Pirate Style Wedding


A wedding is a long-awaited, unforgettable event for any person, so I want to celebrate it somehow in a special way, so that this joyful day will be remembered not only by young people, but also by their loved ones. To make a wedding unusual is quite real, it is important to want. For incorrigible romantics, adventure lovers, a pirate-style wedding is quite suitable: vivid impressions, boundless fun, robber recklessness await everyone at such a wedding. You are invited by a pirate schooner, everyone is welcome here!

How to organize a pirate style wedding?

When organizing a wedding, like any other event, the first question arises about the venue. For a real pirate-style wedding experience to be truly stunning, rent a pirate ship for your wedding. Let it be a small boat, a schooner, a frigate, the main thing at the wedding is to really feel the taste of the sea, sway on the waves, feel like a part of a hot pirate company.


If you live far from the pond or there is no way to rent a ship, then a banquet room is suitable for a pirate wedding. It should be properly decorated for a pirate ship or tavern, as shown in the photo, and with all its furnishings to hint that this is not a simple wedding, so there will be a lot of surprises and surprises.


In order to customize the invitees in a certain way, it is worth taking care of invitation cards, making them relevant to the theme of the wedding celebration. We offer you to make your own wedding invitation cards. Let it not be ordinary wedding cards that everyone is used to, but pirate whistles wrapped in yellowed paper and tied with twine. For greater importance, you can clog them in champagne bottles.

Decorate pirate wedding invitations with shells, sea pebbles, sand.

Other attributes are also used to make invitations in a pirate style: old maps, large home-made coins with the names of guests invited to the wedding (they fill an old pirate chest at the entrance).


The image of the bride and groom

The groom at the wedding plays the role of the leader of the pirates, therefore, like a real pirate king, he should look like this: a luxurious golden or black classic camisole, a white loose shirt, tie, frill or headscarf. Black trousers, tall sailor boots, a pirate hat, cocked hat or bandana will complete the look. And confirms that he is a real robber, attached to the belt with a saber or pistol. Optional accessories - pirate headband, earring in one ear.

The bride's outfit leaves room for imagination.

  1. The first option is a rich lady kidnapped by pirates princess. For a pirate wedding, a beautiful white dress of any variation, a round hat or a cocked hat is suitable.
  2. The second option is a girl from the same pirate gang, wearing a short leather skirt, a sailor's vest, high boots, a cocked hat. Complement the costume with a wide fan.
  3. Bridal bouquet decorated with seashells.



Pirate style banquet room decor

To your friends at the wedding plunged into the pirate atmosphere, you need to work hard on the decor of the banquet hall. Let it look like a real pirate ship, mysterious, unpredictable, where danger will inevitably await. For this purpose, use a variety of pirate props:

  • hanging cable ladders,
  • pirate networks,
  • ropes,
  • sail curtains,
  • vintage cards with encrypted treasure location,
  • traditional piastre chest.


A pirate-style wedding will be colorful if the hall is decorated with an aquarium with algae, live fish, preferably medium and large sizes. Those invited to the wedding will be enchanted by a living talking macaw parrot, who boldly saddled their shoulder. If there is no living parrot, you can use inflatable parrots at the wedding, as well as make a palm tree, fish, crabs from balloons or other improvised materials.


Decorate the tables with thick candle ends, shells, starfish, small boats. Pour alcohol into large bottles, label «Rum», which you can print yourself. A good decoration of the hall in a pirate style will be black and white photographs attached to a hanging fishing net. Photos can be images of friends or relatives, made-up by pirates, shot the day before, or just scenes from pirate-themed movies.


You can arrange a banquet room for the upcoming pirate wedding with your own hands, but if you do not have free time, it is better to use the services of a designer.

Thematic design of the banquet hall, as well as an interesting decoration of tables, see the video.

Dress code for guests (PHOTO)

Please note that when handing out wedding invitations, guests must be warned that certain clothes are worn at the pirate-style wedding. To create a fabulous wedding atmosphere, it is not enough to dress only the bride and groom in a pirate style, the wedding will be boring and uninteresting. All present should also look like real pirates. Pirate style involves a large selection of outfits, see photo below:


Male pirates will have to wear vests, camisoles, bandanas, tie scarves around the neck. Women can afford chic dresses with tightly tightened corsets, layered skirts, jewelry, scarves or hats, gloves, high boots. At a pirate wedding, bright carnival makeup is allowed. Examples of such costumes are shown in the film. «Pirates of the Caribbean». Here are some photos:



All the costumes at the wedding in a pirate style are selected in a certain color palette - black, white, red, golden colors. For unlucky pirates who still don’t find the right clothes, store bandanas, gloves, headscarves, blindfolds, hats, pirate sabers, pistols for the wedding.

Pirate Style Wedding Scenario

A pirate-style wedding is like a kind of theatrical performance, so it should be held according to a pre-prepared script. You can write it yourself, or you can use our proposed wedding scenario, adding it as you wish.

The beginning of the wedding: a meeting of the young

At the entrance to the pirate wedding, the hosts are greeted by the hosts - the fearless pirate Jack with an artificial parrot attached to his shoulder and his assistant, a sailor. They shoot up from a children's pistol and scream: «Gip-gip hooray! Pirate frigate called «Love» welcomes dear guests!», - escort invited to the hall.



- We are glad to see everyone aboard our pirate frigate «Love», at this moment we set sail in search of an island «Family happiness». We will sail under the command of a newly-made pirate family (the names of the newlyweds are called) and may good luck be with us! Let's meet them solemnly!

To meet the newlyweds, prepare: a loaf, two large mugs, a large bottle of rum, rose petals, small coins.

When the newlyweds arrive, the pirates shower them with rose petals, throw small coins under their feet, everything is accompanied by a loud scream and a pirate whistle. Someone imitates the voice of a parrot and shouts loudly: «Piastres, Piastres!». Newlyweds approach their parents: mom holds a loaf, dad holds a barrel of rum and two pirate mugs tied with burlap.


- We welcome the young pirate family: the formidable corsair (name of the groom) and his beautiful princess (name of the bride).

Pirates in unison welcome the heroes of the occasion.

“From your faithful pirate friends, accept this loaf as a symbol of your unity.” Feed them each other, salt your soulmate one last time!


“Dear children, the day has come when the wind of change pulled your sails.” Before that, you sailed independently, in different seas, but from that moment everything changes. After the wedding, your common ship begins sailing on one large ocean. Let Bermuda triangles not meet you, terrible storms and formidable ninth ramp bypass. Always stay on the same channel, never run aground. May your bay always be quiet, hospitable! Advice to you yes love!


- Dear Sirs, Pirates! We set off with the captain and his young wife on a pirate schooner «Love» on a journey of treasure. The most valuable treasure is happiness! So let's find this island! But before sailing, we will drink rum from this barrel for our newly made pirate family! Let the volleys sound in their honor!

Pirates shoot from existing weapons and cannons (confetti), shout: «all hands on deck», «Give mooring».

Everyone is invited to the table..

Wedding Progress: What contests are suitable for guests

Pirate entertainment has always been famous for its recklessness, unbridled fun. From the contests we have proposed, you are sure to choose something for your wedding.

  • «Who will sing». Pirates are divided into two teams. The host invites them to remember pirate songs or songs about the sea. The teams sing in turn, the winner is awarded the title of People’s Pirate Ensemble.


  • «Ship racing». They bring in two containers of water and two boats. Assignment: not with hands, but only with the created wind to fit your boat to the pier. The winner receives a gift - is invited to the golden wedding of the young.
  • «Best dancer». Presenters report that the ship is in the country of fun, where the dance festival is taking place «Pirates from around the world». 5 pirates are selected to take part in the festival. They introduce themselves by their nicknames. They have to dance a pirate dance to the proposed melody. Lezginka plays, Russian folk melody, lambada, other national melodies. Spectators choose two winners, between which the final is played - the dance of little swans.
  • «Hairiest leg». The host chooses two pirates pointed to by his magic compass. Task: to catch a children's lifebuoy from a water tank with the help of a personal anchor - an aluminum spoon with a rope tied. Whoever cope with the task faster will win. To the cry of the host: «The wave has gone», participants must raise their legs so as not to soak. After all, it turns out that it was a competition for the hairiest leg.
  • «The richest pirate». The host asks: «Who do you think will manage finances in the newly-made pirate family after the wedding??» The opinions of the pirates differ. Then he offers to find out who better knows how to count money - sailors or sailors. The task is to correctly count the piastres scattered across the floor. Participants count and write the amount on a piece of paper. Winners are recognized as the most greedy - they know how to count money. Losers are the happiest, they never consider them.
  • «The most eloquent pirate». Two men compete. They are invited to tie the sea knots and at the same time announce the wishes of the bride and groom. Each node is one wish. Then the leader offers the pirates to exchange sea knots, and race to untie them. The winner is the one who does it faster. For every untied knot, punishment is again a wish to the young.
  • «Strength of mind». The host announces that there is a man overboard, so it is necessary to quickly inflate a lifebuoy and throw it to a drowning man. Whoever inflates a circle faster has stronger fortitude.
  • «Most dexterous». The pirates are divided into two teams, preparing for a little brawl. The members of each team designate a person for themselves from the side of the opponent, whom they must grab and fasten to a chair. At the same time, they guard their player so that he is not captured. When the process of tying up the victim is completed, the leader makes an unexpected turn and informs the second part of the rules - the pirate team wins, quickly freeing the one whom they tied so carefully.
  • «Endurance». All interested pirates participate. With cheerful music, a pirate dance is performed on one leg, with a bandage on one eye. The one who lasts the longest wins.
  • «Best suit». If the guests at the wedding have beautiful pirate costumes, it will be advisable to choose the best costume among the male pirates and their girlfriends, establish the most beautiful couple in the evening, and then award it with a valuable prize.
  • «For the best toast». Toastmaster chooses the best pirate toast among all toasts made at the wedding, the winner is awarded a gift.


A wedding becomes a real theater when pirates begin to organize competitions and contests. See how this happens in the video..

How beautiful to end the evening

The beautiful ending of a pirate wedding will be a huge themed cake made in the form of a boat, a pirate treasure chest, a skull with bones. Leading sell pieces of cake for the piastres beloved by all pirates. Money goes to newlyweds income.

Photo: pirate style wedding

At the end of a pirate banquet, the bride throws her bouquet to unmarried girls: the one who catches him will play the next wedding. We offer men to try their luck - let the groom abandon the fishing net to unmarried pirates, maybe some friend is lucky.

The pirate-style wedding ends with a solemn oath of love and fidelity.


- The boatswain tells us that we are already very close to our goal - the island «Family happiness». Why don't we see him? According to ancient legend, only truly loving hearts can see him and take possession of a pirate treasure that provides eternal family happiness. I ask the groom (name) and the bride (name) if you can now swear love to each other in front of the whole pirate company, in the face of the whole world?

Captain Groom:

“I promise you, my love, that I will always love you, protect you from all dangers, do everything so that you do not know grief.” I will be worthy of your love. Believe me, I swear to be faithful and faithful to you all my life, you are the only one in my heart. I love you!


“I promise you, beloved, that I will love, forgive, take care of you, I will do my best to be worthy of your love.” I will become a faithful guardian of the family hearth, faithful spouse, reliable friend to you. We will be together while our hearts beat. I love you!

The chief of the Indians from the island enters the hall «Family happiness», silently, with a bow, hands the young casket. They open it, take out an ancient scroll, read out:

- Only truly loving hearts can find an island in the middle of the oceans «Family happiness». Our tribe with this scroll reveals to the most worthy pirate gentlemen (the names of the bride and groom) an ancient prophecy. Only two lovers of love, united by their own will with one desire, are able to find true happiness. But this is not enough. Relatives and friends with their warmth should protect this family hearth after the wedding, then the prophecy will come true. It all depends on you!

The bride and groom turn to the guests:

- Yes, happiness is in our hands, because with us you are our closest people. Together with you, in one friendly team, we completed the search for the island «Family happiness», made sure that together we are not afraid of icebergs or the ninth rampart. With such personnel, we are ready to sail after the wedding on any long-haul flights. We put our signature under a valuable scroll. For you, our dear, we launch a pirate salute!

Solemn fireworks complete the festive evening.

Pirate Style Wedding Video

We will be glad if the recommendations outlined in the article help you organize a wedding in your chosen pirate style. Waiting for your feedback in the comments..