The transport that the wedding procession should consist of

One of the wedding concerns of the young is, of course, the transport that the wedding procession should consist of. Nowadays, almost no wedding is complete without luxury cars, decorated with colorful ribbons and balloons, a string of sweeping through the sights of the city and trying to go around the most famous monuments. Therefore, the transport of which the wedding procession will consist should be given special attention.

To begin with, you should carefully study the route along which the wedding procession will follow. This is necessary in order to avoid traffic jams and similar troubles, directly, on the wedding day. Indeed, due to traffic jams, it is quite possible to be late for a wedding ceremony. No need to count on good people who will miss the wedding ahead. It is better to make sure in advance. To do this, consider the path along which the wedding procession will go to the registry office, then to the church. Approximately calculate how long the tour will take on the places of interest in the city. Allow approximately 30 minutes for each monument. The ideal option would be the initial compilation of the route on the map. And only then you can drive this way by car, deliberately noting time. This should be done at about the time when the wedding trip is planned. For various unforeseen situations, it is worth throwing about 20 minutes, as the engine may stall in the car or the traffic light will be faulty somewhere. As a result, you will get the approximate time required for the festive procession of the wedding procession.

Further, regarding the transport of which the wedding procession may consist. If you can afford it financially, a motorcade can be quite chic. Walking in the memorable places of the city, as well as a trip to the registry office, and then to the church, you can take a beautiful old car. In warmer months, the car can be open. In this case, others will be able to calmly admire the beautiful couple - the bride and groom. As an old transport, a beautiful carriage harnessed by several horses is ideal. The crew can be supplemented by your friends or acquaintances who have agreed to the role of lackeys. Only in advance they will need to choose the appropriate costumes. This kind of wedding procession will be truly unforgettable.

If you are not a fan of antique transport, but prefer something more modern, rent a chic limousine or Cadillac. Just remember that cars for a wedding procession are better to choose light colors and, preferably, one brand.