the originality of such a decision, because a wedding event in a similar style will not leave any of the invited guests indifferent.

Wedding Cycling

Some may find this too much. Some with such enthusiasm will take this idea that they decide to hold their wedding in this style. Do not doubt, your wedding celebration will be on everyone’s lips.

Wedding Cycling
Newlyweds on a bicycle

We take into account numerous factors

When choosing such a tuple, it is necessary to take into account many factors that will be associated with such a very specific transport at the wedding, such as a bicycle. First of all, it is worth thinking about the wedding dresses of the newlyweds..

Wedding Cycling

Of course, the bride cannot pedal her bicycle in a standard dress, which implies a long form. It simply will not work for her. In this case, you need to either look for a white short dress in which it will be convenient to sit on this type of transport, or even just choose comfortable clothes that will look very solemn. The second thing to consider is, of course, the weather. Many visitors to our website were faced with weather inclement weather, and therefore are advised to avoid such situations. If it rains, then such a honeymoon may simply not take place. So count on sunny weather and see the forecast in advance.

Wedding Cycling

What will the guests go to?

It is clear that not all of the invited relatives and friends will be able to quickly and cheerfully ride through the streets of your city on bicycles. Some simply do not want to do this, so as not to crumple expensive costumes and evening dresses. Others will not be able to do this because of their respectable age. And for those and for others you still have to order cars for the wedding, which will safely and without any problems deliver them to the place of wedding celebration and to the registry office.

Wedding Cycling

It is also worth considering the density of urban traffic. If there are a large number of cars on the roads of your city, it is best to take only your closest friends and relatives into your bike train. Wedding bicycles should include witnesses of your marriage.

We decorate wedding bicycles

In this matter, you can adhere to some wedding standards. Various kinds of dolls, rings and ribbons on a bicycle train will look very fresh and fun. The website details the decoration of weddings. It is best that the bride and groom’s bikes stand out from the crowd in some way. To do this, you can generally repaint them in white and wrap with stylish white ribbons. Such a wedding procession simply cannot but be seen on the streets of your hometown.

Wedding Cycling
Happy newlyweds on wheels

In general, if you want to stand out from the crowd of monotonous and standard wedding events, then the bicycle train will easily allow you to do this. Plan your most important day in life exactly the way you want it, because the main culprits of such a celebration are the bride and groom. And therefore, everything should be the way they want it.