Unusual types of wedding procession


A wedding day can become even more beautiful and joyful if you still decide to hire some unusual kind of wedding procession. Then your holiday will become more original and unusual..

Wedding day bike ride

If you want to surprise all your invited guests, as well as yourself, then on the wedding day you just need to drive to the registry office on decorated bicycles. This type of wedding transport will reflect your originality and will make passersby admire your bold decision. Among other things, a wedding bike resort will not cost you the same amount of finances spent, as, for example, luxury and expensive cars. For this reason, the bride and groom should turn to such a two-wheeled transport.

Wedding two-wheeled vehicle

Three wedding horses

Three of the black horses, which is harnessed to a luxury carriage, can become one of the most original and peculiar options for the wedding procession. Many visitors to the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com will confirm that such a vehicle at a wedding celebration will be simply unforgettable for newlyweds. You should also remember how beautiful and colorful the photographs will be against the backdrop of beautiful stallions who will happily carry you around the picturesque places of your hometown.

Traditional carriage style wedding

Honeymoon Trip

If you are already talking about originality, then you should first of all think about removing a tram on the day of your wedding event. You just imagine yourself and your guests in a tram decorated with flowers, various ribbons and balloons. All passers-by who see a similar wedding procession, smiles on their faces are simply provided. Naturally, you can’t drive up directly to the place of marriage, which is the registry office, on such a wedding procession, but these are not very exciting little things.

Happy married couple on a two-wheeled monster

Motorcycle style wedding

In this option, you can choose, like classic motorcycles, as well as sports and powerful analogues. Most visitors to the wedding resource www.articlewedding.com claim that the latter will look more original today. It should be recalled that the roar of a motorcycle engine will be heard far from the place of your wedding. That is why everyone in the district will know who today became the newly made husband and wife.

Love is in the clouds

Aerial wedding romance

Just an amazing way to surprise your invited guests, as well as to get an unforgettable and vivid experience yourself

to your own wedding event from the air

. To fulfill this very unusual goal, you can simply take advantage of the rental of a beautiful balloon or even a real helicopter. Such a wedding procession will help the bride and groom to fully enjoy the amazing minutes of the flight, after which they will be in a good mood for the rest of the celebration..

Multi-colored caravan of cars

Who said that a wedding procession of cars is already a battered and standard move? In this regard, you can simply choose cars of bright or even acid colors that will immediately catch the eye on the streets of your city. At the same time, rich and rich shades can always cheer you and your guests and give your event a special solemnity. The main thing is to think over the decoration of wedding cars in accordance with the style of the wedding!

In the end, I would like to add that in any of these cases you will be original and very unusual newlyweds. Such a wedding procession will make your wedding bright and fun, and will also make all invited guests remember this day for a long time..