Western style wedding


Fans of cowboy films, horses and country music will not give up the opportunity to choose an individual style for their wedding. A Western-style wedding will help you to feel the spirit of the wild West and become your favorite movie hero for one day. With low material costs, having developed an interesting script, you will get an unforgettable theatrical performance.

How to organize a wedding

For a cowboy’s wedding, a familiar, festively decorated banquet hall will not work. Celebration is best done in a country house or cottage, a cowboy bar-lounge, and if one is not available, then it’s just outdoors, in the open. Therefore, winter time will be unfavorable for a cowboy wedding, plan it for spring, summer or early fall.

Beautiful wedding venues in western style

Invitation cards should be performed interestingly, with the inclusion of Western elements. Mandatory attributes of a cowboy style - horse, horseshoe, boots, wide-brimmed hat, colt. A unique invitation text will give the wedding a special touch. To arrange a real theme party, do not forget to describe the dress code for guests on the back of the card. Here is an example of one of these texts:

«Dear (guest names)! We decided to get married! This day (wedding date) is special for us, the dream of our whole life will come true - we will make movement in time and space. We invite you to join this wild trick by visiting the Inca country with us. After the solemn registration of marriage (registry office address and time), we will go to the 19th century, we will be met by one of the towns of Texas (name and address of the place of celebration). Please follow the cowboy dress code.»

Cowboy Wedding Invitation Cards

A wedding in a Western style involves original musical accompaniment, country music sounds at a cowboy party. The live performance will be the ideal option, but you will have to find for the wedding musicians who masterfully own the violin, guitar, banjo. An alternative would be CDs with music from popular cowboy films: «Man from the Capuchin Boulevard», «Faithful hand is a friend of the Indians» and other western style films.

Decoration of the wedding hall photo

Try to choose a place for the wedding that is as similar as possible to a cowboy ranch, then you will not have to think up anything for the decor. Ideal for this purpose a summer house or a country house with a large yard, next to a beautiful field. Emphasize the cowboy theme of the wedding with simple things that you can easily find at home or do it yourself.

Place small stacks or bales of hay in the courtyard, they will create a cowboy style, lively rustic atmosphere, will emit a pleasant aroma of dry grass. Direction signs made of boards or plywood will not only decorate the venue for a cowboy wedding, but will also help guests navigate in the courtyard. Before the wedding, hang garlands of bright multi-colored flags, set flower boxes. The guests present will be greatly enlivened by a cart with horses standing in the courtyard, an opportunity to ride on it.

Courtyard decoration for a cowboy wedding


If it is not possible to have an open-air party, rent a country restaurant for the wedding and make a cowboy bar-lounge out of it. Its stylistic design is peculiar, it does not at all look like an ordinary banquet hall. Unleash your imagination, be creative in your thinking, bringing the interior of the room as close as possible to a cowboy eatery in the Wild West.

Arrange cacti instead of flower bouquets on the tables; hang horseshoes on the ropes. Make cowboy seating tables for guests in the form of wooden signs with scorched inscriptions. The western wedding venue should contain as much leather furniture and accessories as possible. On the wall, stretch the skin of an animal, and also hang cowboy targets with cartridge holes and protruding Native American arrows. Spread the wheels from the cart on the floor, horse harness.

Western wedding room decor


Somewhere near the bar, highlight a corner to showcase black and white, artificially aged cowboy films. There, guests can watch a specially filmed for a wedding story of the acquaintance and love of the newlyweds. Diversify the evening, country style is emphasized as well as color slides about the life of the bride and groom, their immediate family and friends.

Clothing for young and guests

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom can wear classic wedding dresses in the style of the 19th century.

  • A suit of gray color is suitable for the groom, but the presence of an accessory reflecting the cowboy theme of the wedding is mandatory on him. For example, a boutonniere instead of flowers contains wheat spikelets, or is made in the shape of a horseshoe.
  • The bride at the wedding is like a fairy-tale princess: a long white dress, veil, hairstyle with fancy curls and interwoven flowers.

Outfits for the official cowboy wedding ceremony

After completing the official country-style wedding ceremony, the bride and groom put on cowboy clothes and begin their journey across the prairies. For horseback riding, simpler and more convenient, but no less spectacular outfits in Western style are suitable. The groom can afford jeans and a belt with a large metal buckle, cowboy boots with protruding noses, a plaid shirt, a leather vest, and a wide-brimmed hat. Complement the image of a holster with a colt and a lasso thrown over his shoulder.

The bride should also be ready right at the wedding to ride a horse and set off in a furious gallop. She can replace stilettos with comfortable leather boots, and a veil with a cowboy hat. A light cotton dress with a corset is either white or consists of a checkered top and a white layered skirt. If it’s cool outside, a warm shirt or cardigan is worn over the dress. Whatever the bride puts on for a country-style wedding, the outfit must emphasize her femininity and beauty..

Western outfits

Hairstyle of the bride - the personification of simplicity and romance. High pompous hairstyles will be inappropriate at a cowboy wedding. The bride will look young and innocent with large curls gathered behind and fastened with a beautiful hairpin. A good option is a hairstyle from French braids, decorated with an eagle feather. And if you didn’t have enough time for the construction of a hairstyle, it doesn’t matter either: just put on a hat - and you can not rack your brains.

Guests at a country-style wedding are trying to pick out the costumes of a sheriff, Indian, cowboy, cowboy girlfriend, corps de ballet dancer, a noble lady. Bridesmaids traditionally wear bright dresses of the same color and brown cowboy boots with metal rivets that will give an image of romanticism and become an indispensable thing when riding horses. Friends of the groom come to the wedding wearing jeans and shirts of the same color..

Costumes for Cowboy Wedding Guests


Western Wedding Scenario

The meeting of the groom and the bride takes place in the morning in a beautiful romantic place, where their photo shoot will subsequently be held. From there, the young and their friends go to the registry office or another picturesque place where the wedding ceremony will take place. After it is completed, the wedding procession returns to nature to take memorable photos and videos of its happiest day.

Beautiful Cowboy Wedding Venues

It's hard to imagine photos of cowboys without horses: these cute animals will help bring the spirit of your wedding to Texas. You will have to rent a few horses and learn how to ride a horse in order to look like real heroes in the eyes of guests at a cowboy wedding. Choose a beautiful place for shooting in the background of the park, in the middle of an endless green field, or even better - on the sea coast.

Photo with horses at a western wedding

Photos are ready, it's time to invite friends to a cowboy party in a bar. The funniest part of the wedding begins, filled with contests, jokes, and drinking whiskey. Guest appeals to the newlyweds are strictly sustained in the style of the Wild West. Everyone calls the groom a brave cowboy, a storm of prairies from the family (last name). Bride - a beautiful flower of spring, daughter of the leader of an Indian tribe (last name).

Their parents meet the bride and groom, instead of the loaf they present them with a bean pie, symbolizing wealth, fertility and wealth. Having tasted a piece of cake themselves, the young ones treat all the guests to the wedding. After this, the hospitable hosts invite friends and relatives to the festive table. During the feast, various contests are held. Quiz Western is popular: the presenter asks questions about cowboys, guests respond.

A huge number of contests and games are held at the cowboy wedding. Everyone can take part in them. The atmosphere of general fun reigns in the hall, jokes, jokes, table songs are heard. The following contests are popular among guests:

  • Throwing Tomahawks
  • Best Toast Contest
  • Accurate shooter - shooting at empty beer cans
  • Throwing a Lasso
  • Who will drink whiskey faster
  • Competition for the best dance to live country music
  • Costume contest and many others

A western-style wedding is not complete without the bride’s abduction: it is abducted by the leader of an Indian tribe. Rangers specially hired by the groom are looking for a girl. This is a kind of competition where the bride should be found on deliberately left behind tracks. If participants guess whose footprints it is, then they will be lucky. At the end of the competition, a pipe of the world smokes (fragrant hookah).

The country-style wedding program should include typical cowboy entertainment, such as dancers performing the famous cancan dance. All cowboys love a drink at a wedding «hell swill», so make sure that the tables are constantly present in large quantities of alcohol and guests have the opportunity «wet the throat». In this case, you will have rampant walks until the morning. Cowboys are fun people, especially when in love.

Western cowboy entertainment

An unusual Western style wedding is a unique opportunity to make the celebration unlike the others, to emphasize the uniqueness and originality of a young couple. The wedding will leave unforgettable impressions of the holiday in a country style for guests, very similar to an adventure cowboy film, where they starred in the lead roles. And for the bride and groom, she will remain forever in the hearts of a sweet, kind fairy tale that opens the way to a brighter future. How true cowboys celebrate their wedding, watch the video.

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