Wedding cars

In the old days, our grandparents knew how to have fun no less than we did, and did it no worse. They sought to decorate everything. So how not to decorate the wedding?

To decorate the wedding, they used primarily ribbons, flowers and balloons. And wedding transport began to be decorated even before the engine was invented. The cart in which the bride and groom were to sit was decorated with variegated flowers and ribbons, bells or bells were fastened to the horse harness, notifying the residents of the surrounding area about the festive event, and, moreover, they were scared away by unclean forces (read also balloons wedding decoration).

Today, the custom of decorating wedding vehicles has remained the same. Be sure to think a few weeks before the celebration, how you will decorate the motorcade and limousine, and then you will have time to get advice from specialists, to learn advice from friends who have good experience.

You can certainly buy jewelry for wedding transport in specialized stores, but it is better to rent it (more often this can be done in the same salon where you will take transport). Decide which of your loved ones will be at your wheel. When choosing a driver, remember that a person driving should be sober throughout the day, and keep in mind that not everyone will be happy with this condition. Renting a car with a driver will allow you to save your guests from such a difficult duty and avoid undesirable situations.

After the wedding procession is decorated and ready for the journey, do not forget to put a bottle of champagne and disposable glasses in one of the cars, and also do not forget to take a photographer and a video operator with you, for whom it is better to select a separate car or put it in a limousine (about the organization of a modern wedding, see here).

When choosing transport for the wedding procession, it is best to choose cars in one traditional color: black, white or silver. Keep in mind that for decorating black cars it is advisable to use light colors, while for silver and white motley shades are more suitable.