Wedding in the style of the Airborne Forces


Many couples prefer themed event to the classic version of the wedding celebration. The choice of wedding stylistics depends on the preferences of the spouses, the time of year, their belonging to certain professions. If the groom is a soldier of the airborne troops or the date of the event is set for August 2, the heroes of the occasion can make a holiday in the style of the Airborne Forces that will surprise those present and will be remembered by everyone. The original theme will allow future spouses to create a fun, interesting script, to make a unique holiday decoration.

The image of the bride in the style of the Airborne Forces

The bride can create her own image in the airborne style in many ways. If she wants to emphasize the wedding theme only a little, then she should choose a classic white dress, belted with blue, yellow ribbon or aqua fabric - all these shades are present in the emblem of the airborne troops. Shoes, matching the selected gamut, floral arrangements of the bouquet or wreath of the future wife, suitable manicure, makeup and other accessories will complement the decoration.

A bolder option is a dress sewn from a protective khaki material, which is used in the manufacture of military uniforms. This unique style of wedding decoration will definitely not leave anyone indifferent, it will attract a lot of attention of guests and passers-by. This option is especially suitable for a wedding, which takes place on the second of August, on the birthday of the Airborne Forces - for sure future spouses will receive many congratulations from the paratroopers passing by. If the bride does not want the whole event to go in such a dress, the protective color skirt and corset can be made removable.

The image of the future wife in the style of the Airborne Forces

Do not forget about another popular print of the Airborne Forces - a white and blue strip. The future spouse can tie a white dress with a striped ribbon or use a vest with a long skirt as a wedding robe. The image of earrings, necklaces, bracelets with such a print, ribbon on a bouquet, ballet shoes or shoes are emphasized. Also, decorations in the form of a figure on the flag of the Airborne Forces - a paratrooper with two airplanes can appear.

Image of the groom

If the groom is an employee of the Airborne Forces, he can put on his military uniform - a vest, a blue beret, khaki pants. But when the future spouse plans a more restrained and official image, the following outfit will suit: a classic suit of gray, black or blue colors, a white shirt, a contrast tie, and a blue headdress will complete the image. Also, the hero of the occasion can wear a protective color suit, beret, high boots - it all depends on his personal wishes.

There is also a more free unofficial version of such an image: this is a striped vest and ordinary blue jeans. The classic blue beret of the airborne forces with an emblem, polished shoes will complete the image. You need to remember about the boutonniere: the flowers decorating this detail of the image should be the same as those in the bridal bouquet, and preferably the shades present in the flag of the airborne troops.

The image of the groom at the wedding in the style of the Airborne Forces

Guest outfits

Guests can support the theme of the celebration if they come to the wedding in an unusual style of the airborne forces, in suits with appropriate details - these can be berets, clothing items made of protective color material, striped shirts, dresses or accessories. If the image of the bride provides for a classic white dress, belted with a contrasting ribbon, the bridesmaids can wear robes to match this detail of the outfit. Newlyweds must be sure to warn guests about the style of the holiday, write in the invitation cards requirements for the dress code and give guests some ideas.

Thematic outfits for paratroopers attending the wedding

Wedding decoration ideas in the airborne forces style - photo

Making a wedding will help create a special holiday mood, emphasize the style of the airborne forces. The heroes of the day can decorate with a suitable element a motorcade that will accompany the newlyweds with guests to the registry office, and then to the banquet hall; to beautifully decorate a room, the area of ​​which is rented for the event. For registration, it is better to use details related to the symbols of the airborne forces, colors and shades of units.

Symbols of the Airborne Forces in the decor of the hall

Even at a wedding in the men's airborne style, the newlyweds will be able to create a truly romantic and beautiful decor of the banquet hall. For this, future spouses may not use the flags or emblems of the airborne troops, but only the shades present in their design. Green or bright blue curtains tied with yellow ribbons will look great on a white tulle background. Emerald-colored napkins may lie on a table with a snow-white tablecloth, and for decorative elements transparent vases with floral arrangements of blue-green-yellow tones will do..

Airborne style room decoration ideas

It is not necessary to use the same bright and saturated colors as those that are present on the original flags: newlyweds can choose pastel shades in the same gamut. White and blue stripes and khaki material are suitable ideas for decorating the room. It’s good to decorate the hall with posters with the motto of the Airborne Forces, which sounds like this: «Nobody except us». Future spouses can decorate the room with symbols associated with the airborne troops - figures of paratroopers, airplanes, home-made clouds of cotton.

Beret airborne and flags for the decor of the wedding procession

For the integrity of the whole image of the celebration, the newlyweds can decorate the wedding convoy in the style of the airborne forces. To do this, you will need the flags of the airborne troops, which the heroes of the occasion can sew on their own, buy at a souvenir shop or rent. Another interesting decor option is a small blue beret, placed on the hood of the car, or its huge layout, located on the roof. For the manufacture of a large headdress, the newlyweds can use fabric, cardboard or cut out a model from polystyrene foam, and then decorate the resulting decor element.

The design of the wedding convoy in the style of the Airborne Forces

A wedding cake

Wedding cake is the main item on the holiday menu; everyone is looking forward to dessert. To reflect the chosen style, the newlyweds can order in the confectionery a real work of art, decorated with the symbols of the airborne troops or made in the colors of these units. The cake can be made in the form of a blue beret - a headdress of airborne troops, confectioners can decorate treats with figures of the bride and groom in the form of paratroopers, decorate the sweet dessert with airplanes, a large flag of the airborne forces.

Wedding Cake Airborne Troops

Video: conducting a wedding in the style of the Airborne Forces

A wedding that reflects the style of the airborne troops can be a wonderful event. To prepare such a holiday, the newlyweds must make a lot of efforts and spend a lot of time for the manufacture of the appropriate elements of decor, selection of wedding dresses, ordering printing. During the wedding, girlfriends can organize a ransom of the bride, which will emphasize the thematic celebration, and at the banquet, the toastmaster will help to come up with interesting contests that emphasize the celebration's belonging to the style of the Airborne Forces.

In the next video, the bride and groom managed to organize an interesting, original, and most importantly stylish celebration, which was liked by those present and brought a lot of pleasant emotions to all participants in the process. You can see how the ransom of the airborne forces takes place, how the wedding procession decorated with blue berets looks like, consider the images of the heroes of the occasion: