Fashion trends in the decoration of the wedding procession


Everyone decorates their wedding processions. And this means that in most cases one such motorcade will be similar to another. However, everyone wants to bring as much originality as possible precisely to their triumph. Therefore, to stand out in this way will help decorations that will qualitatively distinguish your wedding from others.

Car decoration with flowers

Lightness, splendor and transparency

These qualities can be endowed with ribbons that decorate wedding cars. They should not be very bright or even flashy. You should also remember that you should not choose dark tones, especially black. White ribbons that will look elegant on a car are best suited. On the go, they will also nicely develop when the wedding procession rushes you either to the registry office, or to continue this event.

Jewelry for any choice

Soft tuple attributes

Now it’s fashionable to decorate a newly made couple’s car not only with classic rings, but also with soft toys and dolls. The soft component can be cute and cute bears that will gently look at each other. Among other things, many wedding agencies offer dolls for the bride and groom, such as those that are installed on the wedding cake. However, instead of a pastry stand, such dolls will be placed on the hood of a newlywed car.

You can also be offered plush hearts that will symbolize your mutual feelings. In this case, most likely, you should abandon this venture, since too many set such plush attributes on their wedding car. Most readers of the site

Toys on the hood of a wedding car

Good old balls

Do not rush to say that the balloons on the wedding procession look standard, if not trivial. The thing is how to visually present them. Now it’s fashionable not just to hang these balls on the machine, but to make stylish and beautiful designs out of them that resemble garlands. To do this, of course, you need balloons of a slightly smaller size so that the whole composition looks appropriately. In addition, large balloons often just come off the car while driving, while the garlands are firmly attached around the perimeter of the entire car. Because decorating with balls is not such a bad idea!

Decoration of wedding cars with balls

Fresh flowers everywhere

The classic type of jewelry, which always remains a fashion trend in the preparation of the wedding procession, are fresh flowers. They can be attached to the hood of the car, and on the sides, and placed even in the cabin. In this matter, as they say, you just need not to overdo it. It is worth noting that roses were always and everywhere considered the favorites. White can be noted the car of the newly made couple, while all other cars will be strewn with red.

White wedding car

Rings on the hood

It must be agreed that everyone does not disdain such decorations. However, in no case should not be abandoned. Firstly, you can always find not only skillfully executed, but also fashionable rings on the car. It would be a desire. And secondly, it is the rings that symbolize your feelings and willingness to start a family. No wonder the newlyweds exchange them?

All experienced users of the wedding portal can confirm that the decoration of the tuple is a necessary and responsible matter. The main thing is that the bride and groom like all this. After all, it is precisely for them that everything is being done. And the most important thing to keep in mind is that each selected decoration element should be in harmony with another attribute so that there is no visual glut.