Royal wedding


All the girls on the planet dream of becoming the prince's wife. There are not many royal men, but each one can become a real princess. On any wedding day, any couple has the opportunity to become king and queen of a fabulous country if they choose a thematic celebration. A royal-style wedding is a challenge, although difficult, but quite feasible. Just for starters, you should choose an era in which the newlyweds would like to rule.

Where to play a royal wedding?

The premises for such a wedding celebration must meet high standards. When choosing a place, it is better to choose historical buildings: old mansions or country estates. If there are no such places for a thematic wedding nearby, then there are a couple more options:

  1. Sign in Europe, for example, Prague, Vienna or any ancient place. Europe cannot be compared with any other place in the number of ancient royal castles. True, you will have to confine yourself to the narrowest circle of guests at the wedding.
  2. Convert the room available for the wedding to the desired interior on your own or with the help of decorators. If the celebration is held in the summer, then the royal style is easy to create in the fresh air. For example, to build a beautiful Turkish tent in the style of the era of the Sultan Suleiman.

Wedding dresses of the bride and groom

The main characters of the royal wedding are the bride and groom, so they will also have to choose the era and style of clothing. If you want to travel to France during the reign of the brave Louis XIV, then the bride should dress in lush crinolines, and the bridegroom in tight black clothes. But if you want to be at your wedding with Indian rulers of the 17th century, you should sew the appropriate costumes with rich embroidery and silver jewelry.

In order for the images of the newlyweds to match the style of the kings of the desired era, it is better to turn to professional wedding planners. They will tell you what you need to sew wedding dresses, as close as possible to the royal. It should be remembered that at such a wedding there should not be simple jewelry on newlyweds, only expensive ones emphasizing high status.

Royal Wedding Outfit Options

Dress code for guests

At the wedding, guests have two options: independent choice of attire or a predetermined direction, when the guests are placed in the narrow frames of a certain style. In the second version, the newlyweds must convey their royal wishes to each guest, but do not ring them in person, but inform them in an invitation or a separate letter.

For example, men can wear tuxedos or jackets to support the royal style, and women can wear long evening dresses or puffy skirts with ruffles. But no jeans, mini skirts, boots or other things that do not match the chosen theme of the wedding. Some newlyweds, facilitating the task for their guests, rent the necessary number of accessories, taking care of the style of the wedding. It can be:

  • swords
  • Wigs
  • cylinders;
  • hats;
  • vests and the like.

Guests must wear royal clothing

Royal Style Wedding Design Ideas

A royal-style wedding is a beautiful and original ceremony. In order for it to be held at the highest level, as befits a noble person, it is better to contact the agency, where specialists will take care of the nuances. But royal style with the help of professionals is an expensive process that not every young family can afford. You can do creativity and significantly reduce costs yourself, especially if the couple has a developed imagination. For example, as in the video where the young people organized their royal wedding on the territory of the Bendery Fortress (Moldova):

Wedding invitations for guests

Invitation to a themed wedding is a spectacular and bright touch that is remembered, creating the right mood for guests, so it is important that these accessories are also designed in a royal style. The lords of the world used to communicate with their subjects with the help of scrolls, and royal invitations should be so, and even packaged in a spectacular case. Any person who receives a royal notice will feel like an important person, invited not to the wedding, but to the court.

Wedding scrolls are made from designer decorative paper in plain color or combination paper, for example, white with silver or gold with cream. Invitations are also decorated royally: monograms, patterns and even brooches. To give the text expressiveness, it is printed in golden or red. The style of the wedding should be traced in all details, and the invitation text is no exception.

Wedding Invitations: Royal Style

Banquet room decor

After choosing an era whose style the newlyweds will represent at their wedding, you need to create the appropriate surroundings in the selected room. As a rule, this is a medieval castle, where there are huge dark rooms where light hardly penetrates. Rich decoration, expensive fabrics on the walls, knightly armor on pedestals - this is the classic Middle Ages. The culprits of the celebration will have to try to create a similar atmosphere at their wedding.

But if the newlyweds do not want to plunge into the Middle Ages, then the fabulous decoration of the room, which was popular with royal families at the beginning of the 20th century, will look great. There was a luxurious textile in the form of a variety of draperies, bows, pickups and other decorative elements. The main background of the room is decorated with dense plain fabric, decorated with a monogram in the imperial style and intricate monograms of the future family.

Banquet hall in royal traditions

Festive table decoration

Decor for the wedding table and menu should also be selected in accordance with the era. You should not order Kiev cutlets or banal salads on the table, exposing them on a white tablecloth with red napkins. The main triumph of life should be held royally:

  • Tables need to be decorated with delicate satin fabric or aerial silk, bright ribbons and pearl beads, lace tulle and fresh flowers.
  • The royal wedding menu should contain stuffed sturgeon, pancakes with red caviar or milk pig, and alcoholic drinks are served only in crystal decanters.

Royal style wedding table

Royal style wedding accessories

The royal style requires expensive accessories. Gold and silver, crystal and candelabra, as well as the crown - an indispensable symbol of power. It does not matter who the bride decides to become - a luxurious queen, a tender princess or a powerful empress - there must be many expensive accessories in her image. In the desired style, wedding glasses, a stand for rings, napkin rings are selected. You must not miss any little thing to achieve perfection..

Royal accessories - the epitome of luxury

Royal wedding tuple decoration

The classic motorcade for the king and queen is a carriage, horse and coachman. The more horses in the team, the more spectacular the wedding will be. On a gilded carriage, monograms are often made out, denoting the initials of the young, and the mane of horses is decorated with weaving ribbons. Greater decor for such a tuple is not required - it initially looks like a royal. Modern blue blood people drive luxury cars, so at a themed wedding the newlyweds use smart fashion cars or retro-style cars.

Wedding procession for royals

Themed wedding photo shoot

At the royal wedding, professionals take excellent photos against the backdrop of horses, nature, ancient castles and a beautifully decorated banquet hall. But young people always want something creative, unusual, therefore new and extraordinary ideas are welcome. For example, humor in royal photos will not hurt either. A little acting, a good mood, bright props, courage and adventurism will make an elegant, interesting, and most importantly, unforgettable photo shoot.

Themed royal wedding photo shoot