American style wedding


The first joint celebration of a newly-married couple should be original and unforgettable. An interesting concept of holding a wedding will help to make it unusual. An American-style wedding is a celebration based on the traditions, customs and signs of overseas culture. A fascinating event awaits the guests, incorporating the best details of the American wedding celebration: beautiful decoration, pleasant music, exquisite atmosphere.

How to organize an American-style wedding

To organize a wedding in an American way, future spouses will have to study some traditions of its holding:

  • A place. As a rule, in America the venue of the wedding varies depending on the time of year. In the summer, Americans prefer outdoor ceremonies, where the organizers put chairs for guests, a festive arch, a table for the receptionist, lay a carpet on which the bridegroom goes first, then the bride and father. In winter, the wedding is traditionally held in large restaurants or even hotels.

American Wedding Venue

  • The structure of the wedding is American. The sequence of stages of the celebration in America is different from the Russian wedding. Betrothal takes place a year or six months before the ceremony, two weeks or a week the rehearsal of the wedding is held, two days before the holiday there is the so-called civil ceremony - registration of marriage in the authorities, and only then they organize a magnificent celebration.
  • Wedding procession. In America, it is not customary to decorate cars with ribbons, flowers, large wedding rings. Usually, it becomes known to those around that these cars are being transported by the newlyweds, by the rumble of cans tied behind, and by the plate «Wedding».

Wedding procession of American newlyweds

  • Wedding rings. There are no strict rules for choosing wedding rings of a certain style, but Americans consider it a good omen if a bride buys a ring for the groom.

To make the wedding a success, the heroes of the occasion should think about the traditional American pre-wedding rehearsal - this will make the event perfect, unusual for the Russian mentality. Guests will know where to stand, when toasting, get acquainted with the style of the holiday. If the ceremony involves children (a boy carrying rings on the pillow in front of the bride and a girl scattering flower petals), do some rehearsals with them.

The image of the bride and groom photo

When choosing the style of wedding dresses, the bride and groom will have the opportunity to give free rein to imagination, because there are no strict rules about the image. For the bride:

  • Dress. America is a country of freedom, so no one will be surprised to see an American bride in a red or bright blue wedding dress. However, white is still considered the favorite color of American women getting married. The style of the dress should be chosen based on the characteristics of the figure, the outfit should emphasize the merits, completely hide the flaws.

Dress of the American bride

  • Hairstyle. When choosing a hairstyle style, the bride will also have no restrictions: a girl can make a heavy Greek hairstyle, an elegant bun or dissolve light beautiful curls.
  • By tradition, the American bride should have four objects in her image:
  1. Something old. It symbolizes the connection of the future spouse with her family (this may be a decoration inherited).
  2. Something new. Means a new stage in her life.
  3. Anything borrowed. The thing is borrowed from a married friend or relative, portending a happy family life.
  4. Something blue. This color speaks of innocence, purity of a girl.

Four subjects in the image of an American bride

  • Bouquet. In America, the traditional form of a wedding bouquet is round. Usually it uses large roses, as well as their unopened buds, peonies. Bouquets of gypsophila that will hold the bridesmaids look beautiful.

Bouquets of the newlywed and her girlfriends

The image of the culprit of the American celebration:

  • Costume. To fit in with the American wedding style, the groom can wear a formal suit with a tuxedo. Pants with suspenders and a stylish vest will also look great. When choosing a suit, you should remember about its harmonious combination with the colors of the bride’s outfit.
  • Accessories A good solution is a stylish bow tie, neat simple shoes. To create an American atmosphere, the future spouse can wear a beautiful hat in the style of Chicago gangsters 20-30 years of the last century.

Images of the American groom

American Style Banquet Hall Decor

Decorating a banquet hall for an American wedding is a serious job requiring increased attention to detail. The main task of future spouses: to come up with elegant holiday decorations that provide a fun atmosphere. Colors will become a faithful assistant in creating an exquisite hall decor: for an American wedding, traditionally use no more than two or three calm colors or two shades: one contrasting and the other pastel.

Refined decor of a wedding banquet room

It is also worth taking care of the beautiful props for photo shoots: if the holiday is held outdoors, signs are inserted into the ground with beautiful inscriptions, signs «Wedding», «The wedding of Alexander and Anastasia».

Details of an American Wedding Celebration

Flowers are the main decoration of the hall during the American event, and living plants are needed. Lush peonies, elegant roses, other plants that match the details of the bride's bouquet - all these are components of the traditional American style of decoration. Not only tables should be decorated with flowers, but also a wedding arch, a registrar's table, and a flower-girl will sprinkle plant petals in front of the bride.

American Wedding Flowers

Dress code for guests

If you are planning a dress code for an American event, in a month or two, notify the guests of the holiday about it. By tradition, the bridesmaids present at the wedding should be dressed in the same dresses, matching in color with the outfit or details of the image of the culprit of the American celebration. This beautiful custom will become a wonderful decoration of photos and videos from the holiday.

Stylish outfits for girlfriends spouses

American Style Wedding Scenario

The scenario of the American wedding must be thought out in advance to avoid surprises. It is worth noting that during such an event, some stages of the holiday that are familiar to a Russian person are absent - for example, the bride’s morning ransom is not held, registration at the registry office (she was already a few days before the wedding or exit registration is carried out), guests do not shout at the banquet «Bitterly» - this tradition can be replaced «kiss bells».

Bells for newlyweds kisses

The beginning of the wedding: a meeting of the young

A wedding usually begins upon the arrival of the young. The groom is waiting for the bride at «the altar» - the wedding arch, where the presenter stands, ready to hold the ceremony. Since the wedding is without a ransom, guests first see the future spouse when she, by the arm with her father or brother, goes to the hero of the occasion on the carpet. Live music plays, in front of the bride are children, behind are the bridesmaids, then the groom and the bride exchange rings.

American wedding ceremony

When the ceremony ends, the young go to a photo shoot, and guests are invited to drink cocktails in a special place where they wait for the spouses.

Wedding Progress: What contests are suitable for guests

The American wedding will differ from the Russian one in the style of the event itself. Toastmaster avoids vulgar jokes, obscene contests, especially those associated with high-speed drinking, guests say beautiful toasts at will, without pressure from the host. Here are a few contests that will become a fun decoration for an American-style event:

  • Pantomime. Male participants invite several ladies from the audience, the host of the wedding gives everyone a task. The task of the contestant: to invite his companion to the park, cinema, circus or hunting, using only gestures. The couple wins, in which the girl quickly guessed about the purpose of the event.
  • Picture of the future. Two teams are invited with an equal number of people (3-4). Each leader gives out a large whatman. The goal of the contest is to draw a happy future for a married couple in ten years in 5 minutes. The team whose «future» spouses liked more.

Elegant toastmaster for an American wedding

  • Pack a gift. This unusual fun game requires several teams of two to participate. Props for each team: box, gift paper, ribbons, bows, scotch tape, stapler, scissors. The task of the participants of each team is to stand next to each other, clinging to the partner, to hide their touching hands behind their backs. Using the right hand of one contestant and the left hand of the other, you need to pack the gift as quickly and beautifully as possible.

How beautiful to end the evening

The performance of the musical group will help to end the wedding evening in an American way - live music will create a cozy atmosphere, the first dance of the spouses will take place under it, then the bride’s dance with her father. When the concert is over, the newlyweds can go on vacation, and for guests the celebration will continue with an incendiary night disco. Do not forget to warn the invitees to bring comfortable clothes.

American Style Wedding Video

An American-style wedding event is a magnificent, exquisite celebration of beauty and freedom. Such a wedding will leave an unforgettable experience for both spouses and all guests present. Watch the video how it will look from the side.