Hollywood style wedding


For every woman, a wedding is one of the most significant events. As a rule, careful preparations are made for the celebration, and all the nuances are considered. Modern trends dictate their own rules: organizing thematic weddings is in fashion. So, at the moment, a Hollywood-style wedding is considered extremely popular. This is a great option for a couple who love chic and luxury. But the organization of such a wedding requires careful preparation. How to organize a Hollywood event?

How to organize a Hollywood style wedding?

Many people think that a Hollywood-style wedding is not easy to organize, but it’s not. First you need to find a spacious hall for a wedding celebration. Next, the room should be decorated in accordance with the original traditions of Hollywood. Carefully think over the wedding menu: remember that only high-quality products and good alcohol should be present on the tables. All this as a whole will create the necessary atmosphere of triumph..

Scenery for Oscars at a Hollywood wedding

Do not forget to inform the guests about the theme of the wedding. Let them know that luxurious outfits are welcome. Also remember that it is necessary to draw up a detailed scenario of the holiday so that no force majeure circumstances interrupt it. To do this, you may need to seek help from a special holiday agency, or connect your imagination to the matter and think over the course of the celebration yourself.

Hollywood style wedding script

  • Invitation cards. For guests to feel the spirit of the holiday long before it begins, it is worthwhile to prepare bright invitation cards in the appropriate style. Since many people associate Hollywood with cinema, guest cards can be issued as a movie ticket. The name of the guest, the place and date of the holiday should be written on it. Do not forget that invitations should be sent to the participants a few weeks before the event, so that they can prepare for it.
  • Transport. As a rule, newlyweds come from the registry office by any transport. For a Hollywood wedding, it is recommended that you rent a retro wedding motorcade, which you saw in old Hollywood movies. The white car was relevant in the middle of the 20th century in Hollywood. This color goes well with the wedding ceremony..

Bride and Groom at a Hollywood Wedding

  • The course of the wedding. There are several options for the development of events at the wedding in the original Hollywood style, but the most acceptable is the Oscar. The award is intended for the heroes of the occasion - the bride and groom. Reporters, facilitators, interviewers, and other individuals who often take part in the presentation should be present. Witnesses of the couple should take an active part in the celebration.
  • Entertainment. It is worth diversifying the presentation by inviting acrobats, illusionists, organizing a soap bubble show or a bartender show. All planned performances should be carefully rehearsed, because at a Hollywood wedding everything is held at the highest level. The main thing is that guests appreciate your wedding.

Hall decoration

An invariable attribute of the Oscar ceremony is the red carpet, it must be present on the floor, therefore, the room should be chosen wide so that there are tables with chairs, and you can put a path between them. Create a Hollywood atmosphere with the help of a large number of luxurious colors, posters with Hollywood actors of the 20th century, inscriptions «Hollywood», made as a poster or installation.

Hall design options for a Hollywood wedding

The image of the bride and groom in the style of Hollywood photo

The style of the heroes of the occasion should definitely correspond to the theme of the holiday. To create a luxurious look, not only a rich outfit is useful, but also expensive jewelry, so get ready for the fact that you will have to shell out a large sum of money for wedding vestments. Let us consider in more detail what should be worn by the newlyweds on their own holiday:

  • The bride will look great in a snow-white dress with a tight corset and a long fluffy skirt. It is desirable that the outfit be decorated with shiny rhinestones, this will give the bride aristocracy.

Hollywood dress for the bride

  • The groom should wear a deep black tuxedo, a white shirt, pants that are appropriate in style. The image must be complemented by a butterfly..

Costume of the groom for a Hollywood celebration

  • Another version of the outfit for the bride is an exquisite long tight-fitting dress, the hem of which reaches the floor. It is not necessary to choose a white outfit: extravagant blue, alluring red or delicate cream will create a bright image. Large jewelry is perfect for the dress.

Bodycon Hollywood Dresses

  • The hero of the occasion, who wants to match his beautiful lady, is perfectly suited for a gray suit, which must be complemented with a hat and tie in black. However, the color of the dress can also be white or classic black - it is good to achieve a harmonious color combination with the dress.

An unusual image of the groom for a Hollywood wedding

Process video

A wedding in an unusual Hollywood style is sure to be remembered by all guests for its luxury and originality. If you want such a wedding to be successful, you need to carefully consider all the details of the celebration. Do not spare efforts to prepare for the holiday, because the more there are, the brighter and unforgettable impressions will be!