Spanish style wedding


Traditional wedding ceremonies are increasingly giving way to vibrant themed celebrations. Especially popular these days are holidays organized according to the traditions of other nations. For example, a Spanish-style wedding is a great option for a passionate, temperamental couple. Colorful scenery, colorful costumes, fiery flamenco, rhythmic Latin music and exquisite southern cuisine will forever remain in the memory of not only newlyweds, but also impressed guests. In addition, the Spanish theme is also an endless field for creative ideas and bold decisions..

How to organize a wedding in the Spanish style

Spanish wedding - the choice of a bright temperamental couple

A bright Spanish-style wedding is a whole sea of ​​emotions and impressions for all participants of the solemn event. In order for the evening to be permeated with a unique sensual atmosphere, it is necessary to carefully consider all the components of the design of the holiday. The appearance of the newlyweds, the outfits of invited guests, the decoration of the banquet hall, dishes and an entertainment program - everything should correspond to the chosen theme of the wedding.

The image of the bride and groom

Vivid looks for a themed wedding

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Traditionally, a senorita wedding dress is not white, but black or, for example, orange. A wedding dress is made of chiffon, silk or organza. Another classic Spanish version is a black and red dress with a fitted corset, lowered shoulders, an abundance of frills and flounces on the skirt. Wedding dresses are decorated with a large number of lace, ornate embroideries, beads. However, for brides who do not want to go against the usual traditions, a white dress with bare shoulders is quite suitable. Themed accessories will help to emphasize the style of the wedding..

Spanish bride’s wedding hairstyle is usually decorated with a long lace veil or a lush scarlet flower. A wedding bouquet is a must. According to Spanish tradition, the flower arrangement should consist of orange tree inflorescences. An interesting idea is a bouquet in the form of a fan. As for the jewelry in the style of southern senorite, then you should not be afraid of bold experiments with voluminous earrings and bracelets, complemented by unusual patterns.

The groom's style is more simple, traditional. A young man can choose for himself a stylish wedding suit, tuxedo or even an original tailcoat. As an option, a shirt with a vest is suitable. This detail will emphasize the chosen style of the wedding, and will also be in perfect harmony with the themed outfit of the bride. By the way, for a wedding ceremony, Spanish brides usually embroider shirts for their grooms with their own hands..

Dress code for guests

Themed guest outfits for a Spanish wedding

If you choose a Spanish wedding style, you should consider all the details, including the dress code. To create the necessary atmosphere for the holiday, inform the invited guests in advance about the theme of the upcoming celebration. To do this, prepare small informational brochures that are enclosed in envelopes along with invitations. In the same place, mention that outfits appropriate for the given style should be worn at the wedding.

For example, you can set certain requirements for the color of guests' clothes - women should be in red and black colors, and men should have at least one accent of the corresponding shade. The information leaflet may include general recommendations or a request to wear something that symbolizes the Spanish theme for the holiday. Some newlyweds prudently prepare additional characteristic accessories (flowers in hair and scarves) so that those guests who could not find a suitable part of the wardrobe can complement their evening toilet.

Spanish style wedding decoration

Spanish style suggests spectacular wedding decoration

The ideal venue for a wedding in this style is the Spanish restaurant. Correctly chosen institution for the holiday will help save time and energy that goes into the design of the banquet hall and the preparation of the menu. However, even if you manage to rent a suitable restaurant, you will have to worry about the festive decoration of the room where the banquet will take place.

The Spanish style of decor involves an abundance of fruits, grapes, vibrant lush flowers. On the tables will look wonderful vases with berries of saturated red color. To decorate the hall, metal lanterns with candles, decorated with patterns and murals with picturesque southern landscapes, scenes of folk dances or bullfights, are perfect. Care should be taken to the musical accompaniment. The sweet-voiced guitar should become the main instrument of the festive evening.

Guest Invitations

Red invitation card design for guests.

Making a wedding usually begins with the development of text and design of invitations for guests. At this stage, you need to set the tone for the upcoming celebration. If you plan to organize a bright Spanish holiday, try to reflect this idea in the design of invitations. An interesting option may be postcards in the form of fans. Pay attention to the color palette of the messages - it should correspond to the chosen topic. Give preference to red, orange and black colors..

Banquet room decor

Spanish style decor of banquet rooms for a wedding

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A Spanish-style wedding involves the use of spectacular colorful decorations. If you are lucky enough to find a restaurant that is suitable for the theme, then you only need to think about the design of tables and interior with festive decorative paraphernalia. The banquet hall for the Spanish wedding is decorated with fresh flowers, fruits, balloons and ribbons of red, orange, black colors..

To emphasize the chosen style, try using illustrations of incendiary Spanish dance or, for example, the famous bullfighting. Luxurious fans can become the central element of the decor. They are useful for decorating walls and tables. Use maroon, terracotta or chocolate tablecloths. The menu should include traditional dishes such as tapas (snacks), paella, cheeses, sweet fruit, red wine.

The bride's bouquet

Interesting options for bright bouquets for the bride

Bridal bouquet is an essential attribute of any wedding. In Spain, heroes of the day, as a rule, choose an orange color for the flower arrangement. It is believed that he will bring a future family happiness, wealth, fulfillment of all cherished desires. However, the bride can quite afford to choose a magnificent bouquet, for example, from bright red buds. By the way, there should be a lot of flowers at the Spanish wedding, so it will not be superfluous to provide neat bouquets and bridesmaids.

A wedding cake

A selection of Spanish-style wedding cakes

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Lush multi-tiered cake is the main sweet dessert of the festive table. Luxurious delicacy symbolizes the wealth and material well-being of a newly-made family, reflects the style of the wedding evening. For example, according to Spanish customs, the bride and groom cut the cake with a sword. As for decorating the main holiday dessert, fresh flowers and figures of newlyweds dancing tango are perfect here. The color scheme of the cake should correspond to the general style of the wedding - red, orange, black tones.

Video: holding a wedding in the spanish style

The video below shows an example of a wonderful romantic wedding decorated in a southern style. Red satin ribbons developing in the wind, a heart-rending guitar melody, an abundance of scarlet roses, dancers in spectacular traditional costumes - all this creates an amazing unique atmosphere that will surely remain in the hearts of not only newlyweds, but also all invited guests. From the proposed video series, you can find a lot of interesting ideas for your own Spanish wedding.

Themed wedding photo shoot

An incendiary wedding with Spanish motifs will be the perfect choice for temperamental natures, hungry for lush fun and unforgettable emotions. In order to leave wonderful moments from a thematic celebration for many years, you need to invite a professional photographer who can reflect the atmosphere of the holiday in the pictures. Pay special attention to the wedding photo shoot. The chosen style involves the use of various thematic attributes: fans, flowers, guitars, skirts decorated with gold coins, and other accessories.

Interesting ideas for a Spanish wedding photo shoot

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