European style wedding


European weddings are becoming increasingly popular among today's youth. What is the difference between a European-style wedding and the usual Russian? Remember the foreign series, their wedding ceremonies are impregnated with a different spirit, they are distinguished by special elegance, style, good taste, a single color scheme. There are no home-made decor elements, colorful dishes, dolls on the car, cheap ribbons. Everything is done professionally, richly, stylishly..

How to organize a wedding in a European style

If you have made a responsible decision to make a wedding in a European style, then keep in mind that the wedding ceremony and the wedding ceremony take place within one day. Correctly calculate the time so that it is enough for a walk, photo shoot, a festive buffet reception. European wedding involves leisurely, measured in everything, rush and vanity are unacceptable.

Decide on the color scheme for your wedding. In the chosen color and its various shades, a banquet hall, a wedding arch, flowers, tableware, a bride’s bouquet, seating cards for guests, invitation cards, a wedding cake are decorated. Experienced stylists working with wedding accessories will help you organize the holiday correctly..

European wedding decoration in pink

The image of the bride and groom: photo

Europe is, above all, a classic and sophistication in everything; the outfits of the young are no exception. The bride puts on a white dress for the wedding to the floor of extraordinary beauty. It can be embroidered with precious stones, rhinestones, sequins, beads, decorated with lace. A gorgeous veil is necessarily long, even reaching for a train on the floor. Groom - preferably in a classic tuxedo, but if one is missing, then in a stylish black suit, vest, white shirt, tie.

Outfits of the newlyweds at a European wedding


European style banquet room decor

The highlight of the European wedding was that it is celebrated in nature, in some beautiful picturesque place. For this purpose, a park, a riverbank, a blooming green glade of a country house, and even a passenger liner are suitable. If the cold season does not allow this, then the restaurant with a spacious banquet hall is chosen as the venue for the wedding.

The design style of the banquet hall is restrained elegance in everything. The room for a European wedding is decorated with garlands of fresh and artificial flowers, selected in a single color scheme. Europeans choose light colors, for example, white or cream, which are diluted with some other bright color. Around the tables for guests there are many floral arrangements, they symbolize the creation of a young family.

The color scheme of the hall for a European wedding

In the hall there are separate tables for 6-8 people, the place for each guest is indicated on the seating tables. Guests are seated «by interest» - married couples sit separately from free guys and girls. A luxurious table is set for the young spouses..

Tables and chairs are draped with light transparent fabrics, satin ribbons. The room is modestly and tastefully equipped with illumination - chic chandeliers, garlands of lights, candles. The prepared hall resembles a place for a royal couple's wedding ball, with all its appearance obliging guests to look as elegant and beautiful as possible.

Prepared room for a European wedding

Dress code for guests

At a Russian wedding, it is customary to choose one witness and one witness. Europeans have a different tradition - the bride and groom have many friends, girlfriends, they are all simultaneously considered witnesses. Bridesmaids wear dresses chosen or sewn in the main color of the wedding. Styles and styles of outfits can be different, they depend on the characteristics of the figure of the girl. They have the same bouquets in their hands. The bouquet of the bride and the boutonniere of the groom’s friends is decorated with the same flowers.

Bridesmaids at a European-style wedding

Friends of the groom are simply obliged to look at the European wedding richly and stylishly. They choose the same tuxedos or suits, and they try to choose ties and vests in the same color as dresses from bridesmaids. The newlyweds, along with the witnesses, seem to make up a single composition that strictly harmonizes in color. The rest of the guests at the wedding are free to choose an outfit to their taste, the only requirement is men in suits, ladies in chic evening dresses.

Friends of the groom at a European-style wedding

European style wedding script

All European weddings are held approximately the same, for one scenario. If you have chosen this style for your wedding, think over all the details in advance. There are no trifles at such a celebration, each nuance plays its own role. With a successful setting, the wedding will be a great holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

Beginning of a wedding meeting young

In the morning, the groom’s wedding procession drives up to the bride’s house. At the very entrance they are met by girlfriends who accompany the groom to the hall of the house. His heart trembles with excitement, now his beloved will come to him. Five minutes later, the bride and her father leave the room, the groom kneels, says her words of love, gives a wedding bouquet. Before you go to the venue of the wedding ceremony, it is advisable to cover a small buffet.

And in the cherished place there is already an arch decorated with garlands of flowers, draperies of transparent fabric. A path leads to the arch, along which young people will go to the altar. On both sides of the path are chairs for guests and floral arrangements. The host of the European wedding is not the host, but the administrator - the manager, giving specific instructions, coordinating the processes at the wedding. Solemn music sounds, the administrator announces the beginning of touching action.

European Wedding Ceremony Scenery

Wedding progress which contests are suitable for guests

The groom and his friends are waiting for the narrowed one at the altar, where she goes arm in arm with her father. He symbolically transfers it to the future son-in-law, thereby expressing the hope that he will take care of her, protect her from troubles. Ahead of the procession are the bridesmaids, followed by a little girl in a white dress, sprinkling rose-petals on the path and a boy carrying wedding rings on a pillow.

An essential attribute of a European wedding

After a short speech by the priest, the newlyweds exchange rings, pronounce the words of the oath, expressing their feelings, hopes for the future. The oath of young people emphasize their confidence in their choice, their willingness to be with their spouse for the rest of their lives. This is an extremely touching moment, causing tears of emotion for everyone present..

After the ceremony of registration of marriage, the bride and groom go for a wedding walk and photo shoot. To do this, choose a beautiful place in nature, against which bright colorful photographs will turn out. So that guests can satisfy their hunger, a light buffet is organized. It’s nice to invite some musicians playing light lyrical melodies for a walk.

At the designated venue, the wedding procession is waiting for the assembled guests. They become a living corridor along the path, rose petals showered the bride and groom. The restaurant hall welcomes the newlyweds and guests with a pyramid of crystal glasses with champagne, playfully sparkling with rays of bright light. Young people take the upper two glasses tied with ribbons, the remaining glasses are intended for guests. Everyone approaches the bride and groom, take glasses, congratulate them on creating a new family.

Congratulations to the newlyweds in European

The host invites everyone to go to the festive table, the guests take places according to the seating tables, and start the meal. Toasts and congratulations sound, light jazz or classical music plays, artists perform pop numbers. At the wedding, the word is given to the parents of the groom, after a short pause - to the parents of the bride. The first dance of the young is performed, their love story sounds, decorated with a slide show or movie.

European-style wedding: the first dance of the young

Presenter announces bridal contest called «Romantic meeting». He asks three questions to the bride, and the groom does not hear them, because at this time he listens to music with headphones. The bride answers questions regarding their first meeting. Then the same questions are asked to the groom. To the applause of the guests, he answers them. For young people, the same music plays as on the first date, they dance.

During the wedding, another interesting contest called «portrait». Entertainer asks friends on a piece of paper to draw a portrait of the bride and groom. Guests take turns approaching the sheet and finish one by one. When the masterpiece created together is ready, it is put up for auction. Earned money goes to the fund of young.

How beautiful to end the evening

When the climax of the European wedding arrives, the light turns off in the hall, and a gorgeous wedding cake is brought to the solemn music. Around the cake sparklers sparkle, firecrackers. This honorary circle includes the bride and groom. They cut off the first slice of the cake, to the loud applause of the guests they eat it together and kiss under the cries: «Bitterly!». On young people, rose petals and small balloons fly from above. After that, each of the guests receives a piece of cake from the newlyweds for a symbolic amount of money.

The culmination of a European wedding - a huge cake

The tradition we know of throwing a bride’s bouquet is also present at the European wedding. The bride, her back to unmarried girls, randomly throws a bouquet. It is believed that caught the bouquet from the hands of the bride, she herself will soon marry. The groom, having removed the garter from his wife, throws her to single guys. The wedding ends «dance of desires» - music is played for young people, and while they are dancing, each guest makes a wish for them. After that, the guests escort the newly made spouses on their honeymoon.

European-style wedding video

The wedding will fly by quickly, before you have time to look around, when the banquet will end, the guests will disperse. But forever remains in the heart of the fireworks of feelings and emotions, a kaleidoscope of events of this unforgettable day. Give yourself the pleasure of being extraordinary, not like others, choose a European wedding for yourself!